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Stress Management

Stress Management

The relationship between stress and infertility is complex. Infertility can be a distressing and stressful experience for many couples. Stress can also interfere with one's wellness and manifest as physical and/or psychological symptoms. Undergoing infertility evaluation and treatment, and the associated decision-making process can add further stress to the frustration of being unable to conceive. Several published studies over the past 10 years have demonstrated that stress and anxiety have a negative impact on fertility, and that psychological interventions to reduce stress are associated with an overall improved quality of life and increased pregnancy rates.

We understand the importance of addressing the stress associated with infertility, and believe in a Holistic Mind-Body approach to help decrease your stress levels and help you and your partner through this process to achieve your goal. We offer a well-structured and comprehensive Mind-Body Program based on the well-reputed, successful and internationally acclaimed program at the Mind-Body Medical Institute, Harvard Medical School over past 15 years.

All sessions will be conducted by Dr. Kalro, who has completed her training in Mind-Body Medicine at the Mind-Body Medical Institute, Harvard Medical School, USA.

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