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  • Sunil Kumar, Jaipur

    My name is Sunil Kumar, I am resident of Jaipur, Rajasthan. I am presently working as Additional S.P. in Rajasthan Police. It was on 17.08.2016 when my younger son Mani Shankar was Diagnose with ALL Pre B Cell leukemia. I celebrated 5th birthday of Mani Shankar on 3rd August 2016 since then he suffered high grade fever his body become pale and he complained of acute pain in legs. Local doctors gave him medicine for common fever as a result of which temperature ward off. But 3 days later he again had high temperature.

    On 16 august 2016 we took him to Hospital in Jaipur, on minute and comprehensive study of his report doctors suspected Leukemia and we after discussions and consultations took him to Tata Memorial Hospital, Mumbai. His MRD report came positive and his treatment began under. Doctors there took fatherly care of my child and gave him immense love. In spite of chemotherapies MRD report came positive thus Bone marrow transplant was the alternative left with us. Tata Hospital has waiting of 01 year for Bone marrow transplant thus we looked up for the options such as AIIMS Delhi, Apollo Hospital Chennai and Kokilaben Hospital, Mumbai.
    Me and my family agreed for Kokilaben, Hospital Mumbai. One big reason of this choice was Dr. Shantanu sen who is personification of god, his behavior with patient and their family is something beyond the words. His human face, simple and approachable attitude gave us much needed support. On 22 Feburary 2017 I along with my wife and Mani Shankar met Dr. Shantanu Sen for first time and we knew we were in safe hands. 10 march 2017 was fixed as date for Bone marrow transplant prior to this my elder son HLA match was already done at Tata Memorial Hospital which to god’s grace was 100% match. My elder son Man Simaran @ Mansingh is 13 year old.

    On 8th March 2017 we admitted Mani Shankar for Stem cell transplant that were collected from my elder Son Mansingh. On 5th day post stem cell transplantation Mani Shankar suffered candida fungal infection. This type of infection at time are quite fatal as immunity of patient is very low but to our good fortune our Doctor Dr. Shantanu Sen handled it and combat it. The side effect of immune supperesant medicine voriconazole, usually given in Bone marrow transplant, come after 3 months, my son complained of acute pain in legs precisely below the knee region. We got scared, the very thought that he might have caught Bone cancer made us sweat under our skin. Thankfully everything was good and variconazole was stopped and pain vanished after 03 days of discontinuation of this medicine. That was periostitis problem originated from voriconazole side effect and after this my son is perfectly healthy.

    I thank God and everybody Dr. Shantanu Sen for good wishes. Journey from 17 August 2017 to 10 march 2018 was quite traumatic for my entire family. When I look back, I see mental physical, emotional and psychological turmoil that we underwent but all’s well that ends well. We are very happy that we could fight it over. I find no words in my vocabulary to thank Dr. Shantanu Sen. No word of gratitude could explain what we feel for him. He is not just a doctor, he is personified God, I do say I have seen God as I have seen him. I wish the best of the best for Dr. Shantanu Sen. May he has a blessed future and continue the good work he is doing. Thanks to God but fear continued till follow up.

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