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Dec 22

Kokilaben Hospital is India's first to perform nerve rewiring surgery for patients with loss of bladder control due to a damaged spinal Cord

December 22, 2009: A team of surgeons at Kokilaben Dhirubhai Ambani Hospital will be the first in India to apply a technique devised by Chinese surgeon, Dr Chuan-Guo Xiao - for patients who are suffering from loss of urine and stool control as a result of spinal cord problems.

The procedure 'rewire's' nerves arising from the spinal cord in the hope of giving bladder control to people with spinal cord injury or spina bifida, who otherwise depend on self-catheterization to urinate.

Dr Amrish Vaidya, Project Coordinator, Paediatric Surgeon, Dr Ketan Parikh, Paediatric Surgeon, Dr Abhaya Kumar, Neurosurgeon and Dr Poornima Shah, Neurophysiologist at Kokilaben Hospital will assist Dr Xiao in performing the country's first 'nerve rewiring'; and have nine other eager patients waiting to gain bladder control through this revolutionary surgery.

It is estimated that 3-7 babies per 1000 live births, in Mumbai alone may be born with Spina bifida according to a study published by Fetal Care Research Foundation, 2007. This leads to functional lapses in the organs affected by these nerves. These can include weakness or paralysis of the lower limbs, and more commonly, a loss of control over urine and stool passage. Additional problems range from orthopedic defects to compromise in mental function.

Urinary and stool incontinence is one of the more debilitating problems that these children have to face.It may result in repeated urine infections and the possibility of kidney failure.There are social consequences as well -   wet and soiled underclothes through the day, with frequent interruptions in school schedules, and difficulty in forging friendships with other children. School admission is sometimes an issue, as well as exclusion from common activities by less understanding classmates and caregivers.

Mr Deepak Shah, father of a 13-year-old boy (Vinit) has pinned his hopes on this surgery, "we have gone through 12 different surgeries since he was born, we're very thrilled about the results shown in other patients across the world," he shares. "As you can imagine, he's (Vinit) is very excited at the prospect of gaining greater independence and regaining control of his life," he adds.

Once the operation is done, new nerve connections can take up to two years to become functional. After this, many patients can initiate urine flow by scratching themselves vigorously on the thighs! Many report better stool control. Even if full urine control is not achieved, the bladder may change so that it is not as damaging to the kidneys. Dr Xiao reports over 80% success rate in achieving continence.

"The surgery performed at Kokilaben Hospital is an example of our commitment to clinical care that is life changing for our patients," says Dr Vaidya, who convinced Dr Xiao to fly down from China to teach this life-changing procedure.
"With the surgery now available at our hospital may patients can avoid travel to China and other countries," he adds.

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