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  • Elena Nisterova, Russia

    After coming here we had warm welcome and pleasant stay. The staff was warm and helpful. Even though we were not well versed in English language ,we always felt welcomed by them and they were helpful.
  • Dauda Issa, Ghana

    Now that I am half-way out of danger, we think it's time to give credit where it is due. Competent, sensitive physicians like you are the pride of the medical profession. I can't say enough good about you, as the entire family are thankful that I will be around for a long time yet to sing your praises, as the fear was that the whole operational work would be a nightmare, but you and your competent staff knew exactly what to do.
  • Mikesh Udani, United Kingdom

    I saw Dr. Gajjar in 2013, after seeing 3 other doctors and being unable to resolve the issues I was facing. He was quick in diagnosing the issue, explained the situation in a very clear and comprehensible manner and stated all the options I had along with his recommendation.
  • Mokbul Hassen Russel, Bangladesh

    The notable part of the whole operational process (since November'15 to 15th May 2016) is that I found Dr. Gursev Sandlas very kind and sincere to my son's treatment. Through email and cell phone I got his suggestions properly and promptly. He was never non-responsive to my calls which has had given me mental peace. I must acknowledge cooperation of the Operational Team Members of Dr. Sandlas.
  • Noordin Nathoo, Kenya

    Your professional guidance made us feel comfortable in the choice of the recommended line of treatment; we are grateful to you arid your team as he is now recovering well.
  • Raed Mohammed Ahmed Esmail, Yemen

    But after I has gone cemented total right elbow replacement by Dr. Shreyash M. Gajjar my life changed radically and I’ll be able to do what I’m unable to do before. Now I can use my hand and bend it and I’m at the top of happiness, so I want to thank all people who helped me in this matter, especially Dr. Shreyash M. Gajjar.
  • Ankush Korday, Dubai

    I was suffering from a muscle tear of shoulder for more than 6 months. As I play cricket & badminton it was difficult to bowl or do any overhead action while playing badminton. I visited many doctors in Dubai but was not satisfied.
  • Mr Abdulkarim Mukri, Tanzania

    The care and support was exceptional. I have had on many occasions to refer people who have had shoulder problems to Dr. Shreyash Gajjar, because of his unique surgery style and his after care. Now in this year of 2016, I have complete use and range of both my arms to the extent that I have normal usage with both and no pain at all.
  • Veersen N. Tamhane, Dubai

    I would like to place on record my sincere thanks, especially to you for having shown a very high degree of professionalism & care – Pre, during and Post procedure.
  • Tiziana Parra, Spain

    I came to Kokilaben Hospital becuse of Dengue Fever. I was admitted on 29/10/2015 and discharged on 2/11/2015. So, I find this hospital very helpful and nice and I am very pleased with all the stuff.
  • Ms. Ruth Megembe & Ms. Asha Megembe, Kenya

    This is to thank you heartily for ensuring my mum and sister were well taken care of as they went through their medical examinations.
  • Patient, Kenya

    We had a good trip back home and have settled in. I wish to extend our gratitude to the entire KDAH staff.
  • Moinuddin Shaikh, United States

    Dr Yuvaraja was very supportive in providing all the necessary guidance and consultation.. His engagement style/approach enabled us to get the comfort level that we needed the most at that time. I also cannot miss stating the courteous and highly considerate customer centric response that Heena Shaikh provides almost at all times and may be to all the patients that approach her for any assistance..
  • Esther Mburu, Kenya

    I am truly grateful for the care, kindness and love that you extended to us over the course of our entire stay at KDAH.
  • Jeremiah Otindo Asihoye, Kenya

    Very great nurse, doctors attendance. Overall work was great to our satisfaction. Great cooperation from staff.
  • Mohamed Yusuf Haji, Kenya

    Excellent service from the International patient coordinator. The remaining hospital staff are ok but need more communication skills.
  • Bharat and Priit Khatri, Uganda.

    Apart From explaining us the Medical condition in detail he also cared enough to explain to us the entire procedure of operation that our child would be undergoing. Most importantly he showed enormous amount of patience with us as parents as well as with our child. And throughout he was positive, smiling, comforting and considerate.
  • Moadham Mohamed Moadham, Kenya

    Wonderful, amazing. The response of all the members of the hospital, am speechless. So concerning and they know what they are here for. Keep it up...
  • Dr. Simon N. Gicharu, Nairobi

    I received the best care and am very confident that I am getting world class treatment. My comment to one nurse summarizes my experience - Other nurses in other countries need to come to India to learn the art of Nursing.
  • Geoffrey Chiadikobi, Nigeria

    As for me I am getting better. I can now bend down with little pains and can sit down much longer. Though still taking precaution and also getting on with my physioteraphy. Thank you very much for the treatment.
  • Mr Azmal Khan, Bangladesh

    Few minutes ago I meet with my father. And I am quite happy to see him. A special thanks goes to you and your full team for your total support.
  • Mrs Khadija Al Amri, Oman

    It's my pleasure to thank you for the hospitality and privilege we've had enjoyed during our treatment and stay in your respect hospital, it will remain in our memories, remember its very difficult for us to say anything more than a big thank, once again thank you very much and looking forward to see you soon Insha Allah.
  • Mr Arveen Boodhoo, South Africa

    I made contact to international desk through Google. My husband did health check up at KDAH. Thank you Nidhi for your kind assistance in setting up the appointments for my husband. It is much appreciated. Thank you once again. Mrs Boodhoo
  • Uwitonze Beata, Rwanda

    Greetings from Rwanda. Thanks for your help and the good services rendered to my wife Beata she is now feeling better. I have my relative whom i have recommended to your hospital for treatment.
  • Wangari, Nikodem and Virginia Muriuki

    I would like to take this opportunity to thank you and your staff (with special mention of Bhakti) for the incredibly efficient, patience and professional service we were all given at Kokilaben Ambani Hospital, during or recent stay and medical check-up with you.
  • Mrs. Rajeshwari Majithia, Tanzania

    Dr Manish Pruthi was the doctor in charge, and I was really struck with his maturity, professionalism, and calmness, both amidst and after the surgery. The doctors humble and compassion personality really brought confidence in me and my family, and truly instilled trust in his work and capabilities.
  • Anil K. Agarwal, Canada

    I am extremely grateful to Kokilaben Dhirubhai Ambani Hospital and its various doctors and nurses who treated me and attended to me. My experience of each visit and the hospital stay was superb. The hospital is professionally maintained and run. I found the doctors, Dr. Tanu Singhal, Dr. Falguni Parikh, Dr. Vijay Chandramia, Dr. Prashant Nair, Dr. Sanjay Mehta, and finally, Dr. Sumeet Singhania extremely competent, caring and professional.
  • Shungu Stuart, Zimbabwe

    We are doing fine. The operation was really very helpful. Shungu is doing physiotherapy three times a week with two different institutions.
  • Salim Ahmed Khan, Dubai

    The robotic gastric sleeve surgery was just so smooth n pain free must say that I am genuinely thankful for making a decision to be operated under you in KDAH.
  • Mrs Joy Anikpe, Nigeria

    With gratitude to God, I write to appreciate the entire staff of Kokilaben Ambani hospital for their care and hospitality during my son's stay in the hospital.
  • Clyde DeSouza, Dubai

    Dear Dr. Manisha. I’m back in Dubai, and I’d like to thank you for the care and treatment you offered during my visit. My mouth does feel a lot better, and I will be following your instructions on daily care.
  • Sandhya Pramod

    We just want to say a very special thanks to DR. PREETHA AND DR. VINAY JOSHI whom we will always be indebted to for saving the life of our child VIHAAN PRAMOD (diagonised with PPHN on birth) and giving him a new lease of life.
  • Agnes Mungati

    We enjoyed our stay in Kokilaben Hospital and we are safely back home. Dear Malavika we thank you for receiving us and assisting us with the set up of appointments.

  • Alhaj Gul Agha

    All the doctors and nurses and all hospital staff were very good and have taken very good care of us.
  • Mrs Faith Mathew

    The doctors are very caring and committed to their work. The nursing staff are very pleasant and helpful.

  • Ms Muziranenge Anysie

    My stay in Kokilaben Hospital has been pleasant and profitable. I really appreciate the work of the doctors along with dedicated nurses who never cease caring for patients.

  • Marie Goretti

    I enjoyed my stay in Kokilaben Hospital throughout. My Doctors, you have been so special. Your frequent visits, encouraging words made me feel so great. Keep up that spirit !
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