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Dr. Manishkumar Srivastava

Dr. Manishkumar Srivastava

Consultant, Interventional Radiology




  • Zurich Course of Interventional Neuroradialogy held in Zurich, Switzerland, in March 2003
  • Observer Fellowship at the Toronto Western Hospital for a period of 1 month under Prof. KarelterBrugge in June 2004
  • Course & Training programme for vertebroplasties & vertebral biopsies held in Sriramchandra Medical College, Chennai in January 2002
  • Matrix training programme organized by Boston Scientific in Sydney, Australia in April 2004

Speciality Interests

Endovascular management of Cerebral Dural AVFs & Complex Intracranial Aneurysms


Dr. Srivastava has graduated in 1995 from Lokmanya Tilak Municipal Medical College, Mumbai. He then joined Post Graduation in Radiodiagnosis in Seth G.S. Medical College and KEM Hospital in 1996. Afterwards he took up Interventional Neuroradiology in mid 1999 as a Senior Resident. He became a Lecturer in Interventional Neuroradiology at KEM Hospital in October 1999 and is working at present as a Senior Lecturer in the same department. Dr. Srivastava is involved in training of undergraduate and Post graduate students during this period. This is in addition to doing and supervising all types of Complex Neurointerventions.

Dr. Srivastava is actively involved in pioneering work in Endovascular Management of Cerebral Venous Thrombotic disease. He is also involved in doing highly complex Neurointerventions in Sir H. N. Hospital, Lilavati Hospital, Nanavati Hospital and various hospitals all over the country. He was actively involved in the Neurointervention teaching module held in 2006, 2007 and 2008. Dr. Srivastava has been attending the International Conferences like LINNC and ABC/WIN to remain updated with all the recent advances.

Dr. Manish Shrivastava manages a wide variety of neurovascular diseases. These include:

  • Skull base Tumours
  • Craniofacial vascular malformations
  • Berry and Giant Intracranial Aneurysms
  • Brain AVM's
  • Dural AVF's
  • Extracranial and Intracranial Atherosclerotic Disease
  • Thrombolysis in Acute Arterial Stroke
  • Cerebral Venous occlusive disease
  • Spine Interventions, which includes embolization of Spinal AVM's, Spinal DAVF's, Pre - op embolization of spine tumours and Vertebroplasty
  • Pediatric Neurovascular Diseases
  • Penumbra Devices in Acute Stroke
KH Experience

Manish Shrivastava is a Consultant in Interventional NeuroRadiology. He did his training at KEM Hospital Mumbai and then spent almost 10 years at the same Institute exclusively practicing Interventional Neuroradiology. This Centre is one of the largest volume Centres in the country.
Procedures done by him at Kokilaben Hospital in the last 4 years include:
Diagnostic Cerebral Angiographies: >500
Intracranial Arterial Aneurysm Coiling: 104
Complications in <3%
Extracranila Carotid Artery Stenting (Angioplasty): 78
Complications in <2.5%
Intracranial Artery Stenting: 27
Complications in <5%
Acute Ischaemic Strokes (Mechanical Recanalization): 44
We have the highest number of Acute Strokes treated by Endovascular Techniques in the country.
Penumbra Device used in 27 which is the largest number in India.
Arteriovenous Malformations (AVMs) in the brain, Dural Arteriovenous Fistulas, Spinal & Craniofacial AVMs & Tumours: 72



  • Endovascular management of Carotid - Jugular Fistula a case report. Rivista Di Neuroradialogia 13:245 - 248, 2000
  • Extracranical vertebral artery pseudoaneurysm due To paraspinal abscess drainage: endovascular management a case report. Rivista Di Neuroradiologia 13:249-253, 2000
  • Posterior fossa Hypervascular tumour embolisation. An unusual complication Rivista Di Neuroradiologia 13:593-598, 2000
  • Endovascular glue embolisation of intercostals arteriovenous fistula: A non surgical treatment option.J postgrad Med 2000; 46:213-214
  • Endovascular treatment of Pial AVF's, accepted for publication in the journal, Neurology India
  • Heparin or Thrombolysis in Dural Sinus Thrombosis? Published in Interventional neuroradiology, September 2006

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Speciality Interests

Endovascular management of Cerebral Dural AVFs & Complex Intracranial Aneurysms