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  • Vaishnavi Peddireddy, Hyderabad (International Tennis Player)

    I am Vaishnavi Peddireddy from Hyderabad, a professional tennis player. I was injured for 6 months and had been off play and workouts completely. In this period I had put on a lot of weight and had become unfit and that's when I met Pooja in Kokilaben Ambani Hospital where I was getting treated for my injury. Pooja checked my fat percentage, weight, etc and she immediately put me on a diet plan to lose weight. After I lost weight that was required for me to lose, Pooja change my diet plan and told me that now I should aim on losing fat percentage.

    I'm really happy with my results as Pooja keeps monitoring me and changing my diet plan according to my workout schedules. As I keep travelling a lot for my tennis tournaments Pooja has given a diet plan where I don't need to worry about a particular thing available or not. Pooja helped me to get back in shape better than before.

    Thanks Pooja for helping me get in shape.

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