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  • Manoj Hariramani, Uganda

    A Wonderful Personality Dr Gursev Sandlas, I have a lot to say about him but words won’t be able to express my feeling, we had an appendix surgery of my 16 year old son done in Africa and the wound of the stitches won’t heal and got an infection.

    When we flew all the way from Africa we met Dr Gursev, I saw a miracle that day, my son was on a wheel chair and when Dr attended to Eashan we came out walking out from the hospital he gave him so encouraging words it lifted his spirits so high that he left the wheel chair and forgot about the pain and started to walk, he is such a great doctor, he just cleaned his wound, removed the infected stitches which were the culprits to keep the infection going.

    It doesn’t end here. Even when we went to Europe for a family trip after meeting doctor, we kept in constant touch with him about his wound, fever, diarrhoea issues and he kept prescribing medicines while we were travelling to make sure Eashan is comfortable.. Send him message anytime if he can he replies immediately… God Bless Him..

    Manoj Hariramani, Father to Eashan Hariramani
    Kampala, Uganda

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