Mrs.Tina Ambani

Chairperson's Message

Purpose drives excellence. And when a group of people come together, united in that purpose and fuelled by passion, they can truly move mountains.

The purpose of Kokilaben Dhirubhai Ambani Hospital & Medical Research Institute (KDAH) has always been clear: to be a transformative institution that brings world-class medical expertise to Indians, bridging gaps in the existing healthcare fabric and breaking barriers when it comes to access and inclusion.

Our life-affirming journey began over 12 years ago, powered by a confluence of the finest medical talent—available round the clock owing to our full-time specialist system—and state-of-the-art technology, with a host of Indian and regional firsts. Resolute in our belief that compassion and comfort are the cornerstones of care, we have managed to live up to the very high ethical and professional standards we set ourselves upon inception.

It has been a true decade of distinction for us! Across the board, our 15 ‘centres of excellence’, 27 ‘other speciality departments’ and 25 ‘super specialist clinics’ have consistently raised the bar in terms of diagnostics and treatment and delivered world-class outcomes, benchmarked to the finest medical institutions in the world, enabling us to become a destination of choice for healthcare seekers in India and abroad.

What’s more, we have continued to operate without pause in these testing times, going above and beyond COVID-19. Our services and staff have remained available 24/7, ensuring no delay in medical treatment—from diagnosis and consultation to complex procedures and surgeries—while providing the highest levels of safety and following all due protocols.

Indeed, our steadfastness and commitment have won us the abiding support of the community. It gives me great pride to share that KDAH has been ranked the No. 1 Multispecialty Hospital in Mumbai & the Western Region for five years in a row (2016-2020) in The Week magazine’s  Best Multispecialty Hospital Survey as well as the Best Multispecialty Hospital - National at the ETHealthWorld Best Hospitals Awards 2020. For this, we owe gratitude to the community for its faith and support in us.
With ability comes even greater responsibility—to extend and widen our embrace of care. With this in mind, we embarked upon a landmark mission to bridge the abyss between our cities and the hinterland when it comes to cancer treatment, one of the biggest public health challenges of our time. Our initiative is well underway, with three of our proposed 18 cancer care centres in Western India operational in Akola, Gondia and Solapur in Maharashtra, heralding a new dawn in cancer care.

Indeed, we remain resolute in our belief that world-class healthcare should not be a privilege but the prerogative of all Indians. And we remain determined to work tirelessly towards that end—building capacity, growing our footprint and forging deeper connections with the communities we serve. To this end, we hope our proactive and robust website enables us to provide information more effectively and sparks greater interaction and communication. I invite you to visit the site and share your valuable feedback.

For us, your opinion matters, every voice matters. And, yes, every life matters.

Tina Ambani
September 2021