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  • (Baby of Varsha) Mr. Gorakh Raut & Mrs Varsha G.Raut

    Respected Doctors/Nurses,

    This is to express our heartfelt feeling – as you and your staff has played an important role in our life. It was on 10th January, 10 we admitted our New born baby girl age is one day only in your hospital. The doctors in Dahanu advised us to approach your hospital – as the only way of hope. They prepared us for the worse though. With heavy heart we left Dahanu at early Morning by ambulance with oxygen supply and on our way to Mumbai, the situation got worsened the baby is in criticle position that oxygen in blood is only 35% when we left Dahanu, but at last we reach at your doorstep.

    Your staff and doctors were waiting for us in the passage and immediately took the charge of the baby. But we had no hope! ''Pray to God,'' every one was saying. We were helpless But it was your hospital, hospital staff which was appeared before us as an incarnation of God. Our first few weeks at Hospital is very cruicial and very tense during that period specially both of you and Nurses helped us and personally counsel very nicely. We can tell you Doctor that you are Angle send by God to save life of our new born baby and it is incredibly appreciated. It was such a relief to be able to enjoy our time with New born baby without having to worry just because of you and your team only. We will never forget Doctor that you helped us to bond as a family and to have the luxury of gradually settling into a routine works, Your kindness will never be forgotten.

    We salute the Directors, Dean, Doctors (specially Dr.Preetha Joshi, Dr.Vinay Joshi), staff, nurses and all for all that they did and are doing for the patients. Words are inadequate to express our feelings of gratitude towards you.You have proven that "Every Life Matters"

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