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Dr. Shama Kovale

Consultant - ENT
M.S.(ENT), DORL (Mum)


  • Fellowship in Phonosurgery (Voice)
  • Fellowship in Cochlear Implant Surgery


  • Otology and Neuro-otology (Ear related Surgeries)
  • Phonosurgery and Swallowing ( Voice issues and surgeries related to it)
  • Endoscopic Skull base surgeries

Services Offered

Otology and Neuro-otology including Cochlear Implantation, Ear microsurgery, CSF Otorrohea repair, Tympanoplasty and Mastoidectomy, Phonosurgery: including surgeries related to the voice, airway and swallowing, Rhinology: including FESS (Functional Endoscopic Sinus Surgery) and ther surgical work related to the nose, Endoscopic skull base surgeries, Vertigo and related issues

Languages spoken

Hindi, English, Marathi

  • She has a vast experience in the field of ENT for more than 16 years. After her training at B.Y.L Nair Hospital, she has worked with many prestigious institutes in Mumbai, like A.J.B ENT Hospital and Bhagwati Hospital.
  • She was a consultant at Global Hospital, Asian Heart Institute and Mahatma Gandhi Hospital in Mumbai before joining KDAH.

KDAH experience

  • She aims to provide modern and evidence based treatment to patients with Ear, Nose, Throat related issues. She has been a part of the institute for more than 3 years. At Kokilaben she has operated on various difficult cases like facial nerve decompression, CSF leaks along with various routine ENT surgeries.
  • She also sees patients with various ear related disorders including Vertigo and a complete work up for the diagnosis and treatment of the same.


  • Disease No. of Cases Treated Overall in Career KDAH success rate
    Tympanoplasty 35 400 98%
    Mastoidectomy 07 250 95%
    Myringotomy 20 300 98%
    Stapedectomies 05 30 80%
    Ossicular Reconstruction 20 156 78%
    Facial Nerve Decompression 2 10 100%
    CSF Rhinorrhoea Repair 2 15 100%
    Cochlear Implants 0 5 -
    Base skull Endoscopic 2 15 100%
    Microlaryngoscopies(Voice Surgeries) 2 10 100%
    Vertigo Treatment 70 500 70%

  • 1st prize for poster presentation at annual conference of phonosurgery
  • 3rd prize for paper presentation at Annual conference

Papers published in indexed journals

  • Award paper on Laryngopharyngeal reflux in annual conference of otolaryngologist of India.
  • Paper presentation in CIGICON on Revision Implants.
  • Has published numerous articles in many peer reviewed journals and has been invited for oral presentations in various conferences.
  • Attended the phonosurgery conference.
  • Organising committee member of Maharashtra state conference in December 2015.
  • Executive Board Member of AOI Mumbai Branch.

  • Yogesh Tripathi, Mumbai

    In fact i was bit scared initially but, after consulting you, I was confident to go for surgery.
  • Mehfooz Shaikh, Mumbai

    You have excellently performed your duty and done well bounding or relationship between doctor and patient. Clear communication and well understanding will encourage me to suggest your name to my family and friends to visit in Kokilaben Hospital for any ENT related treatment.
  • John Almeida

    This was the first time I underwent a surgery but it was your willingness to discuss and explain everything to us which made me feel comfortable and be assured that I was in safe hands.
  • Bhakti Shah, Mumbai

    Thank you doctor for your advice and the operation that was carried out was very successful and even after the operation also my mom did not suffer any severe pain. The treatment, care and the advice we received from you and the hospital was very helpful.
  • Mahavir Jain

    I would like to extend my thanks to Dr. Shama, Dr. Faizan & all the nursing staff & team at Kokilaben Dhirubhai Ambani Hospital.
  • Naseem Patel

    We would like to sincerely thank you for all your kind help and very good diagnosis and treatment for Shabana.
  • Aparajita Sinha, India

    Tests were done as advised by her and the results showed what was being suggested by Dr. Kovale in her first examination. She suggested a surgery which really stressed us out and as most of the patients do, we also went in for a second opinion from the best ENT specialist in Bombay. His remark after seeing the prescription was " you are in very safe hands so do not change your doc'.
  • Veersen N. Tamhane, Dubai, UAE

    I would like to place on record my sincere thanks, especially to you for having shown a very high degree of professionalism & care – Pre, during and Post procedure.

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