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Dr. Yuvaraja T.B

Consultant, Surgical Oncology (Uro Oncology)
MBBS, MS (Gen Surgery), MCh (Urology), DNB (Genito Urinary Surgery)


  • Visiting Fellowship: Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Centre (MSKCC), New York, USA
  • Visiting Fellowship: Indiana University, Indianapolis, USA
  • Chakraborty Fellowship: University of Texas Health Science Centre, San Antonio, USA
  • Hargobind Fellowship: University of Texas Health Science Centre, San Antonio, USA


Uro-Oncology, Minimal Access and Robotic Uro-Oncology Surgeries

Services Offered

Robotic Uro-Oncology Surgeries, Management of cancer of Penis, Prostate, Kidney, Bladder etc.

Dr T B Yuvaraja received his undergraduate (MBBS) and postgraduate (MS, General Surgery) degrees from Mysore University. After Residency in Urology (MCh, DNB Urology) at Sir JJ Hospital and Grant Medical College, Mumbai, he completed his Fellowship in Uro-Oncology at the prestigious Tata Memorial Hospital, Mumbai. Then he worked as Associate Professor and Consultant Uro-Oncologist at Tata Memorial Hospital. He currently serves as Consultant Uro-Oncologist and Robotic Uro-Onco Surgeon at Kokilaben Dhirubhai Ambani Hospital, Mumbai.

He has received various International and National Fellowships. The Chakraborty Fellowship in Robotic Surgery offered by the Indian American Urological Association which he did at the University of Texas Health Science Center, San Antonio, Texas, USA, the Detroit Fellowship and the Hargobind Fellowship at MSKCC, New York, USA

He has participated as a Principal Investigator in 2 Clinical Trials addressing important clinical questions like the role of therapeutic and prophylactic groin node dissection in clinically N 0 stage in cases of Cancer Penis. He has also been involved as a co-investigator in 11 basic and advanced Clinical Trials.

He is one of the Associate Editors of the Indian Journal of Urology. Dr Yuvaraja has published over 28 articles in International and, 26 in National Journals and 2 Book Chapters. He has been a peer reviewer for The Indian Journal of Urology and the Indian Journal of Surgical Oncology. He has been invited over 150 times to give Lectures, be a Panelist in various scientific meetings and presented his work as papers and videos in over 18 International and 88 National Meetings.

He was one of 20 members of the prestigious International Consultation on Urological Diseases (ICUD) which is an International Committee to create guidelines for management of penile cancer. He has presented Scientific Papers and Posters in various International and National Conferences organized by the American Urology Association, Asian Congress of Urology and so on.

KDAH Experience

Dr T B Yuvaraja has performed over 1500 Major and Supramajor Uro-Oncology Surgeries at Kokilaben Hospital including over 500 Robotic Surgeries with excellent outcomes. He was instrumental in setting up the Robotic Surgery Program at the Hospital in June 2012

He has performed over 200 Robotic Radical Prostatectomies with an average blood loss of around 120 ml (international benchmark 100-200ml), The 6 month Potency Rates are 64% (international benchmark 54 -70%) and 12 month Potency Rates are 80% (international benchmark 62- 92%). The Urinary Incontinence rates are 10 % at 8 months (international benchmark 9-15%).

He has performed over 350 Radical and Partial Nephrectomies by Open, Laparoscopic and Robotic methods (120 surgeries) with a perioperative mortality of 0% ( international benchmark 0-1.2%) and morbidity of 3% ( international benchmark 2-5%).

82 patients have undergone Radical Cystectomy (Removal of Urinary Bladder for Cancer) with Studer Neo Bladder or Ileal Conduit done by Open and Robotic (55 cases) methods with mortality of 1% and morbidity of 10%. He is credited with doing the highest number of Robotic Radical Cystectomies and Intracorporeal Urinary Diversion in India. He has a special interest in managing Cancer Penis and Testis and has treated more than 150 such cases.

His work on Robotic Inguinal Lymph Node Dissection for Cancer Penis has been presented at the Annual Conference of The American Urology Association in 2013.


  • Disease No. of Cases Treated International Success Rate KDAH Success Rate
    Uro-Oncology Surgeries >1800 - -
    Robotic Radical Prostatectomies >400 80% 62- 92%
    Radical and Partial Nephrectomies by Open, Laparoscopic and Robotic methods >450 perioperative mortality 0-1.2% perioperative mortality 0%
    Radical Cystectomy (Removal of Urinary Bladder for Cancer) >130 - -
    Cancer Penis >150 - -

Dr. Yuvaraja has 13 research projects to his credit. He has 30 publications in National & International Journals.

  • Moinuddin Shaikh, United States

    Dr Yuvaraja was very supportive in providing all the necessary guidance and consultation.. His engagement style/approach enabled us to get the comfort level that we needed the most at that time. I also cannot miss stating the courteous and highly considerate customer centric response that Heena Shaikh provides almost at all times and may be to all the patients that approach her for any assistance..
  • Name withheld on request

    My surgery was done under your care on 13-09-2013.My post surgery experience was pleasant & unique.It was literally minimum invasive & recovery was fast.On 3rd day of my surgery I could walk & eat normal food. I was discharged on 18-09-2013 with catheter & advised to visit after 5days for catheter removal.On 23-09-2013 the catheter was removed.From that day onwards I have not experienced any problem while passing urine.
  • Dr. C R Suvarna

    My name is Dr. Chandrashekhar Suvarna and I was recently diagnosed with early prostrate carcinoma. I was referred by Dr. Hemant Vadeyar, a surgeon who works at your esteemed hospital and is also a good friend of mine, to get my treatment done there. I had consulted the hospital's uro-oncologist Dr. Yuvaraja T. B., who lucidly explained to me what my condition is, the different options I can go for and also suggested what would be the best way to go about treating this.

Dr. T.B. Yuvaraja: Cancer Bladder- Robotic Radical Cystectomy and Neobladder

Mr. ABC, a 48years old smoker with complaints of blood in urine was investigated and found to have a tumour in his bladder. At his home town, as the tumor was very big, he was advised removal of his bladder surgically by oprn technique which would have also resulted in decreasing his sexual function and a permanent urinary opening (stoma) on his abdomen with urine collecting bag. The patient was devastated with the idea of losing potency at such a young age. When he came to us we evaluated him and he underwent surgery in a minimally invasive way using the robot in the form of robotic radical cystectomy and reconstructing entire new bladder with intestine.. The patient did recover well after the surgery and recovered his potency in 3 months to lead an active family life. He passes urine in a normal way and has no opening on his abdomen and his body image is preserved. He is extremely happy now.

Dr. T.B. Yuvaraja: Cancer Kidney- Robotic Partial Nephrectomy

Mrs. XYZ, a 52 years old female suffering from chronic kidney disease for a long time was found to have tumour in her kidney. She was advised removal of the tumour bearing kidney which put her into the risk of permanent dialysis in the future by open surgery. The outcome of the surgery with respect to permanent dialysis shocked her and went into depression. After multiple consultations she came to us where she underwent thorough evaluation. We advised her to undergo robotic partial nephrectomy which can save the kidney with minimal pain and scarring by robotic method. She underwent surgery in a minimally invasive way using the robot where only the tumour was removed saving the remaining kidney. She recovered well with no risk of future dialysis. After one year of surgery she is healthy with stable kidney function and enjoying an active life.

No. Journal Code Department Type Download
1 120 Centre for Cancer National Download

Publication/Talk Title : Current Update of Management of Clinical Stage I Non Seminomatous Germ Cell Tumors of Testis

Journal Published : Indian Journal of Surgical Oncology

2 67 Centre for Cancer National Download

Publication/Talk Title : Organ Preservation Surgery for Carcinoma of Penis

Journal Published : Indian Journal of Surgical Oncology

3 25 Centre for Cancer International Download

Publication/Talk Title : Genitourinary cancers: Summary of Indian data

Journal Published : South Asian Journal of Cancer

4 08 Centre for Cancer International Download

Publication/Talk Title : Robotic Adrenalectomy for Sigmoid Colon Cancer Oligometastasis

Journal Published : The Annals of Translational Medicine

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