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EDGE™ Radiosurgery: Asia's first Radiosurgery and Radiation Therapy equipment for Cancer Treatment

A new EDGE™ Radiosurgery system from Varian Medical Systems is being installed at Kokilaben Dhirubhai Ambani Hospital for the first time in Asia. The newly-installed device offers a precise, non-invasive alternative to conventional surgery, with no incisions and few of the healing, pain, and recovery issues typically associated with conventional surgery. The installation will make significant difference in precise and quality outcomes in cancer treatment.


3D Planning system for image guided brachythrapy which uses 3D data sets such as CT, MR and PET.


Planning system for all forms of External beam radiotherapy like 3D CRT/IMRT

Integration with CT scanner and PET CT

PET based planning is a step forward in identifyting the biological tumour volume and delivering more precise radiation to the tumour with the precise technology

Gammamed plus

It is a high dose rate remote afterloading brachytherapy device capable of delivering conformal dose to the tumour planned on the brachy vision planning system capable of generating 3D conformal dose distribution supporting various forms of image guided brachytherapy.


NovalisTX is a versatile machine .It is a powerful stereotactic tool for intracranial and extracranial stereotactic treatment for deep seated tumours of the tumours/lesions of brain and body in a non invasive manner. It has a very precise beam shaper (2.5 mm). It has a cone beam CT attched to the machine. It also has a facility for gating for respiratory movements.


The Centre for Cancer has the FIRST trilogy (linear accelerator) in India which is capable of performing on board CT scan, KV and MV imaging with respiratory gating systems. It is an excellent system for image guided radiotherapy capable of correcting daily position errors on treatment couch. It can also treat mobile tumours like lung malignancy, abdominal tumors tracking them in a particular breathing phase minimising doses to normal structure otherwise would have received due to breathing movements.

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