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  • Dr. C R Suvarna

    Dear Ms. Tina Ambani

    My name is Dr. Chandrashekhar Suvarna and I was recently diagnosed with early prostrate carcinoma. I was referred by Dr. Hemant Vadeyar, a surgeon who works at your esteemed hospital and is also a good friend of mine, to get my treatment done there. I had consulted the hospital's uro-oncologist Dr. Yuvaraja T. B., who lucidly explained to me what my condition is, the different options I can go for and also suggested what would be the best way to go about treating this.

    I was admitted on 8th July 2009. The admission and even the document submission at the TPA desk went about very smoothly. The nurses who were attending to me were very caring and professional in their work. I had developed some minor complications post surgery which was addressed very promptly and professionally by the attending doctors. I was also highly impressed by the infection control team, who maintained the cleanliness of the room I was in every single day. The hospital does have strict restrictions on visitors and outside food; but I respect this fact as I understand how important it is for the patient to have his/her own space and be in a clean, bacteria-free area during the entire treatment process.

    I would also like to commend how extremely well your hospital maintains the OTs and utilizes state-of-the-art equipment.

    I had a wonderful experience at the Kokilaben Hospital across site as far as the expertise the treatment and the care, the diet, the high standard of asepsis, the high end equipments used .

    In fact my brother in law has to undergo bypass surgery; He was to have it done at another hospital, I have recommended him to have it done at Kokilaben Hospital across site. Dr. Pradeep Kaul would be performing the surgery on Friday the 7th of August.

    The other good thing about Kokilaben Hospital across site is that since the doctors work full time in the hospital they are available always and there is no commercial angle to the treatment recommended. They would not recommend unnecessary treatment and the charges quoted.

    So, a particular treatment doesn't change much at the time of discharge as it happens in other big hospitals.

    I thank you and Mr. Anil Ambani and all those involved in developing Kokilaben Hospital across site for giving us this hospital where we can get the best treatment possible at affordable charges.

    I would certainly recommend Kokilaben Hospital across site to all my acquaintances.

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