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Aug 16

Novalis TX


Ms. Priyanka Chopra launched NOVALIS – TX, a stereotactic radiosurgery equipment - The first of its kind in India & also in the region at Kokilaben Dhirubhai Ambani Hospital & Medical Research Centre.

Mumbai, 16th August 2009: Kokilaben Dhirubhai Ambani Hospital, one of the largest private sector Multi-specialty hospital on Sunday launched the region and also the country's first stereotactic radio surgery equipment – Novalis TX. Novalis TX is a revolutionary Non Invasive, Image Guided and Precise surgery equipment that takes 3D images of the tumor before and during the procedure, then High density precisely directed radiation beams are guided to the tumor while sparing the adjacent tissues.
This ensures better tumor control, better survival rates and lesser side effects. 

 At a dose rate of 1000MU per minute, Novalis Tx is the most powerful RadioSurgery system available offering fast treatment – in minutes. The versatile spectrum of treatment options for cranial and extra-cranial indications like  Tumors of spine, lung, liver and prostate lesions,  benign and malignant lesions, Brain metastases, Arteriovenous malformations and Functional lesions among others.

Dr. Anandh Balasubramaniam, Dr Abhaya Kumar(Neurosurgeons), Dr Kaustav Talapatra – Radiation Oncologist, Dr. Rajesh Mistry-Oncosurgeon and Mr. Dayanand Sharma-Radiation Physicist are the expert team of doctors at Kokilaben Dhirubhai Ambani Hospital who will be assisting the patients with Novalis Tx care.
Mrs Tina Ambani was present at the unveiling & Launch of Novalis TX

Novalis Tx Benefits

Novalis Tx represents a new standard in radiosurgery, offering advanced technologies that deliver highly precise, fast treatment.


  • Shapes the radiation beam to match the exact contour of the tumor or lesion, ensuring the maximum prescribed dose of high-energy radiation is delivered to the entire tumor.
  • Protects surrounding healthy tissue
  • Adapts the treatment beam to breathing and other body movements to continuously maintain safe, complete and accurate dose delivery


  • Non-invasive, outpatient procedure lasts just 15 to 20 minutes, rather than hours, for a more comfortable and less restricted treatment experience than other radiosurgery devices
  • Reduces the likelihood of patient or tumor movements, ensuring the highest possible level of treatment accuracy
  • Treatment can take place in a single day, although your doctor will decide if your treatment should be administered in a single dose or in a series of doses


  • Employs a wide range of treatment modalities, ensuring you receive the best treatment for your individual case. Other radiosurgery devices are limited to only one treatment modality.
  • Delivers the industry's highest dose rate, penetrating deeper to treat tumors previously considered untreatable
  • Offers hope to patients with clinical conditions once considered untreatable and those for whom surgery is not an option
  • Frameless radiosurgery offers a more patient-friendly alternative to other radiosurgery devices that require immobilization with a head ring that attaches to the skull

Benefits of using Novalis Tx over other radiosurgery devices: (fast)

Managing time in a fast-paced world is a challenge and to manage a disease would be a Herculean task.  But when we have the right tools, it certainly is obtainable. Novalis Tx is non-invasive, outpatient procedure that lasts just 15 to 20 minutes, rather than hours as it offers one of the highest dose rates available of 1,000 MU per minute, penetrating deeper to treat tumors previously considered inoperable. Novalis Tx incorporates a powerful linear accelerator, which rotates around the patient to deliver treatment beams and hits only the tumor or lesion (protecting the healthy tissue by only targeting the tumor or lesion) from  anywhere in the body virtually from any angle. Thereby allowing the patient to get back to work the very next day of the treatment.

Prolonged treatment times can affect patient comfort and treatment accuracy. Fast treatment reduces the likelihood of patient or tumor movements, which can impact overall accuracy. In addition to offering one of the industry's fastest treatment times, Novalis Tx continuously tracks patient and tumor motion and automatically adjusts the beam of radiation to maintain the highest possible level of treatment accuracy.

Kokilaben Dhirubhai Ambani Hospital & Medical Research Institute:

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We are the only Institution scanning each and every person entering the Hospital for fever symptoms keeping H1N1 flu symptoms in mind.

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