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  • T.A.Kalyanpur

    The Management,
    Kokilaben Dhirubhai Ambani Hospital

    It is your inspirational leadership that has made this Hospital synonym with discipline, dedication, commitment and exemplary hard work Ethics accompanied with great team spirit which has ensured a great name for this Institute.

    What started off with a gloomy white spot, and the invasion of microcalcifications on 31.12.2010 was followed by a biopsy on 11.1.11,followed by wider excision on 25/01/11 was completed by a 31 cycle Radiation therapy which ended on 4.4.11,a day synonym with New year usherings all over Maharashtra. I should concede that the 3 month process even though grilling was a great learning for us, and your team of Doctors Dr Mandar Nadkarni, Dr Quazi Ahmed, Dr Kaustav Talapatra and his team did a commendable job, giving us a great ray of hope for the future.

    Cancer has been a dreaded disease in the 70 era, it continues to be still dreaded today because of cause of its uncertain and unknown existence still unknown even today and its adventurous journey of metastatis still an virgin area for the Doctors, but today the patients can hope to have a full treatment with a process oriented approach and then hope positively of a nonrecurence in the future. We need to do it and do it fast to control and monitor the enigma attached with this disease, I am sure we have brilliant Doctors who has the capacity to overcome this unknown menace created by this on our body. I am sure the Generation of today and of the future will look forward to this great anticipated development. I am looking forward to a day when our Brilliant Doctors will treat this disease as any other Chronic disease.

    Thank you very much from me and my patient wife for all that I got from this Institute. Looking forward to meet my Doctors for the follow-up sessions very soon.

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