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May 31, 2016

World No Tobacco Day, Quit today

“Just one puff won’t make a difference”.. “After all you must try everything once at least”.. “Come on don’t be a loser”.. Haven’t we heard these lines amongst young adults, especially during college days? It’s the thrill to try something new, copy a friend or peer pressure which makes them try their first cigarette. Little […]

May 23, 2016

KDAH remove the world’s largest kidney tumour!

It was a routine patient visit when doctors at KDAH met Arnesh Kumar last December. The patient from Patna had approached our team with complains of severe abdominal pain, weight loss and weakness. He had been unwell for the past six months and was consulting a doctor in Patna. The preliminary tests were already conducted […]

May 10, 2016

All about Ergonomics

“Slip disc at the age of 30 …..are you serious ?” Have you heard this from your friends or colleagues? It is sad but true that in today’s day and age young adults are falling prey to many diseases at an early age. One of the main reasons for this is our sedentary lifestyle as […]

May 5, 2016

Sugar laden thirst quenchers

‘You are just back from a long walk, grocery shopping or a strenuous workout and sweating profusely’…sounds familiar? What is your first reflex when you enter home….? Do you find yourself reaching out for a glass of Ice tea, packaged fruit juice, aerated beverages or powdered energy drinks? Although irresistible and very tempting… these thirst […]

May 3, 2016

Kokilaben Dhirubhai Ambani Hospital ranked no. 1

The results of the All India Multispeciality Hospitals Survey 2016 by Times of India are out and we are happy to be ranked the no. 1 Hospital for Western India as well as for Mumbai city. Nationally across all hospitals we have been ranked no. 4. Kokilaben Dhirubhai Ambani hospital started in 2009 as a […]

Apr 28, 2016

Tips to stay on a Healthy Eating plan while on Vacation

Exams are finally done with and as parents, this is the perfect time to plan a summer vacation but wait…. Aren’t you forgetting something …? While travelling it is very important to ensure that you & your family take all necessary health precautions in order to avoid any unpleasant incidents that may arise during the […]

Apr 20, 2016
Health Tips

Tips to prevent a Heat Stroke

Summer is accompanied by a plethora of health problems because it makes the human body susceptible to infections, viruses and bacteria within the environment. In the past few weeks, Mumbai along with several metropolitan cities has seen a tremendous rise in temperature. This unbearable weather condition has not only drained us out completely but also […]

Apr 13, 2016

Summer Special: Natural Coolants for the body

Sweltering heat in our environment has already started to take its toll on stray animals; it’s only a matter of time before it affects the human health. With rising mercury levels and weather conditions turning hot & sultry, it’s time to take necessary steps to keep your body cool. Beat the heat and keep summer […]

Apr 6, 2016

World Health Day Special – Lesser known facts about Diabetes

Today, Diabetes takes more lives than AIDS and breast cancer combined. With alarmingly high percentage of diabetic patients reported each year, India is on its way to becoming the diabetes capital of the world. Diabetes is a chronic disease that triggers high blood sugar (glucose) levels in the body. Although diabetic patients can lead a […]

Mar 30, 2016

Health Hazards of excessive TV viewing

People blame a hectic work schedule for missing out on their daily workout but somehow make time to watch the television every day without fail. With hundreds of channels featuring a variety of entertainment programs, it has become next to impossible for people to maintain a safe distance from Television. Anything in excess is bad […]