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Advanced Foetal Care Centre

Advanced Foetal Care Centre

Foetal anomalies are diagnosed by this department early and accurately. This department also counsels parents adequately and accurately to help them deal with the situation with care and empathy

1. Ultrasound scans, invasive testing (Chorionic Villous Sampling/Amniocentesis), and Foetal MRI are also conducted by the department as required and counselling regarding the diagnosis is provided.

2. Fully certified Specialist in Maternal & Foetal Medicine (Royal College of Obstetricians & Gynaecologists, UK) under whose supervision all assessments are done. These include consultation, maternal health assessment andfoetal ultrasound scan.

3. A Multidisciplinary team approach ensures involvement of the Foetal Medicine Specialist and a relevant Consultant.

Our Team

Dr. Sajeev Vengalath
MBBS, MD Paediatrics (JJMC Davangere, Karnataka)
Department: Children , Mother & Child
Dr. Suchitra Pandit
MBBS, MD (Gyn & Obs), DNB (Gyn & Obs), DFP, MRCOG, FICOG, MN...
Dr. Tanu Singhal
MD Paediatrics (AIIMS) MSc Tropical and Infectious Disease (...

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