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  • Mrs. Samali N. Lwasa

    Dr. Mihir Bapat,
    Kokilaben Dhirubhai Ambani Hospital and Medical Research Institute

    Dear Dr Mihir,

    I am writing to convey my cordial thanks to you for all your corroborate and care that you have shown me since I came to this hospital, you and your staff have made my stay here so snug that I don't know how to show appreciation to you but only my God will recompense you for me.

    I am grateful to God for having put my life in your hands, I pray that he will give you more wisdom with your staff us you operate me, but I know for sure that this manoeuvre is going to be very triumphant by God's grace and because of your love, forethought and the experience you have with your staff I always ponder on the gracious words you keep saying, "We are going to operate you and we believe the procedure will be successful and you will go back home walking" These words are so heartening they have made me to be very optimistic and to be gratifying that am in the right hospital with the right doctor and staff at the precise time. I also express gratitude to your parents who reared you up to be conscientious and humble they did enormous work because they are not reaping from their hard work alone but to also those who encounter you .

    When I go back I will constantly remember to pray for you, your family, and the entire staff of Kokilaben hospital. God blessed me with exceptional and prosperous children; may this be your portion and even more. You will live to see many, many years to come, and may God continue to bless the work of your hands and take you to eminent levels in life.

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