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Dr. Yogesh Kulkarni

Dr. Yogesh Kulkarni

Consultant Surgical Oncology (Gynaec Oncology)


MBBS, MD (Gyn & Obs), DNB (Gyn & Obs)


Gynecological oncology, Tata memorial Hospital, Mumbai

Speciality Interests

Gynecologic Oncology, Robotic Gyne Oncosurgery


Dr Yogesh Kulkarni is a Consultant Gynecological Oncosurgeon at Kokilaben Hospital. After completing his residency in Obstetrics & Gynecology, He worked as a lecturer, Dept. of Obstetrics & Gynecology for five years at the prestigious Grant Medical College, KEM & Wadia Hospital. Later he joined Tata Memorial Hospital, a premiere Cancer Hospital and Research Centre, as a Fellow in and then continued as Specialist Registrar in Gynecological Oncology. During training at Tata Hospital, he had a wide exposure to all types of Gynecological Cancer cases, with a well-organized multimodality approach to managing them. At Tata Hospital he received extensive training in Gynecological cancer surgeries and also in colposcopy and related procedures. During his training at Tata Hospital, he has performed /assisted over 800 Gynecological Cancer Surgeries which Included Radical Hysterectomy/Radical Vulvectomy/ Surgery for advanced Ovarian Cancers/ Pelvic& paraortic Lymphadnectomy/Illioinguinal Lymph node dissection / surgery for Carcinoma Endometrium and Uterine Sarcomas Dr Kulkarni has a strong academic & research interest and has 12 publications to his credit. He has also presented scientific papers and contributed as an invited faculty at various National & International conferences.

KH Experience

At Kokilaben Hospital he has performed over 600 complex Gynecological Cancer surgeries till date. He has performed over 40 robotic surgeries for Endometrial and Cervical cancers. At Kokilaben Hospital Dr Yogesh Kulkarni performed the first Reported Fertility Sparing Surgery (Radical Trachelectomy) for cervical Carcinoma in India on a 4 yr old girl diagnosed with clear cell carcinoma of cervix


He has numerous publications in international journals and has presented at various national and international meetings. He also has authored chapters in various textbooks in Gynaecology & Obstetrics.

  • International Gynecological Cancer Society
  • European society of Gynecological Oncology
  • Association of Gynecological Oncologist of India
  • Mumbai Obstetrics & Gynecological society
  • Federation of Obstetrics & Gynecologic Societies of India

Bhavana Ravikumar

I would like to begin thanking you for your co-operation during my hospitalization for an operation of removal of Pelvic mass during mid-April this year. I have fully recovered and resumed my routine and I must say I have come away with a new found respect for health care so I thought I must share my experience at KDAH.

First mention has to be about Dr. Yogesh Kulkarni who had performed the surgery. He was thoroughly professional during the consultation, explained the issue very simply and what to expect. He is very thoughtful in his approach and has always made me feel very comfortable, always ensured that I understood everything and more importantly ok with it. From the time of admission till the time of discharge Dr. Kulkarni had handled the situation so calmly that not just us but our friends and family who have seen him are impressed with the way he conducted that whole situation, kept them informed during the surgery and at other times. Though he is busy he never ignored any complaint about pain. Even if he knows where exactly and why it hurts, he doesn’t take anything for granted, he would still listen and take a look before explaining the pain to my satisfaction. He was approachable at all times, sensing our requirements and accommodating to the best possible. He keenly observes and doesn’t really have to be specifically told what is required which as a patient gives me confidence that he will take full and care that I can trust him. He makes the patient feel normal, at the same time there is always a word of caution as to not to go beyond the comfort level. He has a way of taking everyone with him, no matter who and what he will his do best. He is what a doctor should be.

The team in OT was nice too, specially senior doctor, I think Dr. Joglekar. He talked to me through the insertion of Epidural and he was very particular that it is done with minimum possible pain as I was already in pain. It is very comforting to have people like him around in OT atmosphere which kind of feels eerie. Even Dr. Hemalata for that matter, she was so kind that she was the only I confessed to that I was scared and she nicely consoled me that it happens to everyone. With doctors like these as a patient I feel confident that I am in efficient hands.

Post operation, Dr. Kalyan had very efficiently done the follow up, always patient and explaining and advising on things that we didn’t understand.

What I’m really amazed about is that all these doctors after seeing hundreds of patients are still very conscious of every patients pain befitting your motto “Every life matters”. Kudos to them.

Next would be nursing staff Jyotsna, Nadeem, Aparna and Ansy to name a few. They were always attentive and took good care. In fact sister Nadeem deserves a special mention also because she does the best IV insertion, hardly pain and everything under a minute. I’m sure you’ll understand for someone who is already in pain how much it matters if no more pain caused. Also sister Jyotsna, who seems to be wanted at places at all times and she runs around patiently without any irritation.

Best regards

Bhavana Ravikumar

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Speciality Interests

Gynecologic Oncology, Robotic Gyne Oncosurgery