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Dr. Jamshed Dalal

Director- Cardiac Sciences
MBBS, MD (Gen Medicine), DM (Cardiology), PhD (Cardiology), FESC, FRCP (London)


Adult Interventional Cardiology

Services Offered

Angiography, Angioplasty, Pacemaker Implantation, Intravascular Ultrasound, FFR

Languages spoken

Hindi, English, Marathi & Guajarati

Dr. Jamshed J Dalal is a rare triple Doctorate, having a Doctorate in Medicine, a Doctorate in Cardiology from Mumbai and a PhD from UK. He did his first coronary angiography in UK in 1978 and since then has done more than 20000 cases over 35 years. He also began the angiography program, available in only four hospitals in Mumbai in 1984 along with a handful of cardiologists.

Involved in the coronary angioplasty program since the invention of angioplasty procedure and is involved in teaching the procedure to doctors in India and China over the last 20 years.

As the Chief Cardiologist at the Holy Family Hospital in Bandra, set up the ICCU at the hospital.

In 1987 as the Honarary Cardiologist at the newly constructed Hinduja Hospital, Dr. Dalal set up the Cardiac Catheterization Lab at the hospital and started the coronary angiography and angioplasty procedures. He headed the department for eight years to establish it as a leading centre in India.

In 1995, he joined the still under construction Lilavati Hospital and helped along with others to set up the hospital along with the department of cardiology. Since inception to leaving the hospital in 2009, he remained the coordinator of the Cardiovascular Division and guided the Specialty to international levels.

In 1999, he helped along with two other colleagues to setup and establish the Wockhardt Heart Hospital now Fortis Hospital at Mulund, Mumbai once again creating a world class cardiology facility in the eastern suburbs. He then joined Kokilaben Hospitalwhen it started and helped establish the Centre for Cardiac Sciences.

KDAH Experience :

Dr. Jamshed Dalal is the Director of Centre for Cardiac Sciences at Kokilaben Hospital. He has performed thousands of Cardiac Cath procedures at Kokilaben Hospital since its inception.

  • Dr. Jamshed Dalal has numerous publications in International and National journals. He is a faculty on International Conferences and Workshops.
  • He is fellow of the European Society of Cardiology.
  • In 2016, he was awarded the prestigious fellowship from the Royal College of Physicians-London.

Dr. J. J. Dalal | Cardiology

A 92 year old man suffered from an acute myocardial infarction. He was hospitalized and thrombolized.In spite of full 15 day medical therapy, he continued to have symptoms, and option of angiography was suggested.However as he was 92 years old the patient and family were apprehensive about invasive procedures.We felt the patient had been fairly active prior to the episode and as he was remaining unstable we did his coronary angiogram. This revealed a severe stenosis in the LAD and after once again further long discussion with the relatives we went ahead and did angioplasty and stent implantation. He did remarkably well and became pain free and was infact discharged two days later.

This case shows that age alone should not be a consideration but the overall health of the patient and ofcourse the present clinical situation. The patients angio revealed a single lesion with the rest of the arteries being normal, suggesting that aging is not always associated with severity.

We have done several cases above 80 years but above 90 years is indeed rare atleast in India.However this case illustrates that whatever the age, relatively less invasive procedures like angioplasty can be done safely.

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