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Dr. Shruti Tapiawala

Consultant - Nephrology


  • Fellowship in Nephrology (University of Toronto, Canada)
  • Fellowship American Society of Transplantation
  • Fellowship HLA Laboratory Medicine (University of Toronto, Canada)


  • Peritoneal dialysis, Home dialysis
  • Prevention of kidney diseases and renal nutrition
  • Pregnancy and Kidney diseases
  • Renal transplantation, Transplant Immunology and HLA laboratory medicine for solid organ transplants

Languages spoken

English, Hindi, Marathi, Gujarati

Dr. Shruti Tapiawala has completed MD internal medicine from B.Y.L Nair Hospital and T.N. Medical College. She gained experience in critical care medicine at S L Raheja and P D Hinduja Hospital. Further, she pursued DNB Nephrology at P D Hinduja Hospital and worked as an Associate in the department of nephrology. She has worked in nephrology and dialysis in leading hospitals in Toronto Canada.

Dr. Tapiawala completed a 2 year fellowship program in nephrology at the University Health Network, one of the premier institutes in North America. The experience was directed towards working in special areas like, a multi disciplinary care of acute and chronic kidney disease patients, critical care nephrology, pregnancy and kidney diseases, Home dialysis (peritoneal and home hemodialysis) and prevention of kidney diseases. she then subsequently worked in the Multi organ Transplant department and HLA laboratory under the auspices of American Society of transplantation, which is one of the leading kidney transplant Centres and HLA laboratories in North America. Dr. Tapiawala had the opportunity to work with renowned doctors in the field of nephrology, dialysis and renal transplantation, namely, Dr. Joanne Bargman, Dr. D.G. Oreopoulos, Dr. Daniel Cattran, Dr. Edward Cole, Dr. Carl Cardella and Dr. Kathryn Tinckam.

Dr. Shurti Tapiawala has experience in management of solid organ (kidney, kidney-pancreas, heart lung and liver) transplantation patients at the multi organ transplant unit, University Health Network Toronto, Canada, where in addition to clinical management she has experience in risk stratifying the patients for these transplants by the virtue of being a part of The HLA ( tissue typing laboratory) which evaluates a transplant recipient immunologically.

KDAH Experience :

After returning back to India, she joined Kokilaben Dhirubhai Ambani Hospital (KDAH) and Medical Research Institue in the year 2010, where she established the renal transplant protocols and helped establish the transplant program. She has been instrumental in initiating Living Donor Paired Kidney Exchange Transplants (Swap Transplants) and ABO incompatible (across Blood group) kidney transplants at KDAH. In addition of making the transplantation and the dialysis unit protocols, she has initiated and maintained patients on peritoneal dialysis and hemodialysis.

She has been on the cardiac and Lung transplant teams to risk stratify from immunological perspective and guide immunosuppressive management of the recipients.

She has been instrumental in making patient education materials and organising quarterly kidney support group meetings for patients. These meeting are geared towards educating patients on various aspects of kidney diseases.


  • Disease No. of Cases Treated International Success Rate KDAH Success Rate
    ABO compatible Transplants >1000 98% 90%
    ABO incompatible transplants >100 94-95% 94%
    Paired exchange Transplants >10 98% 98%
    Peritoneal Dialysis >500 - -
    Home Hemodialysis >200 - -
    Renal Biopsies >500 - -

She has been an invited faculty for national conferences and state/ city based nephrology groups. In addition to clinical conferences she has been invited faculty for laboratory medicine meetings.

Invited Faculty at the following National Meetings

  • Clinical relevance of Donor Specific Antibodies – Indian Society of Nephrology –Western Zone 2009, Goa, India
  • Cross Match in Renal transplant- Indian Society of Organ Transplantation, 2009, Varanasi, India
  • Debate—Is regular calculation of KT/V or creatinine clearance useful in CAPD subjects- Indian Society of Nephrology –WZ 2010, Daman, India
  • Kidney and Hypertension- Association of Physicians meeting 2011, Surat, Gujrat
  • "Review of renal transplantation" S.N.D.T. College of Nursing- Renal nursing course- August 2011
  • Malnutrition and Inflamation in CKD- Indian Society of Nephrology –WZ 2011, Bhopal, India
  • Nutritional assessment in Kidney diseases- COREP 2012, Mumbai, INDIA
  • Clinical applicability of sensitive platforms for HLA antibody detection. "Meeting point" A Conclave on the HLA Lab - Nephrologist interface in Renal transplantation- Jan 2013, Mahabalipuram, INDIA
  • "HLA -The invisible Connect - for better or worse". Pre Transplant testing: Transplant physician's perspective. Indian Society of Transfusion Medicine, October 2013. Bangalore, INDIA
  • Meet The Experts- Update in HLA medicine. Apollo Hospitals Chennai- December 2013, INDIA
  • Which catheter lock solution to choose? Indian Association of Nephrology 6-7 September 2014, Indore. India
  • DSA- Clinical Relevance in daily transplant care. Transummit- A national Summit Committed to sharing clinical Evidences and Practices for Improved Outcomes in kidney Transplantation. October 2014, Mumbai. India.
  • Futility and Utility of DSA in kidney Transplantation pre and post transplant. North Zone Indian Society of Nephrology ( NZISNCON) Jan 2015. Agra, India
  • "Infections in dialysis unit-case based discussion (CRBSI)". 6th Bi-Annual Conference of Indian Society of Hemodialysis (ISHDCON-2015) from February 27 to March 1, 2015. Mumbai
  • Cases -C4d –ve ABMR. Annual Meeting Indian Society of Nephrology ( ISNCON-2015), 17 Dec 2015. Bangalore, India
  • Society of Emergency Medicine India – Rajasthan Chapter (SEMI-Raj), Acute Care Forum ACE Forum Intensive Care Nephrology Symposium on 10th of January 2016, Jaipur,
    • Renal replacement - indication, dosing, timing,
    • Plasmapheresis, Polymxin hemabdosortion
  • Immunological stratification of a transplant recipient, CME on Renal Transplant. 16- 17 Jan 2016. New Delhi. India
  • Clinical cases – DSAs. HLA & Transplant Immunology Workshop, 31-Jan 2016, Global Hospitals, Mumbai
  • Principles of nutritional management in critically ill patients with AKI- Indian Dietetics association conference (IDACON) 2016, Mumbai
  • Immune stratification of a renal transplant recipient- ISN-WZ 2016, Sept 2016, Indore
  • Post Transplant Issues in Children- NATCO 9th Annual Transplant Coordinators conference, Oct-2016, Chandigarh
  • Renal transplantation in highly sensitized patients Introduction of topic: 1. Immunological work up for sensitized patients, - Annual Indian Society of Organ Transplantation (ISOT) Oct -2016, Chandigarh
  • She has been appointed as a Guide/ Teacher

    • Co- Guide DNB teaching Program and a local examiner for the yearly DNB assessment
    • External guide for PHD student at Tata Institute of Social Sciences, Mumbai
    • Guide for Renal Dietetics course- SNDT college, Mumbai

Associations/Professional Membership :

  • American Society of Transplantation
  • Canadian Society of Transplantation
  • International Society of Peritoneal Dialysis
  • Indian Society of Nephrology
  • Indian Society of Organ Transplantation
  • Narmada Kidney Foundation

Publications :

Original articles, interesting case reports in International and National peer reviewed Journals. On editorial board of Narmada Kidney Foundation Peer Reviewed Publications

  • Thesis during MD training: Prognostic Factors in Community Acquired Pneumonia
  • Pednekar SJ, Pazare AR, Nabar ST, Jagtap S, Tapiawala S, Aggarwal A: Systemic Sclerosis with Lung Involvement: a Great Mimicker; The Indian Practitioner, February 1998; 51(2), 147-50.
  • Pazare AR, Nabar ST, Pednekar SJ, Kaneria MV, Tapiawala S, Aggarwal A: Electrocardiographic diagnosis, Journal of Applied Medicine, June 1998, 439
  • Pednekar SJ, Kaneria MV, Pazare AR, Tapiawala S, Aggarwal A, Nabar ST: Ophthalmic Manifestations in HIV Infection; The Indian Practitioner, June 2000; 53(6), 419-27
  • Kulkarni AA, Tapiawala S, Badve SV, Deshpande RB, Shah BV: Cytomegalovirus Nasal Polyp After Renal Transplant. Journal of Association of Physicians of India. 2003; 51; 614-615 (Case report)
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  • M. A. McDonald, J. Braga, P. Billia, S. Tapiawala, H. J. Ross, K. J. Tinckam Lack of Association between Pre-Transplant MICA Antibodies and Cardiac Allograft Dysfunction. The Journal of Heart and Lung Transplantation 02/2010; 29 (2)

  • Mahesh M. Agarwal, Mumbai

    I do not have appropriate words of appreciation for your devotion, dedication and determination to look after the post operative kidney transplant patient of my age (Mahesh M Agarwal) who underwent kidney transplant exactly one year before i.e on 20th April, 2016 in the esteemed hospital, KDAH Andheri Mumbai under your care.
  • C.P Sharma

    I am diabetic since 1993. I was on medication up to 2014. During this period, sugar level was fluctuating. This uncontrolled sugar level led to chronic kidney disease (CKD). I came to know this in 2014 at Chennai Apollo Hospital, when my serum creatinine was around 3.0. I preferred to be on medication thereafter.
  • Mahesh M. Agarwal, India

    The post operative care was phenomenal and unheard of at least in our country which only exist in western countries, you have proved that a hospital of your repute do believe in “THAT EVERY LIFE MATTERS” and when you (Management) say it they mean it , which was vigilant and apparent as all the medical report were text to the respective doctors till whole night who without fail instructed to the nursing staff and the subordinate doctors without seeing the odd hours of the post operative time, no time were left in doing need base corrective measure, what a prompt action to look after a post operative patient. This was a lifelong experience which happens only in your hospital & you have played a major role in doing so which was remarkable task.

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