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  • Vishal Dugar

    A hospital is considered to be the last place where 1 would find solace, comfort or feel holistic.But my experience with The Kokilaben Hospital and particularly with Dr. Sunil Wani was just that or a lot more.

    My father in the wee hours of morning complained of chest pain and had all symptoms of a heart stroke, we immediately rushed him to the emergency ward, the junior Dr's. There After basic diagnosis and ECG confirmed it was a stroke. He immediately called upon Dr. Sunil Wani, who was there even before our concern had time to speculate. (Most Dr's. In the hospital are on contract also mandatory for them to stay in close vicinity for emergencies).

    He immediately ran his diagnosis and confirmed the severity of the situation, after meeting him we were confident and gave him all liberty to do what he could.

    Running an angiogram he confirmed that there were 4 sever blockages but his concern at that time was to treat 1 vessel immediately to avoid the life threatening situation.Without hesitation we placed our trust in him. In about an hour he performed a successful angioplasty avoiding the life threatening situation with his skilled hands.As there was good recovery 2 more angioplasty were performed simultaneously after 4 days a total of 3 medicated stents were successfully implanted and to date 4 years and 5 months have passed and we have with us the most important and loved person in our lives all thanks to Dr. Sunil Wani and his amazing team.

    I would also like to add that in an era where there is total distrust amongst the patients families and hospitals where we keep hearing about unnecessary stents been implanted even for patients who don't need them I can go out of my way to say that that's absolutely not been the case here. As I had referred 2 more patients who had similar symptoms of a stroke and an angiogram was mandatory to determine the status.I am only happy to say that in both since cases Dr. Wani gave us a confirmation that there were no blockages. We as lay people would never know what the medical status of a loved one is and trust is what we can do.And Dr. Wani has delivered on all counts.

    Vishal Dugar

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