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Kokilaben Hospital has recently launched Western India's first O-arm® O2 Intra-operative
2D/3D Imaging System and Spine Surgery Suite – one of its kinds.

Spine Surgery Suite is a unique concept which has some essential and state-of- the-art
technologies coming together for getting the best possible outcomes. Technologies that
make the Spine Surgery Suite so special are O-arm® O2 Surgical Imaging System,
StealthStation® S8 ® Surgical Navigation System, Trios ® Surgical Table and OPMI Pentero
900 Surgical Microscopes.

Imaging is of vital importance for any surgical team intending to get the best outcomes. The
O-arm® O2 Intra-operative Imaging System takes intra-operative imaging to another level
by giving surgeons on-time information, when they need it most.

Benefits of O-arm® O2 Surgical Imaging System and Spine Surgery Suite

  • Great Image Quality: Delivers simple and fast access to real-time, multi-plane 3D images (as well as 2D images) when the surgeons need them most, for full support of the unique workflow of spinal procedures. 360 degree 3D scan due to closed gantry. Carl Zeiss technology is used for brilliant visualization & superior performance. OPMI Pentero 900 delivers state-of-the-art apochromatic optics. Improved visualization allows surgeons to complete complex and minimally invasive procedures with ease.
  • Great Visibility: Images are displayed on a 30" digital, flat screen of the O-arm® O2 System Mobile View Station (MVS), providing the surgical team with excellent visibility from the operative field.
  • Patient Safety: There is no risk of paralysis for the patient.
  • Uncompromised Sterility: When the O-arm® is draped, gantry is designed to stay sterile during the whole procedure, eliminating parts moving in and out of the sterile field. This makes it safe for the patient, surgeons and staff.
  • Better Outcome: Confidence in the achievement of surgical goals and hardware therapy placement, potentially.
  • Easy Controls: Simple central panel controls all motions and X-ray settings at the touch of a button. Reduces risk of errors.
  • Lateral Patient Access: Patented "breakable" gantry opens to allow lateral patient access.
  • Full Mobility: Motorization for easy positioning in the OR (operating room)
  • Less Radiation Exposure: StealthStation S8 ® Surgical Navigation provides the surgeon with information about the patient's anatomy while reducing the X-ray exposure to patient, surgeon and staff.
  • Simplified Adjustability and Positioning: Trios ® Surgical Table brings enhanced functionality to the original spinal platform used worldwide. The table is designed to support patient's weight up to 650 pounds. It has customizable patient positioning feature. Its distinct user interface designed to complement the operating room workflow.


O-arm® O2
  • Motorization technique for easy positioning in the OR Patented "breakable" gantry opens to allow lateral patient access.
  • Multiple draping options exist, including several custom drapes for easy and fast drapping.
  • The closed gantry is designed to stay sterile during the whole procedure, eliminating parts moving in and out of the sterile field.
  • The impressive image quality of the O-arm® O2 System is based on the use of distortion free flat panel technology. The state-of- the art 30 cm x 40 cm flat panel detector with 3 megapixels guarantees exceptional resolution and a high dynamic range for greater accuracy.
  • Surgeons have the flexibility to choose between a full 3D scan and a simple, low- radiation 2D fluoroscopic image, depending on the information needed.
  • Images are displayed on the large, 30" digital flat screen of the O-arm® O2 System Mobile View Station providing the surgeon with excellent visibility from the operative field.
  • Viewing options include 3D orthogonal and oblique views, 2D views, Maximum Intensity Projection, Surface rendering and Digital Light box views.
  • All motions of the O-arm® O2System gantry and source-detector- unit are motor controlled.
  • It has a simple, intuitive control panel that allows control of all motions and X-ray settings.
  • The O-arm® O2remembers your best views. The programmable memory stores the exact position of gantry and detector as well as any X-ray technique in up to four imaging positions.
StealthStation S8 ® Surgical Navigation System
  • O-arm® O2 seamlessly interfaces with StealthStation S8 ® Surgical Navigation System, providing ease of automatic data transfer of patient's 3D data set.
  • Automatic patient registration feature on StealthStation S8 ® eliminates the need for lengthy patient registration.
  • It has an intuitive user interface with two touchscreen monitors that supports multitouch gestures like pinch-and- zoom and drag-and- drop.
  • Easier manipulation of 2D and 3D views and intuitive layering and blending tools for better visualization.
  • Model building tools to get more out of the data and improve your planning process.
  • Single or dual cart configurations for greater flexibility.
OPMI Pentero 900 visualization system
  • Carl Zeiss technology for brilliant visualization & superior performance
  • Delivers state-of- the-art apochromatic optics
  • The flexible touchscreen monitor of OPMI PENTERO 900 can be accurately positioned to view high definition images and videos of the surgical field.
  • Various intraoperative fluorescence options various applications possible for the microscope in surgery.
Trios Surgical Table System
  • IntelliPendant and Auxiliary Panel
  • Powered Floor Locks
  • Carbon Fiber Construction
  • Advanced Control Pad System®
  • Tempur-Pedic Medical Pad Technology