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  • Alphonsus Dsouza, Mumbai

    Both time my experience was very good. During consultation before and after surgeries she was very polite. Now both eyes are having good vision thanks to Kokilaben hospital and Dr. Rao.
  • Mrs. Kaul, Mumbai

    We have have found a very humane and caring person in Dr Shruti, behind her white coat attire. I thank management of KDAH of selecting an outstanding talent of Ophthalmology for their patients to get world class treatment, for which the brand of KDAH is well known worldwide.
  • Unmesh Bhatt, Mumbai

    Eyes are window to the world and I was worried too with history of heart attack and poor corneal density, I must confess and express my gratitude to Dr. Rao who gave me confidence and solace ...
  • Purushottam B Manjare, Mumbai

    I am very happy to Give this feedback. All of you sisters are very courageous who chose the proffession of Direct Social Service.Our county always feels proud to those who Protects(Soldiers),who Saves(Doctors) and who Cares(You all Sisters).You all are like soldiers who are always at duty of increadible patient care. I sincerely thank you for your valuable service. 
  • Reema Shah, Mumbai

    Your diet was absolutely home based and with a new baby easy to manage.
  • Rahul Deb, Canada

    He has been instrumental in bringing me back to original level after Knee ACL Surgery and also helped me a lot in the recovery phase.
  • Shrikrishna Kulkarni, Mumbai

    On another occasion, he made me fit even without any invasive treatment. After seeing my active, no one believes that I have twice undergone a fracture at 60+.
  • Vighnesh Keni, Mumbai

    Dr Shreyas Gajjar helped me get better but also helped me gain back my lost confidence that I can workout in the gym again.
  • Akshay Sharma, Mumbai

    Thank you so much Sir ..extremely satisfied with ACL surgery done by you. It was my first surgery but still because of you there was no anxiety problem both before and after the surgery generally faced by patients.
  • Father of Master Abdullah, Mumbai

    I found Dr Vikas Basa a very good doctor and good human being. He explained us situation in very well manner. He did operation, which went very well and was successful.
  • Mr. Shresht Sagar, Mumbai

    Doctor Dinshaw Pardiwala is too good as he always encourages and answers my question and also Dr.Ravi who come along with him.
  • Mr. Kundan Jha, Mumbai

    I would really recommend this hospitals to all my friends and family... Also for any furthermore treatment i am coming here for me and my family... All the nursing staff was really supportive and caring, they understood my pain well and helped me with right solution.
  • Rajiv Verma, Mumbai

    This gave me comfort as a patient that I am getting treated properly. She has been taking care of mine so that I completely cured.
  • Saswati Padhee, Mumbai

    It has been a pleasure interacting with you.The adenoid surgery that you conducted for my 7 year old has really helped my child.You correctly diagonized her hearing loss because of Grade IV adenoids.
  • Sandeep Kalwaghe

    Thanks for co operation & support from all staff of nurses, doctors for giving nice treatment. The stay in hospital felt like a home stay.
  • Milka Anyango Agol, Nigeria

    Facilities provided at the hospital are excellent and I have to say all the staff I met were very efficient.
  • Vaishali Gote, Raigad

    Excellent staff personnel and services rendered. Doctors and nursing staff are very informative and transparent.
  • Master Advik Kunal Kulkarni, Mumbai

    Dr Gurusev has been the best support throughout from initial OPD and until all the procedures
  • Theresia Michael Kimbi, Tanzania

    I appreciate the health checkup reception desk and all the doctors. Komal and Pooja are excellent staff at EHC Clinic
  • Hima Devi S R, Kerala

    Of course I will suggest with my friends and knowing persons about this hospital because the way of care and love which given by the nurses and doctors especially Dr Falguni Parikh Dr Mahin and Dr amit . Sisters Alice, sis saritha, renjini ,Shyama ,ammu , hima, Ashley , dhanalakshmi, annmol ashna ,jinu they all are help me lot, psychologically too . Thank u all of you for the love and care
  • Devangi Das, Mumbai

    l have gone through a very bad accident but it's only Dr.Shreyash Gajjar who supported me n after my hands operation now I am able to come in my normal life.
  • Nagarajan TA, Mumbai

    After the surgery I could walk within 10 days without any support. His post operative guidance, physiotherapy now I am fit. I started gym after 30 days of operation.
  • Pinal Dakoria, Surat

    I have visited so many specialists in city and Physiotherapist but no improvement rather shoulder getting frozen until I met Dr. Shreyasji in February 2018.
  • Prakash Jha, Mumbai

    All I can say it all went if very very well and I have never experienced any discomfort in all these five years and my right arm and shoulder is perfectly normal. Ever greatful for the great work Dr. Gajjar did on my shoulder
  • Nusrat Nazli, Bangladesh

    All doctors team work is very excellent. Our co-ordinator is very helpful (Ms. Moumita).
  • Akanksha Dubey, Mumbai

    You saved his life not once but twice, when one month into the recovery he had a SDH and infection near the surgical site. Thank you for being so cautious and calculative while treating him and being so kind hearted and patient while dealing with me and my family.
  • Advika Pimpalwar, India

    She was very patient and encouraging with us. She also referred us to the Sports Nutritionist Pooja, so my daughter could have a comprehensive correction.
  • Maneck Bajan, Mumbai

    After surgery and your treatment, I was completely cured within a month. I was privileged to have you as my Doctor and you diagnosed the problem a glance. You were very helpful and polite in all respects, and I am totally satisfied by the treatment.
  • Adhishree Sirsalewala, Mumbai

    All during her stay at the hospital and the subsequent follow ups, the treatment and care given by you and the entire team was fabulous. I really appreciate your concern for the patient and making us understand well about her condition
  • Dinesh Kumar, Ahmedabad

    The procedure was explained very well to us before surgery and after the surgery, he would visit every day to check progress and help motivate her if she was feeling down or dispirited.
  • Subham Chatterjee, Bengaluru

    I had suffered an ACL tear in my knee in 2012 and had undergone the surgery by Dr. Shreyas Gajjar. Dr. Gajjar was extremely professional and I recovered within no time. He also ensured personally that I was feeling better after the surgery and during my physiotherapy.
  • Arun Jaykar, Mumbai

    After one month arm pouch was removed, and the doctor advised for physical exercise. And the result was tremendously good. Movement and the power of my son. And there are no restrictions in movement. He is quite well.
  • Harsh Somaiya, Mumbai

    But Doctor Shreyas Gajjar assured me that everything will be fine. He was also quick enough to give me priority for my surgery since I had my CA exams the next month
  • Rajesh Menon, Mumbai

    Under Dr Shreyas i was given the complete care that was needed starting pre operation and was fully supervised after operation right from regular check ups to my phsyio and rehabilitation prog for my strengthening. Even my brother was operated on his right shoulders as he had a tear and he is doing very good now.
  • Ordu Godspower, Nigeria

    Kokilaben is a nice hospital to visit when you are down. I love you people.
  • Anzuruni Mungula

    I would like to begin by rating the whole HOSPITAL at 100% plus
  • Niranjan Ajgaonkar, Mumbai

    Thanks to the effective communication and confidence of Dr Sarkar and his team, when I went for a neurosurgery on 25th May-18 (one day after my 13th wedding anniversary), I was totally relaxed and cool about the entire procedure. It was an awake craniotomy, which meant that I was under local anaesthesia and fully conscious and awake throughout the procedure. However, the environment in the OT was completely relaxed and the way the doctors went about their tasks the surgery was a breeze. It went on for more than 5 hours but to me it seemed to be like under an hour.
  • Shabana Sheikh, Mumbai

    Very well experienced and an awesome personality.
  • Madhu Jhajharia, Cuttack

    Even won international bronze medal in Bhutan ...last year.
  • Pramod Rangari, Mumbai

    I was really taken care with good professional treatment and care. The time the entire process would take and all other details he had shared at the very start went exactly as planned.
  • Krishnamoorthy PV, Chennai

    Before my reverse shoulder implantation i consulted 4 more Doctor but the confidence & fair opinion i have seen him only.
  • Gopal Awasthi, Mumbai

    This has been possible only because of your healing energy and professional experience. May God bless you with all the success in your professional and personal life.
  • Gautam Rastogi, Mumbai

    He was available on phone, in case of emergencies. His support to my mother and us during the time of surgery was incredible. After the surgery my mother underwent physiotherapy under his guidance.
  • Anil Nair, Mumbai

    Even the total time to heal was around what he had indicated. He is very approachable & trustworthy.
  • Mahesh Hariharan, Mumbai

    Dr. Shreyas reconstructed my ACL of left knee. He is well versed with sports and other related injuries. He explains the details very clearly and I agreed for surgery immediately.
  • Karanveer Mahendru, Navi Mumbai

    Many thanks to Dr. Gajjar. Also, thanks to Kokilabhen Ambani Hospital management for providing state of the art hospital facility at reasonable charges and full support in insurance claim settlement.
  • Dinesh Kumar, Ahmedabad

    He is an extremely professional surgeon who is very caring and sensitive.We were very comfortable discussing the problems/progress with him and he would always respond positively.
  • Manish Kothawala, Mumbai

    We thank you very much to Doctor Vatsal Kothari & his entire team for fast recovery of my mother Padmaben (KH1000514006) health. They have taken proper care of my mother in systematic manner.
  • Sudha Malviya, Mumbai

    They pulled my husband back from disaster, performed carotid artery surgery with outstanding expertise
  • Sunil Kumar, Jaipur

    I find no words in my vocabulary to thank Dr. Shantanu Sen. No word of gratitude could explain what we feel for him. He is not just a doctor, he is personified God, I do say I have seen God as I have seen him. I wish the best of the best for Dr. Shantanu Sen. May he has a blessed future and continue the good work he is doing.
  • Rehan Ansari, Mumbai

    Thank you so very much for your kind services and dedicated staff who are managing the show very well. Best Wishes for your Hospital to grow leaps & bond !!
  • Egejuru Christian Ekenedilichukwu, Nigeria

    I am grateful to KDAH for their medical treatment throughout the period of my stay here in Mumbai. I will really say that KDAH is superb.
  • Ravindra Kumar, Mumbai

I am thankful to GOD blessings that I met Dr. Shreyas Gajjar who had given me a new life.
  • Mayank Mundada, Telangana

You did the most advanced Knee ACL reconstruction surgery to me (I am able to tell this as I am studying MBBS).
  • Dr. Suneet Raut, Palghar

    After prior appointment we saw Dr. Gajjar. I appreciate his approach and confidence, we agreed to the suggested surgery of TOTAL REPLACEMENT of Shoulder joint.
  • Saniyat Chowdhury Srijon, Bangladesh

    The hospitals policy is very good. The Doctor and all the staffs were very caring. The management level of this hospital was excellent.
  • Anamul Kibria, Bangladesh

    The whole surgical team in the operation theater in co-operative. After getting in the word from OT, I am astonished with the services and behaviour of the Doctor, sister ward boy and even the cleaner.
  • Deepti Tiwari, Mumbai

    It is well said "doc is no more less than GOD" and Dr. Gajjar is making this statement true. Thank u Doc :)
  • Akash Patel, Surat

    I feel very lucky to meet a Doctor like Dr.Shreyash Gajjar who has done my Shoulder Surgery successfully with no risk.
  • Kishori Shinde, Pune (Kabbadi Player)

    I am really thankful. I never forget that day when I first met you during my knee rehabilitation period, back then I was over-weight and had high fat percent.
  • Vaishnavi Peddireddy, Hyderabad (International Tennis Player)

    I am Vaishnavi Peddireddy from Hyderabad, a professional tennis player. I was injured for 6 months and had been off play and workouts completely. In this period I had put on a lot of weight and had become unfit and that's when I met Pooja in Kokilaben Ambani Hospital where I was getting treated for my injury.
  • Komal and Sanjay Mehta, Mumbai

    But this didn’t deter them for trying more and finally, after 22 days of treatment in Critical ICCU under Dr.Vatsal Kothari and team, my daughter was out of danger and was transferred to Stroke Unit on 2nd December 2017. During this time we prayed, prayed and prayed more for the quick recovery of my daughter. We believe, our prayer was answered through competent, caring and composed doctors; Dr.Vatsal Kothari, Dr. Annu Aggarwal, Dr.Tanu Singhal.
  • Nikhil Jain

    Its been great interacting with you and getting complete explanation of the procedure / surgery to my satisfaction.
  • Suraj Chodankar, Mumbai

    Many patients recommend you as a good doctor but I go one step further to recommend you as a good human being.
  • Jaiprakash Tiwari, Khargar

    When we landed the hospital we were very much in tension and Mr.Gajjar has really helped us on the personal as well on the professional front.
  • Nilkanth Thakur, Mumbai

    When I woke up in the evening there was some pain which disappeared with assurance of Dr Shreyas Gajjar that Surgery was successful and I can expect 100% recovery.
  • Narendra Rayani, Rajkot

    Afterwards I came to Mumbai at Kokilaben Dhirubhai Ambani Hospital, where Dr. Shreyash Gajjar treated me and it helped me to overcome my pain and repair tissues in my shoulder.
  • Kiran Gupta Chidambaram

    I want to inform you the excellent hospital you have opened. We are thankful for gift of KDAH.
  • Sunil Gupta

    Your doctors treat us very well also, all your other staff. I lived near your hospital its very easy. Madame we are thankful for gift of KDH. God bless you.
  • Mohar and Rajendra Roy

    Dr. Gursev is one of the finest human beings we have ever met in our life, honestly. In the year 2015 when our child was born with Ileum atresia, Dr. Sandlas met us to explain the condition.
  • Manoj Hariramani, Uganda

    When we flew all the way from Africa we met Dr Gursev, I saw a miracle that day, my son was on a wheel chair and when Dr attended to Eashan we came out walking out from the hospital he gave him so encouraging words it lifted his spirits so high that he left the wheel chair and forgot about the pain and started to walk ...
  • Mohammad Mazharul Islam, Bangladesh

    Everything is well organized about my experience so far good. This Hospital has all the facilities 1st time I came here 2010 January. Now I am again came back here for my treatment. Dr. Dinshaw Pardiwala specially his entire team is exetend and hope keeping doing better in future,
  • Amit Rai, Mumbai

    Hita was revived but not out of danger. Doctors told us that they would move Hita to ICU but they did not have a free bed in ICU. In the interim both the Doctors ensured that Hita gets an ICU like treatment in A&E. As more patients came in I saw both the doctors managing each situation with same level of dedication. The next day was emotionally over whelming. As I came into the Hospital, the security gaurds, house keeping staff, lift staff and nurses one after the other asked me whether Hita was fine. I was overwhelmed with their well meaning concern and good wishes.
  • Pritin Kumar, Mumbai

    When my mother had an allergy in the nose, she also went to Dr. Kovale on my recommendation. Dr. Kovale is very accessible and approachable, and that made us go back to her whenever the need arose.
  • Glen Mascarenhas, Singapore

    The thought of doing a knee surgery itself sounded scary at first but after meeting Dr Gajjar, I felt confident that everything would go well since I was being operated by one of the finest and most experienced Ortho surgeon in town.
  • Kashmira Dave, Mumbai

    After consulting few other reputed doctors, I had the most co-operative and helpful experience with doctor Gajjar.
  • Riyazuddin Siddiqui, Navi Mumbai

    Your willingness to take time from your very busy schedule to comfort me, explain things to me really made me able to face all of my fears and eased my way through the anxiety of my diagnosis and treatment. Had to get operated due to severe shoulder issues by a reputed doctor but the problem remained same even after surgery and then I met sir Gajjar and he suggest me for another operation.
  • Prakash Nayak, Mumbai

    However, after consulting with you I was very calm and got the confidence that everything will be fine and back to normal.
  • Mohsin Bin Falah Aldosari, Saudi Arabia

    This hospital Kokilaben is the best hospital in the city of Mumbai (India) and having very doctors in it. Also the nurses and translators. They welcomed us very good and wish all the best
  • Ahmed Nasser Mohammed, Yemen

    I also thank the doctors in this hospitals, especially Dr Santanu Sen and Dr Tanu Singhal. Also the sisters Marina and Ankita.
  • Abdallah Handan Albalushi, Oman

    Kokilaben Hospital is the best hospital which very professional and well experienced care of our Health with its extraordinary staff from CEO to the executive.
  • Vibha Rakesh Nayudu, Mumbai

    The 3 hour long surgery that you have done on my ear have totally cured my problem, its been 2 years since the surgery and my condition seems to have been totally cured.
  • Banwarilal Singhania, Mumbai

    But after you did the Arthroscopic Surgery on my Ankle, I have very much relief. Also, I would like to appreciate the care taken in the hospital under your guidance.
  • Clara Rita Horo, Mumbai

    Finally, Jan 2013, I was referred to Dr Shreyash Gajjar by one of my office colleague and my Company Panel Doctor n through series of tests, physio exercises, massages, n PRP Treatment I was fully cured. My right hand had become stiff n my movement was restricted over the years, due to scar tissue formation.
  • G.Pradeep, Kuwait

    After research and consultation with friends, I was lucky to get an appointment with one of the best specialist in the field Dr Shreyash M. Gajjar who guided and explained the reasons for the nagging pain, how the injury if neglected, will affect in future and the advantages of correcting same through a non-invasive surgery which requires only two to three days of hospitalization. He also explained in detail the rehabilitation process which requires intensive physiotherapy sessions for at least two-three months and the hand movement will take about six months to achieve normalcy due to the severity of my rotator cuff injury. At this point of time, I could not lift my hand above 90 degrees.
  • Leon Ratafy, Madagascar

    We appreciate Kokilaben Hospital and services provided. (The greatest and the best hospital).
  • Khadiza Begum, Bangladesh

    To me it is the synonym for affordable and excellent healthcare under the supervision of well equipped center managed by well qualified doctors.
  • The Mathur Family, Mumbai

    At that moment Dr. Kothari came in as a God to us. Due to his sincere efforts and timely action taken by him, my Mom recovered and was out of the ICU in few days time.
  • Krishnendu Halder, India

    Special thanks to you Doctor Kovale for doing the operation at almost 11 pm on 13th April 17 to keep your commitment to me inspite of your whole day work and I could make out that you were exhausted.
  • Sadaa Sayed

    After almost 4 months of sleepless nights, he has now been able to comfortably sleep. Also during the entire stay at the hospital, doctor was very caring towards the patient. Really happy with his kind gesture.
  • Moulshree Mishra, Mumbai

    Post my surgery he provided me with an extended amount of time; questioning me and listening to every concern I had. He is a good listener therefore all issues are taken care of. He is thorough in asking questions about past issues to make sure those things are under control.
  • Amrita Shetty & Family

    The never say die attitude, sheer grit, determination, commitment and unrelenting hard work that Dr. VMK & his team of competent intensivists exhibited saw mummy beat insurmountable odds. Not only did Mummy survive but today she leads a fully productive life.
  • Sanjay Lakhani, Surat

    You treated my cousin (Dipen lakhani) so nicely, and we are thankful to you and team of Kokilaben Hospital to save my cousins life.
  • J. S. and Indra Tomar

    I found their way of behavior and treatment has been very fruitful and encouraging to me and my family. I once again thank the entire team of doctors and staff of your hospital. Please keep it up.
  • Preeti Bhosale, Mumbai

    My dad has Myasthenia Gravis and was in crisis when Dr. Vatsal diagnosed his rare autoimmune disease, which other specialists had failed to. He explained the condition and the treatment to be followed in detail. A very polite, humble person and his positivity can cure anything.
  • Sheila G. Kalra, Mumbai

    Your skill, knowledge and positive outlook played a major role in my recovering so well and so quickly. I truly feel that not only do I owe my life to you, but that I was blessed to find myself placed in your more than capable hands.
  • Gladys Landers, Mumbai

    Dr. Kothari never used his position of authority as the ICU director to coerce us into changing our stance. Rather he was always positive and assuring. In fact, there is something about Dr. Kothari's personality that exudes confidence and optimism. At times, his smile and his light hearted banter are all one needs to see through the gloom. He has the unparalleled ability to help the family perceive a ray of hope, no matter how bleak the chance.
  • Harpal SIngh Sokhi, Mumbai

    The very presence of Dr. Vatsal Kothari gave me confidence that i am in the right hands who not only diagnosed my problem within minutes of just seeing me but also was a great human being to interact with.
  • Faredoon Kuka, Mumbai

    Dr. Kothari, you are an excellent human being and have been an Angel in disguise for my Wife Nancy and because of you, she has survived and recovered from her illness.  
  • Ravinder Jolly

    I recall an incident when we had informed the hospital we were coming immediately because of my sudden illness. To our family's surprise and astonishment, when we reached the hospital, the entire team consisting of Dr. Kothari, Dr. Sweta and his staff were readily present to receive us when we reached the hospital.
  • Rishikesh Salunkhe, Mumbai

    On the first visit itself he explained me every bit of the procedure, about the rehab and sports comeback. He was very friendly and positive, gave an assurance that I will be able to play sports after the proper rehab. Me and Dr.Gajjar planned a date for surgery after the exams in 2015.
  • Mahesh M. Agarwal, Mumbai

    I do not have appropriate words of appreciation for your devotion, dedication and determination to look after the post operative kidney transplant patient of my age (Mahesh M Agarwal) who underwent kidney transplant exactly one year before i.e on 20th April, 2016 in the esteemed hospital, KDAH Andheri Mumbai under your care.
  • Mrs. Anjali Srinivasan, Mumbai

    I just wanted to convey my gratitude for the excellent treatment. I would also like to place on record the dedication of the staff, the receptionists and the management. The hospital is spick and span and has the state-of-the-art equipments. The doctors are very well-qualified and patient while dealing with the patients. I also observed while sitting in the lobby, the maintenance staff are very efficient and polite.
  • Kishan Savjani, Mumbai

    When a family friend suggested Dr. Gajjar, his name was brought up with immense trust and backing. I must say my experience with him, and his staff has been amazing. He was reassuring and guided me through the necessary surgical procedures.
  • Yogesh Tripathi, Mumbai

    In fact i was bit scared initially but, after consulting you, I was confident to go for surgery.
  • Jason Fernandes, Dubai

    The staff and team are wonderful and well organized and well supportive team with Dr. Suresh, Dr. Snehal, Dr. Silvia, Dr. Mohanty, Dr Garima, Dr. Bipin and Dr. Tanuja. Very hard working nurses at the ECG/Echo department very friendly and polite. The nurses at my ward too were very approachable. All these great facts make the hospital outstanding.
  • Rebecca Matthai, Kerala

    It has been an extremely positive experience for me to interact with Dr Gajjar and I can definitely vouch for his diligence and professionalism.
  • Elena Nisterova, Russia

    After coming here we had warm welcome and pleasant stay. The staff was warm and helpful. Even though we were not well versed in English language ,we always felt welcomed by them and they were helpful.
  • Vivek Jha, Baroda

    My mother said that "You are a god who comes in my life in the form of doctor" and you treated me very well.
  • Nandkumar Aher, Mumbai

    I had a follow up with Doctor after 10 days; my all operation marks were completely filled.After one & half months physiotherapy I was able to completely bend my leg, walk & climb the stair case & within 2 months from the date of operation I started going to my office at Mahalakshmi from my residence at Kandivali. I am travelling like a normal person by the train.
  • Aniket Kawade, Mumbai

    Dr. Gajjar was also very particular in his routine check ups and consultation post the surgery. Successful surgery and a strict Physiotherapy routine managed me to get me back to my playing days in 6 months.
  • Priya Raverkar, Vadodara

    I take this opportunity to thank Dr. Kaustav Talpatra and his team and all technicians and support staff for their excellent support and making me feel comfortable during the entire treatment duration.
  • Mehfooz Shaikh, Mumbai

    You have excellently performed your duty and done well bounding or relationship between doctor and patient. Clear communication and well understanding will encourage me to suggest your name to my family and friends to visit in Kokilaben Hospital for any ENT related treatment.
  • Seema Demta, Mumbai

    Around 15 months ago I & my husband had difficult time in preparation for stress-free pregnancy journey for me and to decide a hospital having dedicated & expert maternity section. We choose Kokilaben Dhirubhai Ambani Hospital(Andheri-west) against other Andheri's hospitals after various search & suggestions from people around us.
  • John Almeida

    This was the first time I underwent a surgery but it was your willingness to discuss and explain everything to us which made me feel comfortable and be assured that I was in safe hands.
  • Sunil Kotian, Mumbai

    The operation went successful and I was back into my senses.I cannot thank you enough for the second life that you have given me.I was there in Kokilaben Hospital for another few weeks till I recovered completely to walk my way home. The service provided by your Hospital was very good.I was pleased by the hygiene level and the way your staff was present whenever I needed them.
  • Bhakti Shah, Mumbai

    Thank you doctor for your advice and the operation that was carried out was very successful and even after the operation also my mom did not suffer any severe pain. The treatment, care and the advice we received from you and the hospital was very helpful.
  • Abhishek Kutur, Mumbai

    You never addressed him as Mr Kutur, you always told he was your patient. The efforts that you put to make him survive are appreciable.
  • Dauda Issa, Ghana

    Now that I am half-way out of danger, we think it's time to give credit where it is due. Competent, sensitive physicians like you are the pride of the medical profession. I can't say enough good about you, as the entire family are thankful that I will be around for a long time yet to sing your praises, as the fear was that the whole operational work would be a nightmare, but you and your competent staff knew exactly what to do.
  • Mikesh Udani, United Kingdom

    I saw Dr. Gajjar in 2013, after seeing 3 other doctors and being unable to resolve the issues I was facing. He was quick in diagnosing the issue, explained the situation in a very clear and comprehensible manner and stated all the options I had along with his recommendation.
  • Mahesh Chaturvedi, Mumbai

    My experience was good both the times and would highly recommend Dr Gajjar and the hospital to everyone. Now my Right hand Shoulder is like normal and I am sure my left shoulder will also get better soon. I am thankful to Dr Gajjar and pray to God to give him lots of success in his career.
  • Ashish Bist, Mumbai

    The manner in which he helped me understand the exact nature of my injury, the way in which he encouraged me to undergo the surgery and the confidence he gave me that I could go on a wild life trip to Tadoba National Park, Nagpur within one month of surgery, was extraordinary, because some of my friends who had sustained similar injury had very restricted movements for at least two months post the surgery.
  • Ravi Narayanan, Mumbai

    Dr Gajjar not only surprised me with his consummate knowledge of the subject matter but with the measured detailed explanation of the injury & the entire physiology of the affected area...of course add to that his young age doubly helped in disarming me . Of course, he added the phrase ACL - Anterior Cruciate Ligament - in my lexicon forever!!! The surgery was decided as the optimal long term solution, but more importantly Dr Gajjar made me feel like a true footballer by mentioning that this ACL is routine footballing injury sustained by the Premier League professionals...!!! Actually, it was his way of putting me at ease, for that was something a patient truly cherishes from his doctor.
  • Identity withheld, Mumbai

    I really thank Dr Puja Dewan from bottom of my heart for the right guidance.
  • Identity withheld, Mumbai

    It was almost impossible for my wife to become pregnant again after gap of 9 years. But Dr Puja Dewan made it possible.
  • Identity withheld, Pune

    At every stage of our pregnancy, we had lot of complications. However, Dr Puja Dewan managed it very beautifully making it a success.
  • Identity withheld, Mumbai

    Dr Puja Dewan came in our life as God. She has success in her hand. It was our luck that we met Dr Puja Dewan and in first attempt only we got success.
  • Identity withheld, Mumbai

    One of the greatest blessings is to become ‘parents’. We would like to thank Dr Puja Dewan and her team at the CREF department for bringing this miracle in our life.
  • Identity withheld, Kenya

    I am forever grateful to her.
  • Identity withheld, Nasik

    I didn’t think that IUI [Intrauterine Insemination] is going to be successful and that I will have a positive test result.
  • Asharani Castelino, Mumbai

    I would like to thank tremendously the whole CREF team for the wonderful experience I had during my whole pregnancy.
  • Neha V. Desai, USA

    I would like to thank my doctor, Dr Puja Dewan from the bottom of my heart for changing my life. I would say that it has been not less than a miracle done by her. And of course, with God’s blessings that I am holding my son in my arms.
  • Deepak Qazir Kejriwal,Mumbai

    Six years ago in 2010 my heart surprisingly announced its displeasure by presenting me with a major unwanted episode.....
  • C.P Sharma

    I am diabetic since 1993. I was on medication up to 2014. During this period, sugar level was fluctuating. This uncontrolled sugar level led to chronic kidney disease (CKD). I came to know this in 2014 at Chennai Apollo Hospital, when my serum creatinine was around 3.0. I preferred to be on medication thereafter.
  • Mahavir Jain

    I would like to extend my thanks to Dr. Shama, Dr. Faizan & all the nursing staff & team at Kokilaben Dhirubhai Ambani Hospital.
  • Naseem Patel

    We would like to sincerely thank you for all your kind help and very good diagnosis and treatment for Shabana.
  • Mohd. Sadir Popal

    multifocal IOL
  • Mrs Bilkisu Musakida

    get rid of cataract and glasses
  • Sandeep Gholkar G.M. - International Sales

    I was suffering with heavy snoring for more than 10 years. Few years ago, one of my friends recorded my snoring on his cell (file enclosed). He had warned me that I should get the ailment treated asap as he felt it was serious. I was not aware about the term Sleep Apnoea at that time.
  • Mr M. Khatri

    Good and caring medical staff in this ICU. They treated my father as good as they should. Dr Prashant Borade guided them very well.
  • Mr D. Nair

    It was with great apprehension that I came to the ICU but was greatly relieved by the excellent care given by the ICU team lead by Dr. Prashant Borade.
  • Bhavin Oza

    Dr Pradnya Gadgil is awesome. Very sweet approach towards kids and parents. She made them comfortable first and then reviewed the history of patient and accordingly started treatment.
  • Patient’s uncle (name withheld at request)

    Firstly Happy Rakshabandhan to you and supporting medical staff at the Hospital. Thank you and your medical team who performed treatment procedures of -patient AG and helped her come out from her physical problem since birth.
  • Awendi’s Mother

    Awendi is doing really well as we maintained the medication and intense therapy program you recommended. She started school and interacts really well with kids. The kids in school love her and play with her really well. Her eye contact has also improved a lot.
  • Bhavesh Mehta – Sourcing and Category Manager- IT –Hardware -Software

    I must say that humanity has not yet died and it’s very much alive in people like you as a precious asset of KDAH family.
  • Devyani Dalal, Gujrat

    Next year onwards I shall pay my recognition to you Dr Anshumala, On Doctors day for all your skills, acquisition along with its continual upgradation at mastering minimal invasion, minimal incision in Gynaecology and thus doing Yeomen service to Women: young and elder, and for redeeming ones faith in her doctor.
  • Khushboo Singh, Mumbai

    A poem written by Patient: Hearts are earned & not gifted Things done in the past that I regret Wake up on a pillow that is wet Clouds of mist and dust With a share of vanilla lust
  • Angeline Monteiro & Family, Mumbai

    It takes a lot to go out of way and help someone. Your gesture has made a big difference in my life. Here’s sending you a note of Gratitude.
  • Mr & Mrs Indira Sharma, Singapore

    Thank you for your skill and kindness before during and after my surgery last June. I take the comfort of knowing that the result of surgery bought us much awaited joy.
  • Vishal Dugar

    A hospital is considered to be the last place where 1 would find solace, comfort or feel holistic.But my experience with The Kokilaben Hospital and particularly with Dr. Sunil Wani was just that or a lot more.
  • Mrs.Divya Parekh, Mumbai

    I have recovered fully and am extremely satisfied with my experience with Dr. Shreyash Gajjar and Kokilaben Ambani Hospital and would suggest it to anyone without hesitation.
  • Amar Thakur, Mumbai

    Thanks for teaching us the difference between Fact and Faith: Fact is when any ordinary doctor diagnoses illness in a report. Faith is when good doctors like you give their patients the strength to recover.
  • Bhumika Chawla, Mumbai

    I always regard Dr. Kahale as a pillar of strength in any family medical emergency and have unhesitatingly relied upon him without any reservation. I wish him very high level of success in his future life .
  • Bhumika Bhanushali, Mumbai

    Today my father is much fit and living normal life.We are thankful to Dr.Kahale , other staff and the hospital.
  • Biren Devji Palani, Mumbai.

    Saying “Thank You” seems so insufficient but I can find no words that truly express my feelings appropriately, so I will stick with those two simple words with the hope that you know the depth of emotion and gratitude they contain.
  • Mrs. Sita Bhambhwani

    Thankful to Dr Pranav Chadha, Dr Sandeep Goyle and Dr Menon for their support and care which proved to be good supplement to their technical abilities.
  • Sabiha Siddiqui

    Dr. Thakkar in my opinion is outstanding. Her advice and treatment was very effective with friendly approach. She is a competent and confident young lady.
  • Darshna Chohan / Shailesh Chavda, FCCA-ACPA (T) Tanzania

    We really appreciate and thank you for the treatment we received at the Kokilaben Hospital and successful surgery by you.
  • N Senthil Kumar

    Many thanks and it is really so kind & nice of you. You are just too good & please accept our heartfelt regards for you.
  • Unknown Name

    Good Day! Hope you're fine. This is husband of patient......Dhaka, Bangladesh. We visited you on Dec, 15 for my wife breast purpose. We were really very pleased for all of year co-operation and nice behaviour as well as seriously taking care of my wife.
  • Mr Rafique Manji

    operated for Cataract
  • Mr. Vinod Srivasatav

    From Ranchi, - operated for Cataract both eyes
  • Mrs. Padmini K

    operated both eyes Cataract
  • Mr Simon Antony

    operated by Dr. Seema for both eyes cataract F
  • Mrs Asha Ahuja

    operated for cataract in both eyes
  • Mr Apolinario B D’souza

    A Parkinsonism patient operated for cataract
  • Mr Rajesh Dave

    operated for cataract with extended range IOL on 23/06/2016
  • Mrs Veena Vanjani

    operated for cataract with multifocal IOL for treatment of cataract and glasses
  • Amar Thakur, Mumbai

    He gave us the hope and maybe the courage and strength to go through this traumatic phase of life. He explained about prognosis of the treatment. He was infact an Angel in disguise. He recommended for 6 cycles Chemotherapy and probable Radiotherapy. During treatment he always motivated us and also used to play with my brother as if it was his son.
  • Vijayalaxmi Shivram Shetty, India

    Overall it was good experience, the staff is co operative, the only complaint my mom used to have was that at times the duration of radiation used to vary, sometimes it used to be of longer time and sometimes used to finish too early. Dr Pranav has been very co operative, very prompt response for any concerns, some nurses are very kind to be precise Nurse Hata was very caring and humble.
  • Ganesh Pudusery, Mumbai

    It was a good experience overall with treatment at KDH (Radio Oncology) under the guidance of Dr Pranav Chadha & team. All our questions and doubts were clearly and very patiently answered giving us confidence in the entire process.
  • Rameez Momin, India

    Doctor: Very positive vibe, good consultant, guiding towards proper treatment path, always available to help and very cooperative.
  • Mrs. Sita Bhambhwani, India

    Thankful to Dr Pranav Chadha, Dr Sandeep Goyle and Dr Menon for their support and care which proved to be good supplement to their technical abilities. Treatment was uneventful (overall) due to efforts put in by doctors.
  • Jaidev H Soni, USA

    I had to undergo radiation after my operation and was visited by Dr. Pranav. From the word go, from explaining the whole procedure, its effects and after effects, Dr Pranav was brilliant; he made me feel good and was great encouragement to me.
  • Lalitha Thiyagaraja, India

    The overall experience from planning till post therapy review was excellent. Whenever there were any routine issues like skin problems, they were promptly attended to by Dr Chadha and team. The waiting time for everyday treatment was minimum and the allotted time was more or less followed.
  • Dr. Vipul Doshi, Mumbai

    I went through Internet found that Dr. Gajjar has several years of experience in Sport related injuries (in UK and Australia)/ Dr. Gajjar operated (arthroscopy) and advised me to do physiotherapist. Recommended Dr. Aditi from Kokilaben Dhirubhai Ambani Hospital. (All other Physiotherapists were skeptical about my recovery. But because of Dr. Aditi's sincere effort for 14 months (3 times a week).
  • Savio Godinho, Mumbai

    From the very onset, Dr Gajjar's diagnosis and POA was very precise and clinical. He was also extremely patient and explained the condition and procedure in great detail.
  • Mokbul Hassen Russel, Bangladesh

    The notable part of the whole operational process (since November'15 to 15th May 2016) is that I found Dr. Gursev Sandlas very kind and sincere to my son's treatment. Through email and cell phone I got his suggestions properly and promptly. He was never non-responsive to my calls which has had given me mental peace. I must acknowledge cooperation of the Operational Team Members of Dr. Sandlas.
  • Noordin Nathoo, Kenya

    Your professional guidance made us feel comfortable in the choice of the recommended line of treatment; we are grateful to you arid your team as he is now recovering well.
  • Raed Mohammed Ahmed Esmail, Yemen

    But after I has gone cemented total right elbow replacement by Dr. Shreyash M. Gajjar my life changed radically and I’ll be able to do what I’m unable to do before. Now I can use my hand and bend it and I’m at the top of happiness, so I want to thank all people who helped me in this matter, especially Dr. Shreyash M. Gajjar.
  • Ankush Korday, Dubai

    I was suffering from a muscle tear of shoulder for more than 6 months. As I play cricket & badminton it was difficult to bowl or do any overhead action while playing badminton. I visited many doctors in Dubai but was not satisfied.
  • Kuverben Mendpara, Surat

    Dr Gajjar did two operations of my Wrist and Shoulder respectively. Most people said it will take a very long time to recover the muscle tear. Also I had diabetes. It’s been a year and I can move my Wrist and Shoulder completely which earlier pained so bad even when I moved little. I am really very thankful to Dr Shreyash Gajjar.
  • Mr Abdulkarim Mukri, Tanzania

    The care and support was exceptional. I have had on many occasions to refer people who have had shoulder problems to Dr. Shreyash Gajjar, because of his unique surgery style and his after care. Now in this year of 2016, I have complete use and range of both my arms to the extent that I have normal usage with both and no pain at all.
  • Dr Veena Naidu, Mumbai

    Post examination Dr Shreyash very calmly and assuringly advised that a surgery was not needed and that it can be treated with medications. He literally talked me out of getting a surgery done.I started the medications as advised. I saw a good change in 3 weeks time and the remaining period of treatment though long was good as things went well.
  • Mahesh M. Agarwal, India

    The post operative care was phenomenal and unheard of at least in our country which only exist in western countries, you have proved that a hospital of your repute do believe in “THAT EVERY LIFE MATTERS” and when you (Management) say it they mean it , which was vigilant and apparent as all the medical report were text to the respective doctors till whole night who without fail instructed to the nursing staff and the subordinate doctors without seeing the odd hours of the post operative time, no time were left in doing need base corrective measure, what a prompt action to look after a post operative patient. This was a lifelong experience which happens only in your hospital & you have played a major role in doing so which was remarkable task.
  • Aparajita Sinha, India

    Tests were done as advised by her and the results showed what was being suggested by Dr. Kovale in her first examination. She suggested a surgery which really stressed us out and as most of the patients do, we also went in for a second opinion from the best ENT specialist in Bombay. His remark after seeing the prescription was " you are in very safe hands so do not change your doc'.
  • Veersen N. Tamhane, Dubai

    I would like to place on record my sincere thanks, especially to you for having shown a very high degree of professionalism & care – Pre, during and Post procedure.
  • Swatantra and Prateeksha Pandey

    It is the blessings of god that we have a doctor's like Dr. Suchitra Pandit in our society. It was also wonderful that mam has created such good team who can take care of its patients.
  • Pratapaditya Chakrabarty, Mumbai

    He suggested me to consult Dr.Suchitra Pandit and on the same day we had consulted Dr. Pandit on 5th December 2015. We were extremely satisfied with her consultation and we found that the doctor is not at all greedy as we faced in Jaslok. Doctor suggested to watch for three months as Mirena was inserted on 3rdNov and in 80% cases it gives good result. We had consulted several times during this period and on 5th of March Doctor suggested to take a call for surgery as Mirena was not responding in her case. I was in the apprehension whether laparoscopic surgery can be done as she had undergone two Cesarean sections and I had expressed my feeling. She had given me confidence not to worry as they will take care and Laparoscopic specialist Dr. Anshumala Shukla will be with her during surgery. I was having full trust on Dr. Pandit and was really appreciating to see her approach as she believes in team and I realized that we are in right place with right doctor.
  • Dr. Sailen Ghosh, Mumbai

    I take this opportunity to thank each and every one of the nursing and support staffs responsible for her care. They are very nice, cordial and helpful and always present with a smile. Given my wife’s serious condition, staffs are going out of their way to make her comfortable, including talking to her like a family members to keep her motivated and emotionally boosted.
  • Jitul Gogoi

    The counseling we received from you before undergoing the surgery was crucial and we were really pleased to have the child treated under your expert supervision. We really cherish and admire your expertise. After all doctor is a GOD for us :)
  • Tiziana Parra, Spain

    I came to Kokilaben Hospital becuse of Dengue Fever. I was admitted on 29/10/2015 and discharged on 2/11/2015. So, I find this hospital very helpful and nice and I am very pleased with all the stuff.
  • Leena Choudary, Mumbai

    I deeply thank Dr.Chaitali Thakkar for the treatment provided to me to overcome the problem of deeply acne prone skin. Today i look back to Year 2013, an year which brought my worst Nightmares true and can't believe I ever had pimples and dark spots all over my face. I tried all products and treatments in different clinics but only got disappointment at the end of all.
  • Ms. Ruth Megembe & Ms. Asha Megembe, Kenya

    This is to thank you heartily for ensuring my mum and sister were well taken care of as they went through their medical examinations.
  • Manish Shrimani, Mumbai

    I and Ajita, my wife, both want to thank you very sincerely for the life saving treatment given to our 33 weeks old pre mature born daughter. During her treatment at the hospital, we have witnessed the expertise, sincerity, openness, kindness of the whole NICU team. No words can express our happiness and gratitude towards the NICU team. We congratulate both of you for maintaining such high standards at the reasonable price and wish you a great success ahead.
  • Kedar and Mayuri Parab

    After meeting Mothers who had their delivery done by Dr shantala.. we decided to follow her treatment. I should say that prior meeting Dr Shantala, Many of our family friends did say that KDAH usually does a C-Section. But I strongly DisAgree From the 2nd Month of my pregnancy I consulted only Dr Shantala. She had a very positive, motivating and clear vision. I always got a positive feeling when i met her. Her talks were very sensible and she gave a clear understanding of all the myths that we hear during pregnancy.
  • Patient, Kenya

    We had a good trip back home and have settled in. I wish to extend our gratitude to the entire KDAH staff.
  • Moinuddin Shaikh, United States

    Dr Yuvaraja was very supportive in providing all the necessary guidance and consultation.. His engagement style/approach enabled us to get the comfort level that we needed the most at that time. I also cannot miss stating the courteous and highly considerate customer centric response that Heena Shaikh provides almost at all times and may be to all the patients that approach her for any assistance..
  • Vivek Jain, India

    We in distress started hunting out all the possible options of treatment including zeroing in on cities and hospitals to where to go. While cities we had 2 options Delhi (where our most of relatives also live) & Mumbai (a no relative and hardly local friends zone). On advice of higher professionalism and listening to the accessibility of doctors we decided to go to Mumbai rather then Delhi (and trust me we never regretted it.)
  • Esther Mburu, Kenya

    I am truly grateful for the care, kindness and love that you extended to us over the course of our entire stay at KDAH.
  • Jeremiah Otindo Asihoye, Kenya

    Very great nurse, doctors attendance. Overall work was great to our satisfaction. Great cooperation from staff.
  • Mohamed Yusuf Haji, Kenya

    Excellent service from the International patient coordinator. The remaining hospital staff are ok but need more communication skills.
  • Bhavana Ravikumar

    From the time of admission till the time of discharge Dr. Kulkarni had handled the situation so calmly that not just us but our friends and family who have seen him are impressed with the way he conducted that whole situation, kept them informed during the surgery and at other times. Though he is busy he never ignored any complaint about pain. Even if he knows where exactly and why it hurts, he doesn’t take anything for granted, he would still listen and take a look before explaining the pain to my satisfaction.
  • Himanshu Shah

    Despite being busy he use to take time out and explain each and every possibility that could arise….I could freely ask him as many questions as I wanted, and he used to answer most of them to clear my anxiety. Doctors like him replaces the fear of illness with trust in recovery. Though I am not the right person to comment but he has good subject knowledge and during the treatment of my child he had at times taken tough and favorable decisions which were life saving for my child. His concern for illness, personal attention and professional approach was just remarkable. He has saved my child from a critical illness.
  • Javed & Nafisa Shaikh, Mumbai

    Thanks to God than we met you and you have explained us completely about the Surgery, when it need to be done, How it will be done etc. All the information which we needed.It was only by seeing your confidence we had gain a confidence to get operated our 9 Months
  • Farheen & Abdul Nasir Shaikh, Mumbai

    He is a great doctor for first timers (like us) and people who want more hand holding. He is very easy to talk to and spent alot of time just making us comfortable.
  • Tanvi Mehta, Mumbai

    I met Dr.Gursev through my family doctor and am very happy and satisfied with his work. He is extremely knowledgeable, dedicated, professional yet friendly.
  • Bharat and Priit Khatri, Uganda.

    Apart From explaining us the Medical condition in detail he also cared enough to explain to us the entire procedure of operation that our child would be undergoing. Most importantly he showed enormous amount of patience with us as parents as well as with our child. And throughout he was positive, smiling, comforting and considerate.
  • Saloni Saraogi

    It was very comforting to stay under your guidance and supervision at each step. In the end all went well for which we are extremely grateful to you. You are The Best doctor I have ever known - so calm, composed and alert with an outstanding aura and personality.
  • Moadham Mohamed Moadham, Kenya

    Wonderful, amazing. The response of all the members of the hospital, am speechless. So concerning and they know what they are here for. Keep it up...
  • Adv. Mrs Ketaki Agarwal & Abhinav Agarwal.

    And we cannot imagine a paediatric ward without Dr.Santanu Sen....He surely is a good samaritan, an angel to all his infant patients...The best quality in him is his patience and he has never shown us at any point of time tantrums or attitude...or never has he given us an impression of obliging us by attending to our needs whenever we required his urgent help.
  • Devisha Jatakia

    As a patient i am highly satisfied with the treatment and care offered by Dr Sen in my tough and tide. He is a clam listener who always helps us to express our problems and silly queries. He have asked him the most lamest questions and disturbed him in the most peaceful hours of his life but never ever he have showed any disrespect or harshness. Even during times when he is busy he makes an effort to let us know that he will revert back soon...and he surely does!!
  • Kainaaz Amra

    Words fail me to describe our regard, love and faith we have for Dr. Shantanu. The way our daughters are handled by him is beyond a 'Doctor's duty'. We do not trust ANY other doctor except him to take care of our little babies, not even for simple things such as vaccinations.
  • Nivedita Mishra

    We gained confidence in your capability and the entire team’s helpfulness in our first serious emergency. We still remember the day when our 5 year old child got an attack of HSP. We were a bit late in realising that it was more than ordinary rashes and reached the hospital very confused. Your timely diagnosis was a key reason why our child Mann could manage to recover soon.
  • Sarmistha Roy

    Dr Shantanu calm, positive and outgoing demeanor has always had a calming and positive influence on our entire family. Radhika looks forward to her visit to Dr Shantanu.
  • Priya Chawla

    The diagnosis and treatment each time has been completely satisfying..Thank-you ever so much Dr. Sen!You rock!!
  • Garima Bagrecha

    He gives time, available on a call...very patient, less medicines!!
  • Ashish Agrawal

    I'll be perfectly fine my heart is rest assue for that. As a patient your doc approach would very important & as per my experience the way Dr.sen is treating patient friendly. He never let me down even though in hard to hard situations like operations/Chemo/Radiation/Therapy etc.
  • Jitesh Bhaskaran

    Your approach towards patients is so good that we could feel free to approach you over phone / sms at any time for which you have always responded, which has helped us to give proper medication without any loss of time and has led to his speedy recovery. In fact, We have no words to express our gratitude for bringing out and saving our son from such a serious and complicated surgery which can be achieved only by such a competent, well-dedicated, patient-friendly, experienced and sincere Doctor like you.
  • Henal Kisani

    We are extremely convinced and we know exactly whom to go to regarding any health issues of our daughter. We would like to thank Dr.sen and the staff at the paediatric clinic and ward of the hospital who have cared for and helped us and beautifully fulfilled their duties towards patients. We are glad and thank Dr.Santanu Sen for building and maintaining the trust that we have put in him regarding our only daughters health. We wish him all the very best for all the future endeavours.
  • Richa Sood

    Dr. Sen is one of the most humble human beings I have come across in my life. As a doctor, he is something anyone can totally trust on with closed eyes...... No matter what time of day it is, he is always there whenever needed... A person very committed to his profession....
  • Raaghav Dar

    We all have immense trust, respect and love for you as our daughter's doctor and have your loving care and professional advise to thank for her proper growth and development.
  • Father of Raizel

    Dr. Sen's approach towards children is very friendly which comforts them a lot! His room is so inviting for children with all the colourful miniatures displayed... We love it too!
  • Brijpal Yadav

    I would like to share my feeling and experience during course of my treatment and afterward. specially your motherly care taken by you of mine. I appreciate you and entire Hospital management and its allied department such as Center for Rehabilitation, who has become truly instrumental in bringing back me on my own feet. I am thankful to you for referring me to Complete Physiotherapy and Occupational Therapy and at the same time I am thankful to Dr. Abhishek Srivastava who was kind enough to allot time slot to me and to his team who have brought me to becoming independent in a lot of my Daily Activities.
  • Dr. Simon N. Gicharu, Nairobi

    I received the best care and am very confident that I am getting world class treatment. My comment to one nurse summarizes my experience - Other nurses in other countries need to come to India to learn the art of Nursing.
  • Geoffrey Chiadikobi, Nigeria

    As for me I am getting better. I can now bend down with little pains and can sit down much longer. Though still taking precaution and also getting on with my physioteraphy. Thank you very much for the treatment.
  • Mr Azmal Khan, Bangladesh

    Few minutes ago I meet with my father. And I am quite happy to see him. A special thanks goes to you and your full team for your total support.
  • Mrs Khadija Al Amri, Oman

    It's my pleasure to thank you for the hospitality and privilege we've had enjoyed during our treatment and stay in your respect hospital, it will remain in our memories, remember its very difficult for us to say anything more than a big thank, once again thank you very much and looking forward to see you soon Insha Allah.
  • Mr Arveen Boodhoo, South Africa

    I made contact to international desk through Google. My husband did health check up at KDAH. Thank you Nidhi for your kind assistance in setting up the appointments for my husband. It is much appreciated. Thank you once again. Mrs Boodhoo
  • Uwitonze Beata, Rwanda

    Greetings from Rwanda. Thanks for your help and the good services rendered to my wife Beata she is now feeling better. I have my relative whom i have recommended to your hospital for treatment.
  • Wangari, Nikodem and Virginia Muriuki

    I would like to take this opportunity to thank you and your staff (with special mention of Bhakti) for the incredibly efficient, patience and professional service we were all given at Kokilaben Ambani Hospital, during or recent stay and medical check-up with you.
  • Mrs. Rajeshwari Majithia, Tanzania

    Dr Manish Pruthi was the doctor in charge, and I was really struck with his maturity, professionalism, and calmness, both amidst and after the surgery. The doctors humble and compassion personality really brought confidence in me and my family, and truly instilled trust in his work and capabilities.
  • Subhashni Giridhar, Mumbai

    Thanks to Kokilaben Dhirubhai Ambani hospital, which gave the best treatment and homely atmosphere.I was operated by one of the best orthopaedic surgeon, Dr. Dinshaw Pardiwala,specialist in Arthroscopic knee surgeries.
  • Gladys Rodricks, Mumbai

    Mrs. Ambani, thank you from the bottom of our heart for establishing and maintaining such a wonderfully equipped hospital. Thank you for respecting the rights and beliefs of each patient without any bias and prejudice. This was a unique case in every respect and we only have you and your professionally efficient team of doctors to thank. From our end, may I request you to please commend Dr. Gaurav Mehta, Dr. Vatsal Kothari and his team and Dr. Kiran Shetty for taking up this challenge so successfully. We have made friends for life and it is only because of them that Rixon and I can reflect on this experience of 27 days as a positive learning experience and not a trauma.
  • Anil K. Agarwal, Canada

    I am extremely grateful to Kokilaben Dhirubhai Ambani Hospital and its various doctors and nurses who treated me and attended to me. My experience of each visit and the hospital stay was superb. The hospital is professionally maintained and run. I found the doctors, Dr. Tanu Singhal, Dr. Falguni Parikh, Dr. Vijay Chandramia, Dr. Prashant Nair, Dr. Sanjay Mehta, and finally, Dr. Sumeet Singhania extremely competent, caring and professional.
  • Azad Popatia, Mumbai

    With this modern state of the art medical facility, politely firm security personnel, knowledgeable front desk team of such dedicated extended Ambani Family and Ambani Family at the helm of affairs will make KDAH A TRUE SEVA KENDRA WHERE EVERY LIFE MATTERS.
  • Shungu Stuart, Zimbabwe

    We are doing fine. The operation was really very helpful. Shungu is doing physiotherapy three times a week with two different institutions.
  • Smeet Shrimankar

    This article is about Nishit Desai's epilepsy history from the start of the problem till the surgery done before 3 months.
  • Sunil Chaturvedi, Mumbai

    This is to show my gratitude to KDAH and Dr Abhay Kumar Neurosurgeon in particular for the difference he made in bringing happiness to my wife Rita Chaturvedi and my family.
  • Vivek Prakash

    I would like to thank you and the excellent team of doctors and entire support structure which exists in your hospital I am a 42 year old corporate executiv , and had visited your hospital on 4thJan 2014 with a minor problem of pain in the right shoulder and a suspected case of spondylitis.
  • Ivan Anil W Dsouza

    The discipline, rules & regulation along with cleanliness was really a thing to admire. The explanation before being shifted from ICU to ward and how the price factor will work was really an eye opener.
  • Ajay and Preeti Jha

    My wife Preeti Jha gave birth at KDAH. It was a excellent experience... all doctors and nurses gave all the way personal attention and always ready for all the help. I like to thank Dr. Shantala and her team.
  • Hema Vaishnav

    My Husband was detected with Triple Artery Disease with Multiple blokages without any symptoms in the month of October during his routine chek up and was advised to go for Angiography in Oman. We came to Mumbai and had consulted Dr. Vidyadhar Lad with prior appointment taken by our relatives. Doctor advised us only option for CABG which had given all of us a total sleepless nights.
  • Zubin and Shazneen Limjerwala

    We are grateful to Dr Suchitra Pandit and her team of doctors (especially Dr jatinder, Dr. Rashmi, Dr. Shweta, Dr. Shamili, Dr. Harshal Wagh) for delivery our twins in a very excellent and caring manner.
  • Bala Ganesh, Mumbai

    I had admitted my mother Mrs. Padma for thigh bone implant on 17/09/14. I would like to thank Dr. Manish Pruthi for the excellent surgery he had performed on my mother and loving care he had given.
  • Vallabh Narola, Surat

    When my father was admitted in hospital, he was not able to walk and not even stand up without assistance from someone. It was not possible for him to do routine daily activities independently. Brain tumor was detected and it was very risky to remove it completely. However you precisely did the surgery and removed major portion of tumor without damaging any part of brain and compression on brain stem and other parts was successfully relived /removed.
  • Gagan Arora, 38

    I am very satisfied with the surgery as it has shown very positive results. I was hypo thyroid with hormone levels 10 times higher than the normal range. Post surgery it has come back to normal and my medication has been reduced considerably.
  • Private Female

    Two years back I read an article on bariatric surgery and discussed the same with my family physician whether the same is applicable for me. My doctor suggested me to meet Dr Palep for an expert opinion. After meeting Dr Palep I was fully convinced that I can recover from this situation by undergoing a surgery as suggested by him.
  • Salim Ahmed Khan, Dubai

    The robotic gastric sleeve surgery was just so smooth n pain free must say that I am genuinely thankful for making a decision to be operated under you in KDAH.
  • Mrs Joy Anikpe, Nigeria

    With gratitude to God, I write to appreciate the entire staff of Kokilaben Ambani hospital for their care and hospitality during my son's stay in the hospital.
  • Urvi Pal

    Not everyone knows how to apply medical knowledge into practical Dr. Chaitali Thakkar is an epitome for doing the same.
  • Rhea Lahir

    IMPRESSED ! With Kokilaben Dhirubhai Ambani hospital , dr to patient time average is 1.5 minutes in the ER which is exactly what we experienced ! What a world of difference for the ERs in the US with their average 120 min ER wait time.
  • Dr. (Mrs.) Chandra P. Kaul

    I am a Gynaecologist from Lokhandwala Complex, Andheri (W) and now staying at Karjat for the last 5 years. I would like to pen down a few comments on my experience of undergoing Spinal Surgery by Dr. Abhaya Kumar at your hospital on October 22, 2013.
  • Hemant Parikh

    I would like to thank you for your support for the same as we were very must afraid of sugery at his age of 82 years.But once I met you for the first time I was satisfied that I my father is in safe hands. During all my period of hospitalisation i would like to tell you that you treated my Father like a son & me like your Brother.
  • Clyde DeSouza, Dubai

    Dear Dr. Manisha. I’m back in Dubai, and I’d like to thank you for the care and treatment you offered during my visit. My mouth does feel a lot better, and I will be following your instructions on daily care.
  • Sandhya Pramod

    We just want to say a very special thanks to DR. PREETHA AND DR. VINAY JOSHI whom we will always be indebted to for saving the life of our child VIHAAN PRAMOD (diagonised with PPHN on birth) and giving him a new lease of life.
  • Name withheld on request

    My surgery was done under your care on 13-09-2013.My post surgery experience was pleasant & unique.It was literally minimum invasive & recovery was fast.On 3rd day of my surgery I could walk & eat normal food. I was discharged on 18-09-2013 with catheter & advised to visit after 5days for catheter removal.On 23-09-2013 the catheter was removed.From that day onwards I have not experienced any problem while passing urine.
  • Jagruti Shah

    Had it not been for your timely help, my father would have definitely got a paralysis attack since his sugar level had dropped to 34 -- an abysmally low level. The treatment he got in the ICU was so apt and timely that i have no words to describe how grateful I am to you. Else I had almost become cynical and had almost accepted the fact that I was going to lose him. But guess you and God were with us so we had a narrow but a lucky escape. I was down with dengue and my platelets did not start increasing till 2-3 days hence I had to get admitted to the ICU - albeit for a bit. Due to all this, my mother was very tensed about our health since this was the 1st time my father and i had got "hospitalized" -- that too together.
  • Arpita Chaturvedi

    I got my bariatric surgery on 12th June 2013. My experience during the entire pre operation and post operation was very smooth. Dr. Jaydeep Palep was like a pillar and friend during the entire procedure.
  • Sanjiv Sharma

    Just back after spending a day at Kokilaben Dhirubhai Ambani Hospital & Medical Research Institute. Dr. Quazi Ghazwan Ahmad performed a surgery on me. Wanted to thank you for everything. Dr. Quazi is a real asset for the hospital. Not only is a great at his job, but is a wonderful compassionate human being.
  • Hira Daswani, Mumbai

    On behalf of the Badminton Sub committee of the Cricket Club of India I would like thank you and your team from the Kokilaben Dhirubhai Ambani Hospital for providing high quality sports physiotherapy treatment to the participants, players and members during the recently concluded CCI GMBA Badminton District Tournament and The Members Annual Badminton Handicap Tournament.
  • Naresh Desai, Mumbai

    On October 23rd this year, it will be one year since you performed my back surgery. During the 10 years prior to that there had been about 3-4 episodes triggered by a bending forward action that resulted in extreme pain but I seemed to recover after 2-3 days of rest. It was after the final episode that occurred about 2 years prior to the surgery that seemed to cause lingering pain even after 2 weeks of rest
  • Armaity Maneck Bajan

    I Mrs. Armaity M. Bajan am a 62 year old lady. From December 2010 I was suffering from lower back and leg pain. I could not sit for long, sit or even sleep peacefully as the pain was too severe. My family doctor told me it could be an age related pronlem and asked me to consult an orthopedic
  • Hemish Sagar, Pune

    Mrs.Tina Ambani,   I would like to give sincere thanks to Dr Abhaya Kumar for the successful surgery and treatment to my mother Vandana Sagar.   My mother was suffering from Trigeminal Neuralgia (Rare nerve disorder) , she was suffering from extreme pain on the jaw and chin.
  • Sujeet Jayant

    Our special thanks are due to Dr. Preetha and Dr. Vinay Joshi for managing this Unit so wonderfully and for constantly raising the bar for the treatment of its little inmates.
  • Agnes Mungati

    We enjoyed our stay in Kokilaben Hospital and we are safely back home. Dear Malavika we thank you for receiving us and assisting us with the set up of appointments.

  • Alhaj Gul Agha

    All the doctors and nurses and all hospital staff were very good and have taken very good care of us.
  • Mrs Faith Mathew

    The doctors are very caring and committed to their work. The nursing staff are very pleasant and helpful.

  • Ms Muziranenge Anysie

    My stay in Kokilaben Hospital has been pleasant and profitable. I really appreciate the work of the doctors along with dedicated nurses who never cease caring for patients.

  • Marie Goretti

    I enjoyed my stay in Kokilaben Hospital throughout. My Doctors, you have been so special. Your frequent visits, encouraging words made me feel so great. Keep up that spirit !
  • Alisha Lobo

    We thank the entire staff of Dr. Santanu and his team and also the nurses of 9th floor east ward for extending their support to us during our stay at the hospital.We are extremely happy for the kind support and love shown to us during our stay and making us feel happy and comfortable.

    Thanks to all once again for making us feel at home.

  • K D Potdar

    Dr. Urmila Anandh / Colleagues,
    Sisters, Technician Brothers & Other Staff of Dialysis Department
    Kokilaben Dhirubhai Ambani Hospital, Mumbai

    Since April 2010, I spent one & half year in the Dialysis Dept. under your watchful guidance care & affections – earlier as Emergency CKD,

  • P.C Sethi, Ex - Special Executive Magistrate (Govt. of Maharashtra)

    Dear Mrs. Tina Ambani & Mr. Anil Ambani,

    Ref: Vertibroplasty conducted on Saturday 12th November, 2011 for my Mother aged 88 years by Dr. Mihir Bapat

  • Joshi MIT Suresh

    The Chief Executive Officer
    Kokilaben Dhirubhai Ambani Hospital, Andheri

    We are writing to express our deep gratitude for your superior care while Mr. Mit Suresh Joshi was undergoing treatment at the hospital.

    We specially appreciate the efforts of Dr. Gita Billa who communicated

  • Paru Shah

    To all patients requiring neurological treatment,

    I would like to share my experience with all patients who have neurological problems.

  • Ms. Komal Chirag Vora

    Thanks to all for taking very good care of our baby – Nurses, doctors & support staff very service oriented & friendly.

    We are really thankful to a dedicated team of NICU, all the doctors specially Saurabh (very nice human being) Dr. Preethi Joshi, Dr. Vinay Joshi & all other doctors.

    I would specially thank

  • Ms.Rhea Nayudu

    We are grateful to all doctors, NICU staff & sisters. Here the doctors are life savers of my child.

    The sisters at the NICU were very helpful & supportive. They took care of our baby with personalized service.

    We thanks the staff member of NICU-N-doctors.

    Thank you very much

  • Ms. Deepika Jain & Mr. Ketan Jain

    We are thankful to the dedicated team of NICU doctors & nurses for taking utmost care of our child during his admission her your extraordinary effort is commendable and has indeed made lot of difference to us.

  • Rachna Patel

    The Management,
    Kokilaben Dhirubhai Ambani Hospital

    This is a special thanks to CREF department.

  • Vinay Shetty, Vijay Shetty Vishwas Shetty & Manohar Shetty

    The Management,
    Kokilaben Dhirubhai Ambani Hospital and Research Institute

    We just wanted to express our gratitude and appreciation to your team for the treatment and care to our father.

  • Uma and Shekhar Dasgupta

  • Manasi and Yuvraj Agarwal

    The Management,
    Kokilaben Dhirubhai Ambani Hospital

    I would like to thank Dr. Brinda from the bottom of my heart for all her efforts. It has been a wonderful feeling for more than a year now. Every time I have to visit CREF, my spirits are high, because I know I am going to a place, where everybody is professional at work, loving and caring to the extent to make you feel at home, knows their job and will not left any stone unturned to give you the best. The confidence and trust that I have for Dr.Brinda, inspite of not getting success , is immense. I trust her blindly, because I know she will leave no stone unturned to help us achieve our goal. The systematic and meticulous approach, accompanied with the warmth and love, the personal touch during the acupuncture sessions,.... is not to be found anywhere else.

  • Kalpana Swaminathan

    The Management,
    Kokilaben Dhirubhai Ambani Hospital

    I am writing this email in appreciation to your Staff's warm services and also share my pleasant experiences during my delivery at your esteemed hospital where I have delivered my second son VAGEESH after 10 years.

  • Mrs. Bala Ganesh

    Dear All,

    I had gotten admitted just for one day on 27/05/11 for an endoscopy and stayed for about 5 days- by DR Geeta Billa- she discovered I had a more serious problem – a kidney stone blocking ureter and she immediately put me on to DR Bejoy Abraham – the kind doctor ran a battery of tests to rule out any other problems and I got operated on Monday- He had done it so well and took meticulous care not to puncture my body and had instead used laser internally to pulverize and remove the stone and was very very kind throughout the surgery.  He was very patient with my queries and made sure I was apprised with every step of the treatment. I would like to thank your excellent panel  of doctors DR Geeta Billa, Dr Bejoy Abraham and Dr Suchitra Pandit (whom I have consulted once)

  • Rama Samani & Family Members

    Dear All,

    I, the undersigned who has undergone treatment at your Hospital would like to state as follows:

  • Parents of Darsh and the Patel Family

    The Management,
    Kokilaben Dhirubhai Ambani Hospital

    Our son was born premature 27 weeks and was shifted to Kokilaben Hospital after 42 days of his birth from another hospital on a SOS basis. Our son was suffering from CLD and a few other complications.

  • Casey and Brian Parents of Hannah

    Hi Dr Dongre,

    Our daughter was born premature and had suffered from sight threatening - Retinopathy of Prematurity with Plus disease. We are forever thankful to Dr Dongre's personal attention to our daughter's case, which required timely laser surgery treatment. He was on top of the matter from day one and our daughter has now fully recovered.

  • Brig Sushil Bhasin Mumbai

    Dear Dr Dongre,

    While conducting a game of Paintball on 1 May 2009, I was accidentally hit by a high velocity gelatin pallet on the side of my right eye. It had a tremendous impact and i thought my eye was shattered.

  • Novel Lopes

    Dear Management Trustees,
    Kokilaben Dhirubhai Ambani Hospital

    I would like to place on record about the experience with your Hospital. My wife stay in Kokilaben Dhirubhai Ambani Hospital and our visits to your Hospital on several occasions with regards to treatment for my wife, I really appreciate the services offered by your staff and doctors on all these incidents.

  • Raj Travel World

    Dear Mr. Anil Ambani,

    I wanted to share something very important with you.

    My daughter, Shreya was hospitalized in Kokilaben Ambani Hospital since 23rd February, 2011. Today is 43rd day and I have visited the hospital on most of the days and I wanted to thank you from my heart and also congratulate you for creating a worldclass facility. Having visited so many hospitals across India, I think I can rank Kokilaben Ambani Hospital as the finest quality hospital.

  • T.A.Kalyanpur

    The Management, 
    Kokilaben Dhirubhai Ambani Hospital

    It is your inspirational leadership that has made this Hospital synonym with discipline, dedication, commitment and exemplary hard work Ethics accompanied with great team spirit which has ensured a great name for this Institute.

  • Akanksha Mehta Mumbai

    Dear Mrs. Ambani,

    My name is Akanksha Mehta and I was recently at the Kokilaben Dhirubhai Ambani Hospital for a few days. I was a patient of Dr. Suchitra Pandit and have given birth to a baby boy. I am writing this email to share my wonderful experience at your hospital.

  • A.S Makwana Darji


    H.R. Manager,
    Kokilaben Dhirubhai Ambani Hospital

    Dear Sir,

    I the Undersigned thrilled with pride and joy and state about your Hospital, treatment and Hospitalisation.

  • Vanessa Coutinho

    30 December 2010


    Head of Security
    Security Department
    Kokilaben Dhirubhai Ambani Hospital

    Dear Sir,

    I would like to place on record my sincere thanks for the kind co-operation extended by your department in assisting us locate my new Nokia N8 mobile phone that i had forgotten n the hospital on 23 December 2010.

  • Nitin Gurjar

    Mrs. Tina Ambani
    Kokilaben Dhirubhai Ambani Hospital

    Dear Directors,

    I would like to express my thanks to your hospital management, doctors (specially Geeta Billa) and the hospital staff for the excellent care, advice given to my father (Sudhir Gurjar) who was treated for cancerous tumor of the liver in August '10.

  • Saurabh Verma On behalf of Mr.Chandra Shekhar Verma

    The Entire Team at Kokilaben Dhirubhai Ambani Hospital

    Dear All,

    Thanks for your philosophy to constantly strive towards the excellence in onco-care through combination of latest technology, competent personal and a humane touch. I specially thank Dr. Rajesh Mistry and Dr. Charudatta Chawdhary for treatment of my father who is a cancer patient (Head & Neck).

  • Shahid Rafi Mohammed Rafi Academy

  • Bhaskar Shetty

    Mrs. Tina Ambani
    Kokilaben Dhirubhai Ambani Hospital

    I would like to place on record about the experience with your Hospital. I stay near Kokilaben Dhirubhai Ambani Hospital and have visited your Hospital on several occasions with regards to treatment for my elder brother, my own full body check-up and more recently this month for my wife's treatment. I really appreciate the services offered by your staff and doctors on all these incidents.

  • Shraddha Khare

    Mrs. Tina Ambani
    Kokilaben Dhirubhai Ambani Hospital

    My name is Shraddha Khare and I delivered a baby girl at Kokilaben Ambani Hospital on Sept 3rd, 2010.

    It is very important for me to thank you for having a team of doctors that displayed a very high degree of professionalism and skill in the entire process of my child delivery and child care. Before opting for the hospital, I had done a lot of research on the doctors I finally opted for. I had spoken to patients who were treated by them in the past , checked all possible info on them through various sources (doctors in other hospitals, internet, friends, colleagues etc) and I must admit that my research paid off well. I and my baby were in the hands of best doctors in your hospital.

  • Sai Narayan Baba, Panvel

    Dr. M Bhaskar Rao
    Kokilaben Dhirubhai Ambani Hospital

    Rev. Self,
    This is to thank you for sparing your most precious time on Monday, 28th June 2010 in explaining 'The Case History of Mrs. Sarita Aswani' in the I.C. U. of Kokilaben Dhirubhai Ambani Hospital. After Sarita's fatal accident on Fri. 26th March 2010 resulting in severe Head injury associated with fracture of the Skull bone at the occipital area and also some parts of frontal area of the Brain, developing severe contusion in addition to profuse swelling of the Brain - matter Oedema which created pressure over Brain - matter and also certain vital centers of the Brain. Her condition was so serious that the timely Craniotomy followed by Anticoagulant therapy by your capable self could make her survive till date.

  • Meenakshi Rajpal


    Dr. Dinshaw Pardiwala, MS (Ortho), well qualified Consultant - Arthroscopy, Sports Orthopaedics, carried out my right shoulder rotator cuff repair on July 07, 2010. Historically, no treatment gave me any relief prior to his treatment. His application, vision and surgery delivered excellent results in my case. This small note is in recognition for his outstanding work and to thank him. We appreciate his good work. God bless him.
  • Meenakshi Rajpal


    Dr. Heath Matthews, Physiotherapist was consulted after my shoulder rotator cuff repair job. My shoulder was in pain and could not move my arm. Dr. Heath Matthews and Ms. Aditi Redij applied their expertise and made my arm movement very comfortable. This small note is in recognition for their outstanding work and to thank them.We appreciate their good work. God bless them.
  • Mukesh Bhatia DGM-Airport - Air India

    Dear Mrs. Tina Ambani, 
    Kokilaben Dhirubhai Ambani Hospital

    I would like to place on record my heartfelt appreciation for entire team including Doctors, Nurses, Wardboys and Admin Staff of your hospital as utmost care was taken for me during my surgery and post surgery period while I had undergone surgery on my 'Left Clavicle' on 21/1/2010 by Dr. Dinshaw Pardiwala, Orthopaedic Surgeon.

    Kokilaben Dhirubhai Ambani Hospital is definitely one amongst the most professional and caring hospitals around the globe and the entire services are patient oriented and world class and high level of professionalism is maintained in all departments/sections.

  • Meeth's family

    <p><em>July 25, 2010</em></p><p><strong>Dear Ms. Tina Ambani, <br>Kokilaben Dhirubhai Ambani Hospital</strong></p><p><em>When the door closes, a window opens. In our case, this little window is your hospital. This window brought in a lot of sunshine and fresh air and forced the doors of life to open again.</em></p>
  • Rajkumar Mutta

    Dr. Ram Narain
    Kokilaben Dhirubhai Ambani Hospital

    Respected Sir,

    Sub: Appreciation for Excellent Treatment & Care
    I am very happy to take discharge of my wife Hasumati Mutta from hospital after a very long period of 5 months. I feel very lucky that my wife was admitted to your hospital on 23-11-2009 after a fatal car accident. Each and every visitor has appreciated management of the hospital. During the period of 5 months I have many memories about hospital ,doctors, nurses and other staff members.

  • Mrs. Samali N. Lwasa

    Dr. Mihir Bapat,
    Kokilaben Dhirubhai Ambani Hospital and Medical Research Institute

    Dear Dr Mihir,

    I am writing to convey my cordial thanks to you for all your corroborate and care that you have shown me since I came to this hospital, you and your staff have made my stay here so snug that I don't know how to show appreciation to you but only my God will recompense you for me.

  • Dr. (Smt.) Sujata P. Chavan

    Dear Ms. Ambani,

    I, Sujata P. Chavan, patient who got treated at your hospital wish to share the following and express appreciation about your good services.

    First of all I like the cleanliness, neatness and planning of the hospital building.  Atmosphere is also good.  Putting pictures and write ups make person feel pleasant and think positively which helps for recovery.  The physical health is, many a times, taken care of, but it is mental health that matters a lot and needs to be taken care of, so as to have good physical health.  Your hospital seems to believe in this and is perceived by patient at all levels.

  • Chinnari Anil Venkat

    Dear Dr Mihir,

    Wish to profusely thank you and your doctors team for making my microscopic discectomy surgery so incredibly successful. This is simply unbelievable more so when I was writhing in agony - limping in pain walking awkwardly at the time when I met you in the hospital for an unscheduled spine check up on 22nd Feb' 10. The moment you advocated for microscopic disectomy that very day after seeing MRI reports, I was completely in a state of shock and resigned to fate - but your down to earth humble assurance was simply too good enough to convince me to go for the surgery. Currently I am fine with no pain whatsoever - diligently following your medication, 3 weeks away from work and your suggested walking regimen.

  • Justice

    Dr. Suresh,

    Michael is doing very well and we want to take this opportunity to thank you and your team so much for your professionalism, personal care and good work and prompt response we received from you in particular before, during and after the surgery. Even though it might seems that you were doing your professional duty but to us, you have been a blessing to us and we are really grateful to you for the kind of support we received from you. Once again thank you and your team for the good work done and we are really grateful to you all.

  • (Baby of Varsha) Mr. Gorakh Raut & Mrs Varsha G.Raut

    Respected Doctors/Nurses,

    This is to express our heartfelt feeling – as you and your staff has played an important role in our life. It was on 10th January, 10 we admitted our New born baby girl age is one day only in your hospital. The doctors in Dahanu advised us to approach your hospital – as the only way of hope. They prepared us for the worse though. With heavy heart we left Dahanu at early Morning by ambulance with oxygen supply and on our way to Mumbai, the situation got worsened the baby is in criticle position that oxygen in blood is only 35% when we left Dahanu, but at last we reach at your doorstep.

  • Amit Dhabalia ,Kandivali

    Urmila Madam
    Kokilaben Dhirubhai Ambani Hospital & Medical Research Institute,

    Sub: Letter of thanks for your advice, support and co-operation

    Respected Madam,

    would like to convey my sincere and heartiest thanks to you for all your support; guidance and cooperation in processing our documents for mediclaim purposes.

  • Shalmalee Joshi


    Dr. Pardiwala
    Kokilaben Dhirubhai Ambani Hospital

    I should have written this letter a long time ago. It is almost late now, but as they say, it's better late than never.

    We always say that in the olden days people used to believe in a lot of superstitions. And one of those was the belief that doctors were Gods. This used to be highlighted through the people's behaviour. There was a lot of respect for the doctors and it showed in actions like carrying the doctor's case when with him. 

  • Anonymous


    Dr. Riza Ibrahim - Consultant Vascular & Endovasular Surgeon
    Kokilaben Dhirubhai Ambani Hospital

    Dear Dr. Riza,

    Your timely help, caring and attention for my father, is unforgettable and cannot be expressed in words. You were extremely genuine and thorough in your work. It is due to your striving efforts that my father is happy and sound amongst us today.

  • Prashant Belsare

    Dear Dr Narain,
    Words like "Hospital"," Court" are associated with a lot of apprehensions and uncertainties. It was no different for us (Me and my wife Deepti) when she was admitted to your hospital on the 9th of Oct 2009 - for her pregnancy which was later diagnosed as a severe condition call "pre eclampsia". The series of events that have transpired since have compelled us to think otherwise. 
  • Pradeep Pandey

    Dear Mrs. Ambani,
    I am writing this mail to thank you for setting up a world class hospital like Kokilaben Dhirubhai Ambani Hopsital at Four Bunglows in Andheri (W). I stay in Lokhandwala and have visited the hospital on few occasions.
  • Sadanand Pawar, Mahendra

    To The Directors,
    Kokilaben Dhirubhai Ambani Hospital, Mumbai.Dear All,This letter is to express our heartfelt feeling – as you and your staff has played an important role in our life. It was on 18th November, 09 we admitted our only son in your hospital.
  • Dr. C R Suvarna

    My name is Dr. Chandrashekhar Suvarna and I was recently diagnosed with early prostrate carcinoma. I was referred by Dr. Hemant Vadeyar, a surgeon who works at your esteemed hospital and is also a good friend of mine, to get my treatment done there. I had consulted the hospital's uro-oncologist Dr. Yuvaraja T. B., who lucidly explained to me what my condition is, the different options I can go for and also suggested what would be the best way to go about treating this.

  • Andrew Mccrum
    Hants, United Kingdom


    Kokilaben Hospital,

    I am just writing this to say thank you very much for making my stay comfortable. My stay at Kokilaben Hospital was extremely well cared for in terms of Doctors, diet and general assistance.

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