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  • Manasi and Yuvraj Agarwal

    The Management,
    Kokilaben Dhirubhai Ambani Hospital

    I would like to thank Dr. Brinda from the bottom of my heart for all her efforts. It has been a wonderful feeling for more than a year now. Every time I have to visit CREF, my spirits are high, because I know I am going to a place, where everybody is professional at work, loving and caring to the extent to make you feel at home, knows their job and will not left any stone unturned to give you the best. The confidence and trust that I have for Dr.Brinda, inspite of not getting success , is immense. I trust her blindly, because I know she will leave no stone unturned to help us achieve our goal. The systematic and meticulous approach, accompanied with the warmth and love, the personal touch during the acupuncture sessions,.... is not to be found anywhere else.

    I have been to the best doctors in Delhi, Noida, Mumbai on earlier occasions, but I was only a file for them. It is here that you are treated as a human being. The stress that you are going through is understood and related to every individual in the department including the billing staff. Yes, Dr. Brinda is to be applauded for creating such an atmosphere, instilling these values in her nurses and support staff, all this inspite of being a busy and great doctor. In today's time, when one starts thinking the medicine and education are no longer a noble profession, she negates it and assures that MEDICINE IS still a noble profession.

    I would like to thank you Dr. Brinda for all that you have done for us. Words cannot describe the feelings that we have for you. Yes, please remain what you are, ALWAYS. May God bless you with success (in terms of the material world) as early as possible.

    A final thanks to every individual in the dept,... Fatima, Rubina, Varsha, Blessey, Nimmi, Aruna, Manasi, Sana, Rituja. I am sorry if it I missed the names of anybody. But yes, they are all very good and a personal thanks to each of them.

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