Dr. Sharada Ramesh Kankonkar

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Dr. Sharada Ramesh Kankonkar

M.Sc.; PhD



Services Offered

HISTOCOMPATIBILITY TESTING (HLA TYPING) and Allied Testing in the field of Transplant Immunology

Languages spoken

English, Hindi, Marathi and Konkani

  • Started & Headed Tissue Typing Laboratory in BOMBAY HOSPITAL for 29 years. Was also instrumental in setting up Tissue Typing Lab at Belle View Clinic Kolkatta.
  • Introduced several tests including HLA MOLECULAR TYPING using PCR technology and HLA PANEL REACTIVE ANTIBODIES test for monitoring SENSITIZED patients. Besides, introduced Testing of Tumour Markers as a part of Clinical Immunology.
  • Trained in Laboratory Quality Management and Internal Audit and obtained the NABL Accreditation in Accordance with the ISO 15189 : 2007 ; and got Lab. Accredited in HLA TISSUE TYPING and TUMOUR MARKERS.

Research includes CYTOKINE study on LEPROSY patients, HLA Class II Antigen Association with MULTIPLE SCLEROSIS, HLA GENOTYPING of HCV, association of HLA B27 in AUTO-IMMUNE DISORDERS, study Frequency of HLA alleles in western India, HLA DQB 2 & 8 study in COELIAC DISEASE and also worked on preparation of Poisonous snakes Venom TOXOID using Gamma Radiation and preparation of Brain tumour Cell Lines.

Worked at UCLA with Late Prof. Dr. Paul I. Terasaki - a Nobel Laureate- and at St. Louis Hospital, France , DR. Jean Dousset- Nobel Laureate and many renowned International Labs. all across the Globe.

Have more than 20 publications in National and International Journals.

Chapter in the Neurological Book "An Overview of Current Problem" Eds. Dastur et.al. INTERPRINT,New Delhi 1988.

Chapter entitled" Human Histocompatibility Antigens" in Text Book of Paediatrics with special reference to " problems of Child Health in Developing Countries" ED. ; P.M.Udani. INTERPRINT. Pub . AJAY BRO.N.D.1990-1991.


  • Role of HLA Class II Antigens in Chronic Hepatitis B Infection from Mumbai. Presented at International Conference.
  • Outcome of Renal Transplantations with live related donors using molecular typing. Presented at the 15th IHIW and Conference 2008 at Rio-de-Janeiro, Brazil.
  • The Role of PRA (Panel Reactive Antibodies) in Success of Kidney Txs at Annual Scientific Meeting at ASEATTA, Auckland, Newzealand Nov.1999.
  • A review of Renal Allograft Transplant 'Tissue Antigen' XIII International Congress of Histocompatibility & Immunogenetics at Seattle W A USA May 2002.
  • Reducing HLA antigens in a sensitized potential Tx recipient using Plasmapharesis & Infusion of Inravenous Immunoglobulin (IVIG): A case Study. Presented at ISHI, New Delhi (AIIMS) 2001.
  • Selection of donors in pre-sensitized patients for Renal TX, presented at Intervention of Nephrology and HLA Typing 2013 at Mahabalipuram.
  • Conducted Workshop on HLA Automation.

Dr.(Mrs.) Sharada Ramesh Kankonkar

First Time in the country, Introduced HLA Molecular Typing using PCR Technology and detection of Panel Reactive Antibodies in Sensitized Patients  Pre- and Post  Renal Transplantation.

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