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  • Kainaaz Amra

    Writing a feedback for our Dear Doctor is a lovely honour for us. Giving us a golden chance to Thank him for everything.

    Words fail me to describe our regard, love and faith we have for Dr. Shantanu. The way our daughters are handled by him is beyond a 'Doctor's duty'. We do not trust ANY other doctor except him to take care of our little babies, not even for simple things such as vaccinations. After having 2 medical emergencies with our child, we owe a lot to Dr. Shantanu. Indeed, my daughter has re-christened him perfectly. He is, and will always be Our Magic Doctor Uncle. No One like him. Absolutely Noone. We thank Kokilaben Ambani from our hearts to have a jewel like him in their peadiatric team! He rocks!

    Love and Regards ~ Baby Zaara & Baby Zasha.

    Kainaaz Amra

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