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  • Rama Samani & Family Members

    Dear All,

    I, the undersigned who has undergone treatment at your Hospital would like to state as follows:

    I had undergone operation conducted by Dr. Yogesh Kulkarni in December, 2010 and then followed by the CT treatment under the guidance Dr. Sandeep Goyle from January, 2011 till time. Before that I had undergone treatment under Dr. Kaustav Talapatra. I would like to whole heartedly thank the support and good treatment received under them and full cooperation and supported extended by all other doctors, nurse, boys / assistants, support function staff during my entire treatment from time to time.

    It is imperative for any patient who is suffering from any small or major illness to receive the timely and proper treatment. I'm not certifying authority but as a normal human being I can definitely say and vouch that the Hospital staff (including doctors and other members) are very much helpful and available at majority of time for answering our queries and guiding us properly. In addition to the result of treatment being achieved, it is humble and kind nature along with courtesy extended by hospital team members to patient and his / her family members is also of utmost important. I reiterate that we have received good services in this area during our treatment at your Hospital.

    I would definitely like to make a note (even at the cost of repetition) that the basic rule of having stationed doctors in hospital is actually helping a lot to patient. In my case, we have categorically observed that doctors were not only available at given appointment time but were also having enough patience to listen to all your queries, answering your queries and trying to provide answers to your satisfaction. Generally, we have faced this problems elsewhere, wherein eminent doctors doesn't have enough time to talk to you or to answer all your queries. Here, in this hospital this concept has tremendously improved upon the services and also increased the quality level of treatment that patient is receiving.

    At the end, we would like to appreciate the warm support, and guidance extended to us during treatment. I shall be meeting them for further Follow up on need basis and I'm sure they will extend full support as has been rendered by them till time. A big Thank you all the Hospital Staff members.

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