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  • Brig Sushil Bhasin Mumbai

    Dear Dr Dongre,

    While conducting a game of Paintball on 1 May 2009, I was accidentally hit by a high velocity gelatin pallet on the side of my right eye. It had a tremendous impact and i thought my eye was shattered.

    I reported to Kokilaben Hospital on the morning of 2 May, and was seen by Dr Niren Dongre. After carrying out certain tests and checks, he very nicely explained what he thought had happened or could have happened. I was very impressed by his very polite and genuine explanation and the options that were available to me. In less than an hour, my family members and I established a TOTAL trust in him and we knew we were under the care of a highly skilled doctor, in the right place with the best care.

    We went through a minor surgery the same afternoon wherein he injected a gas bubble. He observed the eye for some time and when we discovered that the retina was getting displaced, we went in for a surgery. I went through a belt buckle and vitrectomy in my right eye in the end of May 2009. The surgery was conducted very well and the post surgery care was excellent.

    I have been regularly visiting the hospital for various check ups and treatment. Dr Dongre and his entire team (Dr Charu, Dr Pallavi, and all the nursing staff) are not only professionally highly competent but also very courteous and extremely caring. I really appreciate the follow up treatments and courteous behavior of the entire staff.

    Though advised by many relatives and friends, I never felt the need of a second opinion. I am extremely happy with the way I have been treated. It has been an example of high standards of medical care reinforced with human personal touch and care which has resulted in more than 100% satisfaction.

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