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Doctors Profile

Name Dr.

Andrew Mccrum
Hants, United Kingdom


Kokilaben Hospital,

I am just writing this to say thank you very much for making my stay comfortable. My stay at Kokilaben Hospital was extremely well cared for in terms of Doctors, diet and general assistance.

Thanks very much indeed!

I am gradually returning to full fitness. Running playing badminton and tennis and generally enjoying life once again.

I hope you are all well and thanks once again.

Prashant Belsare

Dear Dr Narain,
Words like "Hospital"," Court" are associated with a lot of apprehensions and uncertainties. It was no different for us (Me and my wife Deepti) when she was admitted to your hospital on the 9th of Oct 2009 - for her pregnancy which was later diagnosed as a severe condition call "pre eclampsia". The series of events that have transpired since have compelled us to think otherwise. 

My wife who was then pregnant with our first child was admitted to your hospital and was detected with a condition called IUGR (intrauterine growth restriction). She was being attended to by Dr. Shantala Vadeyar. 

Before admission, Dr. Vadeyar made us aware that we may have to deliver the baby prematurely &  the risks associated with the same. She also said that the baby would have to be admitted in the NICU for a prolonged period and arranged a meeting between us and Dr. Vinay Joshi from the NICU team of your hospital.

Most of our apprehensions and questions were adeptly answered by Dr. Joshi without sugar coating facts (much appreciated) which gave us the confidence to take this head on.

Our baby girl (Ananya) was born on 15th Oct 2009 at 21.54 hours and was immediately transferred to the NICU. She was under the expert supervision of Dr.Vinay Joshi  and Dr. Preetha Joshi for 64 days before we could finally take her home. I am highly impressed and extremely thankful to the way my wife and our newborn is being taken care of in the hospital by the entire NICU team led by Dr. Joshi.

The NICU team worked tirelessly for 64 days so that we could sleep in peace! No words can fathom our gratitude.

What was most comforting during these tumultuous times was the confidence instilled in us by your entire staff at the NICU. The team at the NICU will always remain etched in our memory as the first parents of our bundle of joy. They are the ones who have actually toiled 24*7 to put me in a position to write this letter.

No letter however long or filled with gratitude will ever be able to entirely encompass what your NICU and Gynac team has done for my Wife and Daughter.

I always knew that yours was a noble profession……………. but I now understand why!


Dr. Riza Ibrahim - Consultant Vascular & Endovasular Surgeon
Kokilaben Dhirubhai Ambani Hospital

Dear Dr. Riza,

Your timely help, caring and attention for my father, is unforgettable and cannot be expressed in words. You were extremely genuine and thorough in your work. It is due to your striving efforts that my father is happy and sound amongst us today.

I have come across many doctors in my life. But very few of them are involved in this profession out of their passion and affection for mankind and not monetarily and you are one of them. I salute you for the same. I really cherish your relationship. I do not know where, when and how I will be able to repay your kindness, but I will always be there for you.

I would like to gift you a Yatharth Geeta book - A Rare Jewel of India. Geeta is the first elaborate sequential commentary of the process of reaching to the God. This was pronounced during the times when there was not even a trace of sects & beliefs that are operating today in the name of religion. Being the fundamental science in the world, it is the first ever universal book. This is addressed to humanity irrespective of any differences like male and female, black and white, rich and poor. It is the principle code for universe.

I feel that a unique person like you deserves a unique gift like this. I hope you find sometime to go through the same.

May almighty God give birth to many more Dr. Riza's to take care of countless people who are in pain.

Shalmalee Joshi


Dr. Pardiwala
Kokilaben Dhirubhai Ambani Hospital

I should have written this letter a long time ago. It is almost late now, but as they say, it's better late than never.

We always say that in the olden days people used to believe in a lot of superstitions. And one of those was the belief that doctors were Gods. This used to be highlighted through the people's behaviour. There was a lot of respect for the doctors and it showed in actions like carrying the doctor's case when with him.

Times have changed. Most of the superstitions have gone away. But people still worship God. Especially when they are not well. And after being fit again they thank their God.
When I had my accident on 23rd March I was nothing short of devastated. I wasn't even able to stand on my feet. My mind was buzzing with unanswered questions. Would I walk again? Could I ever be totally fit? And importantly I had no idea about what would become of my career and passion of flying.

But you solved all of those questions and so well!
For you, I am just one of your many patients. But for me you are life-saver. You have given me back everything.
The person who solves your problems is God. Call it a superstition or not...
Thank you very very much...

(Baby of Varsha) Mr. Gorakh Raut & Mrs Varsha G.Raut

Respected Doctors/Nurses,

This is to express our heartfelt feeling – as you and your staff has played an important role in our life. It was on 10th January, 10 we admitted our New born baby girl age is one day only in your hospital. The doctors in Dahanu advised us to approach your hospital – as the only way of hope. They prepared us for the worse though. With heavy heart we left Dahanu at early Morning by ambulance with oxygen supply and on our way to Mumbai, the situation got worsened the baby is in criticle position that oxygen in blood is only 35% when we left Dahanu, but at last we reach at your doorstep.

Your staff and doctors were waiting for us in the passage and immediately took the charge of the baby. But we had no hope! ''Pray to God,'' every one was saying. We were helpless But it was your hospital, hospital staff which was appeared before us as an incarnation of God. Our first few weeks at Hospital is very cruicial and very tense during that period specially both of you and Nurses helped us and personally counsel very nicely. We can tell you Doctor that you are Angle send by God to save life of our new born baby and it is incredibly appreciated. It was such a relief to be able to enjoy our time with New born baby without having to worry just because of you and your team only. We will never forget Doctor that you helped us to bond as a family and to have the luxury of gradually settling into a routine works, Your kindness will never be forgotten.

We salute the Directors, Dean, Doctors (specially Dr.Preetha Joshi, Dr.Vinay Joshi), staff, nurses and all for all that they did and are doing for the patients. Words are inadequate to express our feelings of gratitude towards you.You have proven that "Every Life Matters"


Dr. Suresh,

Michael is doing very well and we want to take this opportunity to thank you and your team so much for your professionalism, personal care and good work and prompt response we received from you in particular before, during and after the surgery. Even though it might seems that you were doing your professional duty but to us, you have been a blessing to us and we are really grateful to you for the kind of support we received from you. Once again thank you and your team for the good work done and we are really grateful to you all.

Chinnari Anil Venkat

Dear Dr Mihir,

Wish to profusely thank you and your doctors team for making my microscopic discectomy surgery so incredibly successful. This is simply unbelievable more so when I was writhing in agony - limping in pain walking awkwardly at the time when I met you in the hospital for an unscheduled spine check up on 22nd Feb' 10. The moment you advocated for microscopic disectomy that very day after seeing MRI reports, I was completely in a state of shock and resigned to fate - but your down to earth humble assurance was simply too good enough to convince me to go for the surgery. Currently I am fine with no pain whatsoever - diligently following your medication, 3 weeks away from work and your suggested walking regimen.

Wow! Kudos to you and your team - this truly speaks volumes of the unflinching dedication and commitment on your part to mankind and a sense of belonging towards Kokilaben Dhirubhai Ambani hospital - I am sure with doctors like you, it is just a matter of time before the state of the art Kokilaben Dhirubhai Ambani hospital becomes a much sought after hospital in the times to come. I would definitely recommend Kokilaben Dhirubhai Ambani hospital to anyone whom I know ...

Moreover I would also like to thank Nurses and Sisters - Pritam, Shushma, Neelu and their support staff - Kishore, Kalyan and others , who took extreme care of me, worked tirelessly and were spot on in their duties - their approach to work was simply professional and to perfection. They knew their jobs so well - Excellent job!

God bless you all !

Dr. (Smt.) Sujata P. Chavan

Dear Ms. Ambani,

I, Sujata P. Chavan, patient who got treated at your hospital wish to share the following and express appreciation about your good services.

First of all I like the cleanliness, neatness and planning of the hospital building. Atmosphere is also good. Putting pictures and write ups make person feel pleasant and think positively which helps for recovery. The physical health is, many a times, taken care of, but it is mental health that matters a lot and needs to be taken care of, so as to have good physical health. Your hospital seems to believe in this and is perceived by patient at all levels.

The doctors are experts in their fields but apart from that they are always making the patient feel secured and being looked after well. "The God is there to help us and he is helping through doctors" is the belief observed by me in many of your experts. The nurses are good.

Dr. Mandke had a dream of building hospital of about 1200 beds and all facilities. Now I think there are 750 beds with high technology and excellent medical aids.

I am audiologist and speech therapist and medical and psychiatric social worker. I completed my Ph.D in law (in custody matters in matrimonial litigations) from Mumbai University. I have done Ph. Diploma in Human Rights from National Institute of Human Rights from Delhi. I have been working in hospital set up till 1989 and then in Judiciary in Mumbai. To work as professional in hospital and be as a patient at hospital is somewhat different.

I also appreciate that Ms. Priya Deo – Social Worker at your hospital – when came to know about my illness, had personally came to ICU to see me.

It was my rebirth due to treatment given at your hospital. I think, God wants me to do some more activities for welfare of others and hence given me bonus life. I wish and I pray to God to help me to utilize the same for the best.

I thank you and your whole team once again. I wish you my best wishes for future. Please convey my special thanks to Dr. Hastak, Dr. Vimal Someshwar, Dr. Manish Shriwastav and all nursing staff at ICU and theatre.

I hope you can find some time to acknowledge this letter.

Mrs. Samali N. Lwasa

Dr. Mihir Bapat,
Kokilaben Dhirubhai Ambani Hospital and Medical Research Institute

Dear Dr Mihir,

I am writing to convey my cordial thanks to you for all your corroborate and care that you have shown me since I came to this hospital, you and your staff have made my stay here so snug that I don't know how to show appreciation to you but only my God will recompense you for me.

I am grateful to God for having put my life in your hands, I pray that he will give you more wisdom with your staff us you operate me, but I know for sure that this manoeuvre is going to be very triumphant by God's grace and because of your love, forethought and the experience you have with your staff I always ponder on the gracious words you keep saying, "We are going to operate you and we believe the procedure will be successful and you will go back home walking" These words are so heartening they have made me to be very optimistic and to be gratifying that am in the right hospital with the right doctor and staff at the precise time. I also express gratitude to your parents who reared you up to be conscientious and humble they did enormous work because they are not reaping from their hard work alone but to also those who encounter you .

When I go back I will constantly remember to pray for you, your family, and the entire staff of Kokilaben hospital. God blessed me with exceptional and prosperous children; may this be your portion and even more. You will live to see many, many years to come, and may God continue to bless the work of your hands and take you to eminent levels in life.

Rajkumar Mutta

Dr. Ram Narain
Kokilaben Dhirubhai Ambani Hospital

Respected Sir,

Sub: Appreciation for Excellent Treatment & Care
I am very happy to take discharge of my wife Hasumati Mutta from hospital after a very long period of 5 months. I feel very lucky that my wife was admitted to your hospital on 23-11-2009 after a fatal car accident. Each and every visitor has appreciated management of the hospital. During the period of 5 months I have many memories about hospital ,doctors, nurses and other staff members.

Some memories which touched the heart are mentioned below:
1 . Accident & Emergency Department:
Very first day I had experienced the noble way in which your emergency department worked. It should be the duty of all Doctors to start the treatment first and then complete the admission process. Your hospital did the same and made true the wordings written outside the hospital in bold letters "ACCIDENT & EMERGENCY". Initial time is very precious in all cases of accidents & emergencies.

2. Dr. Anandh Balasubramaniam:
After admission to ICU Dr. Anandh Balasubramaniam called me inside and explained in detail the present condition of my wife and Mure action plan. In addition to the treatment he gave me the assurance that he will do his best. A word of assurance in an emergency helps a lot. During the whole period of 5 months whenever I had asked him regarding treatment, he explained the line of treatment very patiently.

3. Dr. Charudatta Choudhari:
He is a very good surgeon. He had done a super and major operation on the face having multiple fractures with lot of stitches. I must appreciate the way he had done the surgery that her original face is intact without much deep marks.

4.Dr. Abhishek Srivastava:
He is a complete book of knowledge. He had always answered my question within a fraction of seconds.

5. Dr. Priya Chari:
Even after such a long period in hospital I do not know where her cabin is. I have always seen her moving very fast. I have seen her writing and typing on computer keyboard using two fingers with amazing speed. She co-ordinate very nicely between Doctors & relatives of Patient. She explains in detail all the points raised from patient side.

6. Nursing & HCA Staff:
They are always ready to help with smile at any point of time. They are polite, prompt and energetic.

A lot of thanks to Hospital Doctors and Staff for excellent treatment and care. Wishing from the deep core of my heart a bright future ,social service and prosperity to Kokilaben Dhirubhai Ambani Hospital & Medical Research Institute

Meeth's family
<title></title> <p> <em>July 25, 2010</em></p> <p> <strong>Dear Ms. Tina Ambani,&nbsp;<br /> Kokilaben Dhirubhai Ambani Hospital</strong></p> <p> <em>When the door closes, a window opens. In our case, this little window is your hospital. This window brought in a lot of sunshine and fresh air and forced the doors of life to open again.</em></p> <p> <em>My four year old son was diagnosed with burkitts lymphoma last year. His treatment is complete and with God&#39;s grace is keeping good health. I strongly believe that God&#39;s blessings were manifested in the form of the doctors that treated and healed him. My family and I are grateful and thankful to these messengers of God and I pray that they be bestowed with a lot of wisdom and knowledge in their pursuit to heal and protect every life.</em></p> <div> <p> <em>I have no medical qualifications and as a result have no locus-standi to comment on the technical expertise , but as a beneficiary I would like to mention that you have an excellent team of doctors. However in my view, their excellence is not only on account of their superior technical skill sets but also because they are good human beings.</em></p> <p> <em>I would like to thank every doctor that was consulted for my son and I do believe that their contribution was invaluable. However there are few to whom we are extremely grateful and feel indebted to for life.</em></p> <p> <strong><em>Dr. Shantanu Sen:&nbsp;</em></strong><em>Apart from being a doctor, he is my four year old son&#39;s hero. This cult status was not a natural progression but an acquired one (thanks to Dr.Sen&#39;s relentless efforts on my &#39;so very difficult to please&#39; son). This bond or hero worship has played a major role in getting my son to abide by / abstain from various &quot;do&#39;s and don&#39;ts&quot; related to chemotherapy. He is the first pediatric I have met who believes in establishing a relationship directly with the child rather than communicating through the parents.</em></p> <p> <em>For the rest of the family, he was a great source of strength. His soft demeanor, empathetic approach, clear and honest communication, high levels of patience to answer the same question several times over, open to discussion, no egos, professional approach &hellip; They all have played a major role in gaining our trust.</em></p> <p> <em>During the treatment, we experienced several &quot;highs&quot; and several &quot;lows&quot;. During every low moment, we found him standing by us and helping us fight the battle. Similarly, every time when things sprung in our favor he was as happy as anyone else in the family.</em></p> <p> <em>Thank you, Dr. Sen for being what you are .&nbsp;</em></p> <p> <strong><em>Dr. Vinay and Preetha Joshi:&nbsp;</em></strong>They are my son&#39;s guardian angels. I have come to believe that when a child gets admitted in an Intensive Care Unit, the guardianship status gets automatically transferred from the parents to the intensivist. We have been extremely fortunate to have them as our son&#39;s guardian during his most precarious three weeks of his life.</p> <p> <em>In hindsight, I figured that during all our discussions with them, the style of conversation was more of a &#39;parent to parent&#39; talk rather than a &#39;doctor to parent&#39; update. Their inputs on child psychology proved to be an excellent tool especially when we, the parents, were in a state of shock and were absolutely clueless about dealing with the situation.</em></p> <p> <em>Their dedication and commitment was demonstrated in their decision to complete the extubation procedure on a holiday (It was a Sunday and Dr. Preetha&#39;s birthday!). There was no emergency and the only reason they did it was to cause least discomfort to the patient and less agony for the family. I do not think any other hospital in the world would have entertained this.</em></p> <p> <em>Thank you Joshis, for being there for us.</em></p> <p> <em>We would specially like to thank Dr. Amrish Vaidya, Dr. Ketan Parikh, Dr. Samir Shah , Dr. Mohan and Dr. Prasanth for all their efforts and inputs.</em></p> <p> <em>We are also grateful to all the sisters who nursed my son. They not only performed their duties diligently but also addressed the emotional requirements of the patient and the family. They entertained my son , played with him , cried with us, shared our moments of joy &hellip; in short, they became our family . We would specially like to thank Aparna, Sheetal, Rosemary, Smita, Shaila, Sharmila, Blessy, Neelam and Neelima.</em></p> <p> <em>The support staff and the administrative officers were compassionate and kind too. We thank them for their humane gestures.</em></p> <p> Last but not the least , we appreciate your vision of making available world class healthcare services in India. You have carried forward the legacy of the Late Mr. Dhirubhai Ambani of thinking big. Your family has played an important role in augmenting the wealth of this nation and now you are engaged in improvising it&#39;s health. We pray to God to assist you in all your future endeavors.</p> </div>
Mukesh Bhatia DGM-Airport - Air India

Dear Mrs. Tina Ambani,
Kokilaben Dhirubhai Ambani Hospital

I would like to place on record my heartfelt appreciation for entire team including Doctors, Nurses, Wardboys and Admin Staff of your hospital as utmost care was taken for me during my surgery and post surgery period while I had undergone surgery on my 'Left Clavicle' on 21/1/2010 by Dr. Dinshaw Pardiwala, Orthopaedic Surgeon.

Kokilaben Dhirubhai Ambani Hospital is definitely one amongst the most professional and caring hospitals around the globe and the entire services are patient oriented and world class and high level of professionalism is maintained in all departments/sections.

It was Dr. Dinshaw Pardiwala's confidence that made me decide to go for surgery which I was avoiding for almost last one year and further delay could have complicated the same.

I want to put on record my sincere appreciation for Dr. Dinshaw Pardiwala and his team for taking utmost care and for successful surgery.

I also want to put on record my sincere appreciation for Dr. Ram Narain, COO & Dr. Ashok Kumar, Head Business Development and their team members for their assistance all the time.

Thank you once again.

Meenakshi Rajpal

Dr. Heath Matthews, Physiotherapist was consulted after my shoulder rotator cuff repair job. My shoulder was in pain and could not move my arm. Dr. Heath Matthews and Ms. Aditi Redij applied their expertise and made my arm movement very comfortable. This small note is in recognition for their outstanding work and to thank them.We appreciate their good work. God bless them.

Meenakshi Rajpal

Dr. Dinshaw Pardiwala, MS (Ortho), well qualified Consultant - Arthroscopy, Sports Orthopaedics, carried out my right shoulder rotator cuff repair on July 07, 2010. Historically, no treatment gave me any relief prior to his treatment. His application, vision and surgery delivered excellent results in my case. This small note is in recognition for his outstanding work and to thank him. We appreciate his good work. God bless him.

Sai Narayan Baba, Panvel

Dr. M Bhaskar Rao
Kokilaben Dhirubhai Ambani Hospital

Rev. Self,
This is to thank you for sparing your most precious time on Monday, 28th June 2010 in explaining 'The Case History of Mrs. Sarita Aswani' in the I.C. U. of Kokilaben Dhirubhai Ambani Hospital. After Sarita's fatal accident on Fri. 26th March 2010 resulting in severe Head injury associated with fracture of the Skull bone at the occipital area and also some parts of frontal area of the Brain, developing severe contusion in addition to profuse swelling of the Brain - matter Oedema which created pressure over Brain - matter and also certain vital centers of the Brain. Her condition was so serious that the timely Craniotomy followed by Anticoagulant therapy by your capable self could make her survive till date.

I appreciate your most modernized Surgery & Treatment of Sarita. I wish that in all the other modem Hospitals have also such qualified Surgeons like you for the welfare of patients.

The Rehabilitation centers of the Hospital are really a great achievement in the medical field. The way you have shown these centers and explained the Operational facilities are so unique. Sarita Aswani is fortunate that she is at the capable hands of such a Master Surgeon and in the wonderful Ambani Hospital.

From our Spiritual end we are trying our level best in invoking the Holy Spirit of Sri Sai Baba for her recovery.

Thank you so much and please visit our 'Sri Sai Baba Ashram' at Panvel on & when you find it convenient. Ours is an international institution purely spreading the message of Sri Shirdi Sai Baba. Our coordinator, Sri Kamal Gulrajani brother of Sarita Aswani is one of earliest main trustees. In case you have any message, it can be communicated through him.

Invoking the blessings of Baba.

Shraddha Khare

Mrs. Tina Ambani
Kokilaben Dhirubhai Ambani Hospital

My name is Shraddha Khare and I delivered a baby girl at Kokilaben Ambani Hospital on Sept 3rd, 2010.

It is very important for me to thank you for having a team of doctors that displayed a very high degree of professionalism and skill in the entire process of my child delivery and child care. Before opting for the hospital, I had done a lot of research on the doctors I finally opted for. I had spoken to patients who were treated by them in the past , checked all possible info on them through various sources (doctors in other hospitals, internet, friends, colleagues etc) and I must admit that my research paid off well. I and my baby were in the hands of best doctors in your hospital.

While how they demonstrated their skills and knowledge cannot be articulated in the mail, would like to mention few small things that they did to make my delivery process smooth:

1. During my periodic visits to Dr. Pandit, she was always very patient in answering all my questions and was very regular in sharing cases that were similar to mine and how patients can handle them effectively. This was most useful to me as it made my 9 months journey smoother.

2. There have been umpteen occasions when Dr. Pandit had worked late but this never reflected in her dealings with us and she was as energetic as always.

3. There was an issue with bed availability in the maternity ward on the day of my admission. Dr. Pandit went out of her way to check if right arrangements could be made at the earliest. Inspite of being such a senior doctor with such hectic schedule, she helped me with the matter and ensured that being her patient, I was made comfortable.

4. Dr. Preetha and Dr. Vinay have also been very fair in giving feedback on the child's development and were upfront in sharing potential concerns and how they may be mitigated without too many efforts. I am glad that I followed every piece of advice given by them.

I sincerely appreciate the level of involvement and commitment with which the team of doctors led by Dr. Pandit and Dr. Joshi handled my case.Besides these, the facilities, staff and infrastructure in the hospital was also much higher than my expectations. Thank you for taking care of all finer details in the entire set up.

Post my experience here, I have recommended your hospital and these doctors in particular to many of my friends.

Bhaskar Shetty

Mrs. Tina Ambani
Kokilaben Dhirubhai Ambani Hospital

I would like to place on record about the experience with your Hospital. I stay near Kokilaben Dhirubhai Ambani Hospital and have visited your Hospital on several occasions with regards to treatment for my elder brother, my own full body check-up and more recently this month for my wife's treatment. I really appreciate the services offered by your staff and doctors on all these incidents.

The ambiance and hygienic atmosphere inside the Hospital is of a world class Hotel while serving the needs of the health care of human beings more meticulously. My family members feel destined to have such a great Hospital in the vicinity of our residence. I highly recommend your Hospital to all those in need of quality treatment and services.

I must appreciate whole heartily the vision of the Late Shri Dhirubhai Ambani and your efforts in setting up this world class hospital with all the facilities under one umbrella.

Most recent experience: My wife was suffering from headaches and body imbalance while walking on 17th September 2010. The problem aggravated, with severe problem of frequent body imbalance, headaches, and fluctuation in blood pressure.

Seeing this status and realizing that this is a serious health problem, Dr. Sanjeev Badhwar immediately suggested and arranged for Emergency Care and an MRI test to find out the root cause of this problem. Within a quick span of time the Hospital, authorities in response to Dr. Sanjeev Badhwar's personal intervention /recommendation arranged for emergency services, admission to the Hospital and MRI tests etc without even waiting for payment receipt from me. This is what we feel Every Life Matters for KDAH.The MRI was conducted immediately under the personal attention of Dr. Bhaskar Rao who disclosed to me the outcome of the test.

Dr. Bhaskar Rao: I consider him as a great Physician who clearly knows about the need of the hour under such severe / fatal health problem. He called us to his consulting room immediately and created confidence in our minds by providing us with information by various images/cases relating to similar instances of head injury. He expressed that she needs head surgery to evacuate the hematoma through bilateral parietal burr holes. He categorically convinced us to remove our fears by stating that this is a HEAD SURGERY AND NOT A BRAIN SURGERY. He elaborated about his experience in this field and exposure to various health care facilities available in the developed world.

We could visualize his desire to work hard and efficiently towards the constant improvement in the infrastructure and future vision to make this Hospital truly of a Global standard with a motto of providing world class services to all the patients. His way of attending to patients as well as their relatives is highly professional and commendable. Whenever worried and in need of clarifications from him, we used to text him to which he used to respond promptly guiding us properly. We thank Dr. Bhaskar Rao for his timely help and care in successfully executing the surgery and giving healthy life to my wife. At this moment she is perfectly alright.

Additionally my wife and I take this opportunity to thank all in your administration staff and nurses for making our stay comfortable.
Shahid Rafi Mohammed Rafi Academy

Mrs. Tina Ambani
Kokilaben Dhirubhai Ambani Hospital

Recently my wife Firdaus Rafi & son, Fuzail Rafi were admitted in your Hospital for treatment of severe GI infection. After a week's treatment, they were discharged and are now doing well.

We take this opportunity to thank the concerned Doctors for taking wonderful care of both my wife and son. At every stage they were patience personified and kept our morale high with their encouraging words and treatment updates.

We also wholeheartedly thank the nursing and support staff for taking care of them with great affection. They were very friendly and made us feel very comfortahle with their behavior.

We thank the hospital management for encouraging and maintaining such medical care culture.

Saurabh Verma On behalf of Mr.Chandra Shekhar Verma

The Entire Team at Kokilaben Dhirubhai Ambani Hospital

Dear All,

Thanks for your philosophy to constantly strive towards the excellence in onco-care through combination of latest technology, competent personal and a humane touch. I specially thank Dr. Rajesh Mistry and Dr. Charudatta Chawdhary for treatment of my father who is a cancer patient (Head & Neck).

I sincerely appreciate the level of involvement and commitment with which your team.Besides these, the facilities, staff and infrastructure in the hospital was also much higher than my expectations. Thank you for taking care of all finer details in the entire set up.


Nitin Gurjar

Mrs. Tina Ambani
Kokilaben Dhirubhai Ambani Hospital

Dear Directors,

I would like to express my thanks to your hospital management, doctors (specially Geeta Billa) and the hospital staff for the excellent care, advice given to my father (Sudhir Gurjar) who was treated for cancerous tumor of the liver in August '10.

The hospital is well kept, clean and staff are responsive at all times. Dr Geeta was available to talk over phone too after discharge to answer some queries and we thank her for her advice and care given.

Vanessa Coutinho

30 December 2010


Head of Security
Security Department
Kokilaben Dhirubhai Ambani Hospital

Dear Sir,

I would like to place on record my sincere thanks for the kind co-operation extended by your department in assisting us locate my new Nokia N8 mobile phone that i had forgotten n the hospital on 23 December 2010.

Your staff on duty were very helpful in listening to our problem, taking our statement and took us around the hospital to the location where we may have left the phone. They also assured us that if the phone was in the hospital we would surely get it back.

The phone was a Christmas gift for my husband and I was very happy to receive the phone the next day.

Kindly pass on my sincere thanks to Mr Sunil Kamble from the 2nd Floor Java Coffee shop who had kept the phone safely and when i met him the next day immediately said he had found the mobile and had kept it safe for us.

Thanks to Mr Sunil and your Department for your honesty and services. It is very good to see such sincerity in doing ones job.

Best wishes for a Very Happy New Year 2011.

A.S Makwana Darji


H.R. Manager,
Kokilaben Dhirubhai Ambani Hospital

Dear Sir,

I the Undersigned thrilled with pride and joy and state about your Hospital, treatment and Hospitalisation.

I am the patient of 73 yrs old and to brief, I was told to undergo Angiography by one of the Senior Cardiologist Dr. Ajay Garg from Ashoka Hospital Malad (E) under Dr. Jamshed Dalal in your Hospital. My Angiography was done on 5/1/11 and I was suggested to underog ‘By pass Surgery’ under Dr. Anvay Mulay, Cardiac Thoracic Surgeon.

I was operated on 7/1/11 and I was in the Bed no 11037, on 11th Floor. I was very happy that I received very good treatment, very good food and the Doctors, Nursing staff was so coperative which I had not seen in any other Hospital.My compliments to all and I do tell every person who visited me in the Hospital and even at my residence.

My hearty good wishes for all the Hospital staff, Doctors and your Department that manages things in such beautiful manner.

It is said that a patient becomes half fit right at the admission with nice atmosphere, the talk of the Doctors and the nursing staff and becomes complete fit with good treatment and medicines.

Resp. Madam, It is my request that if you are going toward “Shri Nathji Temple” via IDAR (Ambaj) Our small town Badoli is on the way where we worship Lord Laxmi Narayn in the temple which was built by our Grand father on the Bank of River. We will be very grateful if you visit.

Akanksha Mehta Mumbai

Dear Mrs. Ambani,

My name is Akanksha Mehta and I was recently at the Kokilaben Dhirubhai Ambani Hospital for a few days. I was a patient of Dr. Suchitra Pandit and have given birth to a baby boy. I am writing this email to share my wonderful experience at your hospital.

I chose Kokilaben Dhirubhai Ambani hospital for my delivery because of its close proximity to my home. I had of course heard several good things about it from friends who have been there earlier but it was my first-hand experience that has been so fabulous that I am writing about today.

I delivered my boy through a caesarean-section on 16th March and was recovering for 3 days after that. During these days (and the numerous visits before) I was taken care of extremely well by the very experienced Dr. Pandit and her fantastic team. I'd also like to make a special mention of Dr. Harshal Wagh, who was much more than an anaesthetist. In addition were the friendly sisters who were with me during the course of my stay and were my strength, namely: Sheenamol Varghese, Melvi Joseph, Sona Sebastian and Ancy Philip.

I must congratulate you on running a world-class hospital. Kokilaben Dhirubhai Ambani Hospital sets the benchmark of good healthcare and I am quite certain that I shall recommend the hospital to all my acquaintances in the time to come. I have of course already started taking my son to the paediatric division of the hospital under Dr. Tanu Singhal.

Once again, a huge thanks to Dr. Pandit and the hard-working team on the 8th floor and to Dr. Harshal Wagh.


The Management,
Kokilaben Dhirubhai Ambani Hospital

It is your inspirational leadership that has made this Hospital synonym with discipline, dedication, commitment and exemplary hard work Ethics accompanied with great team spirit which has ensured a great name for this Institute.

What started off with a gloomy white spot, and the invasion of microcalcifications on 31.12.2010 was followed by a biopsy on 11.1.11,followed by wider excision on 25/01/11 was completed by a 31 cycle Radiation therapy which ended on 4.4.11,a day synonym with New year usherings all over Maharashtra. I should concede that the 3 month process even though grilling was a great learning for us, and your team of Doctors Dr Mandar Nadkarni, Dr Quazi Ahmed, Dr Kaustav Talapatra and his team did a commendable job, giving us a great ray of hope for the future.

Cancer has been a dreaded disease in the 70 era, it continues to be still dreaded today because of cause of its uncertain and unknown existence still unknown even today and its adventurous journey of metastatis still an virgin area for the Doctors, but today the patients can hope to have a full treatment with a process oriented approach and then hope positively of a nonrecurence in the future. We need to do it and do it fast to control and monitor the enigma attached with this disease, I am sure we have brilliant Doctors who has the capacity to overcome this unknown menace created by this on our body. I am sure the Generation of today and of the future will look forward to this great anticipated development. I am looking forward to a day when our Brilliant Doctors will treat this disease as any other Chronic disease.

Thank you very much from me and my patient wife for all that I got from this Institute. Looking forward to meet my Doctors for the follow-up sessions very soon.

Raj Travel World

Dear Mr. Anil Ambani,

I wanted to share something very important with you.

My daughter, Shreya was hospitalized in Kokilaben Ambani Hospital since 23rd February, 2011. Today is 43rd day and I have visited the hospital on most of the days and I wanted to thank you from my heart and also congratulate you for creating a worldclass facility. Having visited so many hospitals across India, I think I can rank Kokilaben Ambani Hospital as the finest quality hospital.

The ambience, facilities, hygiene and the courteous team are just brilliant. The facilities overall in the hospital and the facilities in room are very very thoughtfully done, and still, it is very well reasonably priced.

I think you, Mrs. Ambani and Respected Smt. Kokilaben deserve fullest appreciations and I am sure you will get millions of blessings from each and every patient and their relatives who visit this great hospital.

Shreya is under observation of Dr. Suchitra Pandit and I must say that Dr. Pandit and each and every her colleague doctors, such as Dr. Jasmeet Kaur, Dr. Dimple Jain, Dr. Kalpana, Dr. Maya are all brilliant. Nurses who are taking care are again extremely friendly, courteous and helpful. We at Raj Travels are going in a big way shortly to promote Medical Tourism and I have pleasure to inform you that Kokilaben Ambani Hospital will feature on the top of the list.

Shreya has to still stay for few more days in the hospital and once she is discharged, Rekha and I would like to come personally to thank you.

My sincere appreciations to the CEO and also Mrs. Mandke for amazingly taking care of everything.

Novel Lopes

Dear Management Trustees,
Kokilaben Dhirubhai Ambani Hospital

I would like to place on record about the experience with your Hospital. My wife stay in Kokilaben Dhirubhai Ambani Hospital and our visits to your Hospital on several occasions with regards to treatment for my wife, I really appreciate the services offered by your staff and doctors on all these incidents.

My wife were taking treatment for her second pregnancy with Dr. Dipak Desai, Virar(W). While the investigation she was diagnosed for low platelates counts (ITP). I also thanks Dr. Dipak Desai for his concerns about life and referred our case to Dr. Suchitra Pandit. We have been well informed by doctor about the risks involved and how they are going to overcome on those risks I take this opportunity to thanks one and all Doctors involved in my wife surgery especially Dr. Pandit & her team, who not only handle the science but also she has given us lot of confidence and moral support which result into – everything went off well!!! Well Done Dr. Pandit !!!

I also take this opportunity to thanks all nurses, admin, security staff etc…who makes our stay more comfortable. They are amazing , always smiling, supportive helpful and never say "NO".

Here are our best wishes to your hospital!!

Good luck!

Brig Sushil Bhasin Mumbai

Dear Dr Dongre,

While conducting a game of Paintball on 1 May 2009, I was accidentally hit by a high velocity gelatin pallet on the side of my right eye. It had a tremendous impact and i thought my eye was shattered.

I reported to Kokilaben Hospital on the morning of 2 May, and was seen by Dr Niren Dongre. After carrying out certain tests and checks, he very nicely explained what he thought had happened or could have happened. I was very impressed by his very polite and genuine explanation and the options that were available to me. In less than an hour, my family members and I established a TOTAL trust in him and we knew we were under the care of a highly skilled doctor, in the right place with the best care.

We went through a minor surgery the same afternoon wherein he injected a gas bubble. He observed the eye for some time and when we discovered that the retina was getting displaced, we went in for a surgery. I went through a belt buckle and vitrectomy in my right eye in the end of May 2009. The surgery was conducted very well and the post surgery care was excellent.

I have been regularly visiting the hospital for various check ups and treatment. Dr Dongre and his entire team (Dr Charu, Dr Pallavi, and all the nursing staff) are not only professionally highly competent but also very courteous and extremely caring. I really appreciate the follow up treatments and courteous behavior of the entire staff.

Though advised by many relatives and friends, I never felt the need of a second opinion. I am extremely happy with the way I have been treated. It has been an example of high standards of medical care reinforced with human personal touch and care which has resulted in more than 100% satisfaction.

Casey and Brian Parents of Hannah

Hi Dr Dongre,

Our daughter was born premature and had suffered from sight threatening - Retinopathy of Prematurity with Plus disease. We are forever thankful to Dr Dongre's personal attention to our daughter's case, which required timely laser surgery treatment. He was on top of the matter from day one and our daughter has now fully recovered.

Dr Dongre not only provided our daughter with first class professional care, he also showed great empathy that is very much needed by us as parents. Dr Dongre took time to explain the situation and the treatment to us so we were fully informed at all times. He also showed genuine care for the well being of our daughter. It's refreshing to see both professionalism and warmth in the medical profession

Parents of Darsh and the Patel Family

The Management,
Kokilaben Dhirubhai Ambani Hospital

Our son was born premature 27 weeks and was shifted to Kokilaben Hospital after 42 days of his birth from another hospital on a SOS basis. Our son was suffering from CLD and a few other complications.

The moment we stepped into the Hospital we got the comfort that our child would get the right treatment here. Our child was immediately taken care of by the NICU team of doctors. The NICU facilities here are easily the best currently available in India. On assessing the case, Dr. Preetha Joshi, Dr. Vinay Joshi and Dr. Prashant, Neonatologists, explained the whole matter to us and how complicated the case was. However, they assured that they would put in their best efforts to see this case through.

Immediately on the next day, Dr. Niren Dongre, Ophthalmologist, did an eye examination and found that the child was suffering from Retinopathy of Prematurity (ROP), a sight threatening disease that occurs to preemies. From that day on, he gave his personal attention to our son's case and performed several laser treatments for more than a month. He used to explain the status of the case from time to time and give us the comfort that our son will make it through.

A thought that comes to one's mind is that in such a big institute whether a commoner can get such special attention; indeed this myth was broken, when we saw Dr. Dongre spending hours doing research for similar complicated cases abroad and ways to solve such a case. Not only as a doctor but as a big brother he empathized with us and told us to read articles of parents who had gone through similar experiences and get encouraged by their stories. Dr. Dongre is so humble that he went on the extent of discussing our case several times with my doctor friend who was very much junior to him and who was only undergoing internship in Sankara Nethralaya, so that I can get a comfort that my child was in the right hands. I cannot thank God more who guided us to his messenger who has shown light to our child.

Our son remained in the hospital for more than a month and a half and he got the best treatment from all the doctors and nurses. I would once again like to especially thank Dr. Preetha Joshi, Dr. Vinay Joshi & the entire team of NICU doctors & nurses for devoting special attention & care to our child and helping us see through the difficult times and Dr. Niren Dongre for everything a doctor and a human can possibly do.

Rama Samani & Family Members

Dear All,

I, the undersigned who has undergone treatment at your Hospital would like to state as follows:

I had undergone operation conducted by Dr. Yogesh Kulkarni in December, 2010 and then followed by the CT treatment under the guidance Dr. Sandeep Goyle from January, 2011 till time. Before that I had undergone treatment under Dr. Kaustav Talapatra. I would like to whole heartedly thank the support and good treatment received under them and full cooperation and supported extended by all other doctors, nurse, boys / assistants, support function staff during my entire treatment from time to time.

It is imperative for any patient who is suffering from any small or major illness to receive the timely and proper treatment. I'm not certifying authority but as a normal human being I can definitely say and vouch that the Hospital staff (including doctors and other members) are very much helpful and available at majority of time for answering our queries and guiding us properly. In addition to the result of treatment being achieved, it is humble and kind nature along with courtesy extended by hospital team members to patient and his / her family members is also of utmost important. I reiterate that we have received good services in this area during our treatment at your Hospital.

I would definitely like to make a note (even at the cost of repetition) that the basic rule of having stationed doctors in hospital is actually helping a lot to patient. In my case, we have categorically observed that doctors were not only available at given appointment time but were also having enough patience to listen to all your queries, answering your queries and trying to provide answers to your satisfaction. Generally, we have faced this problems elsewhere, wherein eminent doctors doesn't have enough time to talk to you or to answer all your queries. Here, in this hospital this concept has tremendously improved upon the services and also increased the quality level of treatment that patient is receiving.

At the end, we would like to appreciate the warm support, and guidance extended to us during treatment. I shall be meeting them for further Follow up on need basis and I'm sure they will extend full support as has been rendered by them till time. A big Thank you all the Hospital Staff members.

Mrs. Bala Ganesh

Dear All,

I had gotten admitted just for one day on 27/05/11 for an endoscopy and stayed for about 5 days- by DR Geeta Billa- she discovered I had a more serious problem – a kidney stone blocking ureter and she immediately put me on to DR Bejoy Abraham – the kind doctor ran a battery of tests to rule out any other problems and I got operated on Monday- He had done it so well and took meticulous care not to puncture my body and had instead used laser internally to pulverize and remove the stone and was very very kind throughout the surgery. He was very patient with my queries and made sure I was apprised with every step of the treatment. I would like to thank your excellent panel of doctors DR Geeta Billa, Dr Bejoy Abraham and Dr Suchitra Pandit (whom I have consulted once)

I also appreciate your world class hospital with its spick and span rooms, excellent housekeeping staff, excellent nurses, wonderful liftment and superb front desk staff.

Specially I would like to appreciate and thank 4 of the nurses who took care of me Sister Suvisesha, Sister Hamlet Pushpa, Sister Roby Mathai and sister Sajeena George.

Also I would love to reserve a very big special thanks to the admission counter person Mr. Satish Dange, who gave me an excellent service while admission – with people like him your hospital will go a long way i am sure.

I got discharge on 01/06/2011 and came home with positive vibes from your hospital Thanking you very much for the wonderful treatment.

Kalpana Swaminathan

The Management,
Kokilaben Dhirubhai Ambani Hospital

I am writing this email in appreciation to your Staff's warm services and also share my pleasant experiences during my delivery at your esteemed hospital where I have delivered my second son VAGEESH after 10 years.

About Dr Pandit
A wonderful person is an under statement to this very energetic magic women. A never say No attitude and very warm person. She is so thorough in her medical advices and has no doubt when questioned umpteen numbers of times. We were discouraged by many doctors for the second child owning to fact that I had PIH in my first delivery. Dr Pandit always encouraged us and assured that everything will be absolutely normal. I was surprised under her medical guidance my BP never crossed 120/80 throughout the pregnancy tenure. She was extremely motivating even during the operation and I enjoyed her conversations while in pain too.

My second delivery was so quick, systematic and am recovering quite fast when compared to my first delivery in the year 2001. I owe this to Dr Pandit. She is truly a marvelous doctor and a great asset to your Hospital.

About Sister Baby and her team
A commendable touch of support is the right word for her ever since we met her at the hospital. She was continuously assuring me of good services and trust me she and her team exceeded our expectations.

My dad also commented that he has expected me to spend 10 days at the hospital due to c-section and was both stunned and happy to see me walking the next day of the Operation. I owe this to the Nurse team as well as the on call doctors. Thank you all and Kudos to team. You work so selflessly and lighten our unbearable pain.

Once again I thank you all for your efforts in making this experience a really cherishable one.

Manasi and Yuvraj Agarwal

The Management,
Kokilaben Dhirubhai Ambani Hospital

I would like to thank Dr. Brinda from the bottom of my heart for all her efforts. It has been a wonderful feeling for more than a year now. Every time I have to visit CREF, my spirits are high, because I know I am going to a place, where everybody is professional at work, loving and caring to the extent to make you feel at home, knows their job and will not left any stone unturned to give you the best. The confidence and trust that I have for Dr.Brinda, inspite of not getting success , is immense. I trust her blindly, because I know she will leave no stone unturned to help us achieve our goal. The systematic and meticulous approach, accompanied with the warmth and love, the personal touch during the acupuncture sessions,.... is not to be found anywhere else.

I have been to the best doctors in Delhi, Noida, Mumbai on earlier occasions, but I was only a file for them. It is here that you are treated as a human being. The stress that you are going through is understood and related to every individual in the department including the billing staff. Yes, Dr. Brinda is to be applauded for creating such an atmosphere, instilling these values in her nurses and support staff, all this inspite of being a busy and great doctor. In today's time, when one starts thinking the medicine and education are no longer a noble profession, she negates it and assures that MEDICINE IS still a noble profession.

I would like to thank you Dr. Brinda for all that you have done for us. Words cannot describe the feelings that we have for you. Yes, please remain what you are, ALWAYS. May God bless you with success (in terms of the material world) as early as possible.

A final thanks to every individual in the dept,... Fatima, Rubina, Varsha, Blessey, Nimmi, Aruna, Manasi, Sana, Rituja. I am sorry if it I missed the names of anybody. But yes, they are all very good and a personal thanks to each of them.

Uma and Shekhar Dasgupta

The Management,
Kokilaben Dhirubhai Ambani Hospital

My wife was admitted to the hospital at 9th floor, 'B' Zone where she had to stay for 10 days for right-hand fracture and surgery.

I must admit that sisters, nurses and ayas rendered their services with sincerity and integrity to my wife which is highly appreciable. Last but not the least I must mention that though the staffs are overworked, but smiles in their faces are very appreciable.

I and my wife wish them good luck.

Vinay Shetty, Vijay Shetty Vishwas Shetty & Manohar Shetty

The Management,
Kokilaben Dhirubhai Ambani Hospital and Research Institute

We just wanted to express our gratitude and appreciation to your team for the treatment and care to our father.

Our Dad was suspected with Brain Cancer when being treated in one of hospital in Mangalore, We brothers decided to bring him to Mumbai and on recommendation of few well-wishers and friends we brought him to your Hospital for further Diagnosis and treatment.

We meet Dr. Anandh Balasubramaniam who diagnosed and post-surgery confirmed that it was brain Cancer (GBM Grade IV). Our hope was shattered and we knew that we are fighting a losing battle.

It was an extremely difficult time for us; the counseling/treatment that Dr. Anandh gave and the passion/dedication that Dr. Anandh had to his profession/patients gave us the courage to do best what we can for our Dad.

The 9 months period, during which our Dad was under the treatment of Dr. Anandh in Kokilaben Hospital, we remember calling Dr. Anandh & Dr. Suman many times late in the night/weekends/ when they are travelling. They never gave us an impression that we are troubling them, they calmly guided us through the situation.

We lost our Dad on 7th the April 2011. Rest of our life we will remember and cherish all good deeds of our Father, and will remember Dr. Anandh & Dr. Suman who has supported us during these difficult times. Last but not the least the nurses and other facility team in Kokilaben Hospital is excellent.

Your team is the invaluable assets of your Organization.

May God bless exceptional people like Dr. Anandh and Dr. Suman to continue this noble work.

Rachna Patel

The Management,
Kokilaben Dhirubhai Ambani Hospital

This is a special thanks to CREF department.

I have visited several hospitals and I take a great pride in saying that the hospital is blessed to have such a hardworking and professional team under the guidance of Dr. Brinda Kalro. The cleanliness of the place was the first thing that impressed during my first visit. The staff takes incredibly good care of their patients by the means of regular and clear communication.

With the staff so warm and friendly, be rest assured you are in safe hands.

Ms. Deepika Jain & Mr. Ketan Jain

We are thankful to the dedicated team of NICU doctors & nurses for taking utmost care of our child during his admission her your extraordinary effort is commendable and has indeed made lot of difference to us.

Thanks again from bottom of our heart

Ms.Rhea Nayudu

We are grateful to all doctors, NICU staff & sisters. Here the doctors are life savers of my child.

The sisters at the NICU were very helpful & supportive. They took care of our baby with personalized service.

We thanks the staff member of NICU-N-doctors.

Thank you very much

Ms. Komal Chirag Vora

Thanks to all for taking very good care of our baby – Nurses, doctors & support staff very service oriented & friendly.

We are really thankful to a dedicated team of NICU, all the doctors specially Saurabh (very nice human being) Dr. Preethi Joshi, Dr. Vinay Joshi & all other doctors.

I would specially thank to all lovely sisters who took care of my baby like a mother Specially thanks to sis Leejo.

Thank you from bottom of our heart.

Best Wishes from,

Vaibhav Thar
Urvi Thar & Baby

Joshi MIT Suresh

The Chief Executive Officer
Kokilaben Dhirubhai Ambani Hospital, Andheri

We are writing to express our deep gratitude for your superior care while Mr. Mit Suresh Joshi was undergoing treatment at the hospital.

We specially appreciate the efforts of Dr. Gita Billa who communicated the severity of Mit’s condition and the steely resolve with which she went about her line of treatment. The patience with which she handled our queries & doubts was the expectation level. She was the chosen savior sent by God to help us in our crisis. Today as we look back we realize the supreme efforts taken by the doctor to turn the tide when all hope was lost.

We would also like to express our heartfelt appreciation to all the supporting staff at the hospital for the excellent care & professionalism with a human touch.

P.C Sethi, Ex - Special Executive Magistrate (Govt. of Maharashtra)

Dear Mrs. Tina Ambani & Mr. Anil Ambani,

Ref: Vertibroplasty conducted on Saturday 12th November, 2011 for my Mother aged 88 years by Dr. Mihir Bapat

We searched far & wide & gathered from more than many that Dr. Mihir Bapat (OPD-Ortho) of your hospital is one of the Asia’s Best Spine Surgeon.

My mother’s Procedure of Vertibroplasty was conducted satisfactorily. We would request you to kindly convey our profound thanks to Dr. Mihir Bapat. His professional skills are extra ordinarily superior but what impressed us equally as much was his Humility, Patience & Courtesy. God bless such people.

Credits of course, goes to stalwarts like you both for making such a wonderfully good hospital & being able to attract such talent to be part of your hospital. Culture at your hospital of all the staff & officers is also worthy of admiration.

Special mention need to be made of Dr. Mihir Dalal of Clinical Administration who was generously kind & helpful.

K D Potdar

Dr. Urmila Anandh / Colleagues,
Sisters, Technician Brothers & Other Staff of Dialysis Department
Kokilaben Dhirubhai Ambani Hospital, Mumbai

Since April 2010, I spent one & half year in the Dialysis Dept. under your watchful guidance care & affections – earlier as Emergency CKD, Bypass surgery & then Regular CKD treatment. Today after the regular treatment I have regained much of my physical abilities vigour & confidence.

During this period, I was a patient tied down to the bed ‘clueless’, watching around. However the spacious ward, the live atmosphere of young staff (some as young as my children & grandchildren) bubbling with energy, sincere, affectionate, attending meticously to their duties was a heartening sight. I think this was an important part in my recuperation & confidence. Thus I expect to do well combating CKD in future.

I am now shifting residence from Andheri to Bandra. Due to time and distance constraints in transportation I am reluctantly compelled to move out. I shall be missing the encouraging happy atmosphere I enjoyed in the past one & a half year.

I thank you ‘All’ for bringing me to a ‘playing level’ in my future life. In particular, Dr. Urmila Anandh who has been a ‘Tower of Strength’ for guidance, treatment, confidence (in initial part I had completely collapsed mentally & physically). Words fall short of expressing my gratitude towards giving me confidence & a new lease of life.

Alisha Lobo

We thank the entire staff of Dr. Santanu and his team and also the nurses of 9th floor east ward for extending their support to us during our stay at the hospital.We are extremely happy for the kind support and love shown to us during our stay and making us feel happy and comfortable.

Thanks to all once again for making us feel at home.

Agnes Mungati

We enjoyed our stay in Kokilaben Hospital and we are safely back home. Dear Malavika we thank you for receiving us and assisting us with the set up of appointments.Unfortunately our time in Mumbai was limited, but was memorable.

Agnes Mungati

Hira Daswani, Mumbai

Mr. Heath Matthews,

On behalf of the Badminton Sub committee of the Cricket Club of India I would like thank you and your team from the Kokilaben Dhirubhai Ambani Hospital for providing high quality sports physiotherapy treatment to the participants, players and members during the recently concluded CCI GMBA Badminton District Tournament and The Members Annual Badminton Handicap Tournament.

Players of all ages not only found the pressure techniques of both Dr Adithi and Dr Mayur very effective, but were also very appreciative of the patient hearing that they received from them. Their systematic analysis in assessing the problem with techniques to relieve pain and the comfort level approach made all the difference.

The icing on the cake of course, was the interactive session with regards Dynamic Warm-Up and Stretching that you personally conducted. The importance of warmup and posture in prevention of injuries was well highlighted and we were very fortunate to have someone of your expertise to demonstrate and explain the various techniques to us all.

A tremendous response of appreciation and a feedback that was nothing short of excellent has been received from all those who had the opportunity to avail of your services and consultations. Kindly convey the Committee’s appreciation to your team and we hope that they enjoyed the time spent at the CCI

It has been a real pleasure to have had you here with us during the last few weeks. Once again we thank you for all your support and look forward to further associations of our two institutions for the benefit of sports-persons.

Warm Regards
Hira Daswani
Member Badminton Sub Committee

Hemant Parikh

Dear Ankurbhai,

I am Hemant Parikh, son of Dashrathlal Parikh whose gall bladder surgery you had performed on 28/11/2013.

Firstly I would like to tell you that my Dad is OK & recovering very fast from the surgery.

I would like to thank you for your support for the same as we were very must afraid of sugery at his age of 82 years.But once I met you for the first time I was satisfied that I my father is in safe hands. During all my period of hospitalisation i would like to tell you that you treated my Father like a son & me like your Brother. At the time of starting the operation & after finishing the same you gave me & my family a moral support. The Doctors like you really make the Medical Profession as Noble Profession. Since we were not able to express the same at the time of Hospitalisation I am writing you this Email.

We would like to Wish you Best of Luck for your Future & the conituing support you give it to your patients.

Once again Thanking you,

Hemant Parikh

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