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The team at KDAH have recently been approved for Pancreas and Small Bowel Transplant and are listing patients for both.

Who is eligible for transplantation?

Pancreas transplant is indicated in Diabetics mainly Type 1 (insulin Dependent) who have problems related to DM. Commonly offered to patients who also have kidney failure where kidney and pancreas both are transplanted together. This helps in partially reversing and halting the problems to other organs due to diabetes and prolongs the life of the new kidney graft.

It can be done after a person has had a previous living donor or deceased donor kidney transplant and has problems with diabetes and its complications.

Sometimes it can be offered to Diabetes patients with normal kidney function but who have difficulty managing their blood sugars and have frequent episodes of life threatening low blood sugar or very high sugars.

Some patients with Type 2 DM who are not obese can be also be candidates for Pancreas Transplant if they also have kidney dysfunction.

How is the transplantation done?

The whole pancreas along with a small piece of attached donor intestine is transplanted. The new pancreas is placed in the groin and connected to the recipient's intestine and blood vessels. The surgery lasts for around 6 hours and patients stay in hospital for 2 weeks.

Immuno-suppression: All recipients will require medicines to prevent rejection.

Success Rate: The success rate of operation is around 90 -92%.


The team consists of Endocrinologist, Nephrologist, Kidney Surgeons and Pancreas Transplant Surgeons.

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