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  • Shraddha Khare

    Mrs. Tina Ambani
    Kokilaben Dhirubhai Ambani Hospital

    My name is Shraddha Khare and I delivered a baby girl at Kokilaben Ambani Hospital on Sept 3rd, 2010.

    It is very important for me to thank you for having a team of doctors that displayed a very high degree of professionalism and skill in the entire process of my child delivery and child care. Before opting for the hospital, I had done a lot of research on the doctors I finally opted for. I had spoken to patients who were treated by them in the past , checked all possible info on them through various sources (doctors in other hospitals, internet, friends, colleagues etc) and I must admit that my research paid off well. I and my baby were in the hands of best doctors in your hospital.

    While how they demonstrated their skills and knowledge cannot be articulated in the mail, would like to mention few small things that they did to make my delivery process smooth:

    1. During my periodic visits to Dr. Pandit, she was always very patient in answering all my questions and was very regular in sharing cases that were similar to mine and how patients can handle them effectively. This was most useful to me as it made my 9 months journey smoother.

    2. There have been umpteen occasions when Dr. Pandit had worked late but this never reflected in her dealings with us and she was as energetic as always.

    3. There was an issue with bed availability in the maternity ward on the day of my admission. Dr. Pandit went out of her way to check if right arrangements could be made at the earliest. Inspite of being such a senior doctor with such hectic schedule, she helped me with the matter and ensured that being her patient, I was made comfortable.

    4. Dr. Preetha and Dr. Vinay have also been very fair in giving feedback on the child's development and were upfront in sharing potential concerns and how they may be mitigated without too many efforts. I am glad that I followed every piece of advice given by them.

    I sincerely appreciate the level of involvement and commitment with which the team of doctors led by Dr. Pandit and Dr. Joshi handled my case.Besides these, the facilities, staff and infrastructure in the hospital was also much higher than my expectations. Thank you for taking care of all finer details in the entire set up.

    Post my experience here, I have recommended your hospital and these doctors in particular to many of my friends.

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