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  • C.P Sharma

    My journey through Kidney Transplant

    I am diabetic since 1993. I was on medication up to 2014. During this period, sugar level was fluctuating. This uncontrolled sugar level led to chronic kidney disease (CKD). I came to know this in 2014 at Chennai Apollo Hospital, when my serum creatinine was around 3.0. I preferred to be on medication thereafter. But, my creatinine went on increasing and reached up to 6 by mid 2015. In Dec’2015 I came to know that CKD has worsened and had become end stage kidney disease when my creatinine had gone up to 16.2 and Hb had come down to 5.4. On emergency I got admitted in Kokilaben Dhirubhai Ambani Hospital.In the hospital, I was told by the doctors to immediately go for dialysis, thrice in a week. This was very cumbersome and uneconomical, specially when I was out of home town. During my dialysis period I was explained by doctors the benefit of kidney transplant. The process was initiated. I had to be on haemo-dialysis for 1.5 month.. Finally, my wife, Smt Manju Sharma (blood group B+) donated her kidney to me (Blood group A+). The operation was done on 24.2.2016.As my immune system was suppressed during operation, I was advised to follow some restrictions like maintaining hygiene, taking lot of precautions against any sort of infections and taking medicines on time. Sugar and BP also to be monitored regularly and kept under control. This adherence helped me to resume my duty after 2 months of operation and I am leading a normal life now. Thanks, to the treating doctors and staff of KDAH.

    C.P Sharma

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