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Oct 23

Kokilaben Hospital Launches India's First Comprehensive Stroke Plan with a Stroke Support Group

October 23, 2009: Kokilaben Dhirubhai Ambani Hospital and Medical Research Institute, India's newest and most advanced tertiary care facility sets yet another benchmark by launching India's first Comprehensive Stroke Plan with a Stroke Support Group for – Stroke and Paralysis Patients – in its endeavour to provide a complete and holistic quality healthcare to all.

Dr Hastak considered starting the support group mainly for two reasons, "Doctors are good speakers, but the patient needs have to be heard and responded to in a broad way. Their physical ailments as well as the psychological impacts have to be addressed, for better treatment." He explains, 90% of stroke patients come too late for treatment, "We wanted to create awareness amongst patients for prevention."

"Even though we have an estimated 2000-3000 people who die of stroke every day in India, we don't have a single support group besides this one to spread awareness," shares Dr Hastak. While countries like United States with almost 1/10 of the stoke population as India, have over 3000 support groups for stroke patients.

Most stoke victims are not aware of basic information - for example 90% of stroke victims are not aware that they can take medicines for prevention of further strokes or change in life style can combat the disease. "Most patients drop out from treatment because it's a disease with a painless symptom," adds Dr Hastak. The stroke can be treated properly if the patient is brought to a hospital within 3 hours of the first stroke.

 Stroke patient, Mr Godbole got his first stoke 7 years ago and warns people of "ignoring the signs", through his 22 piece body-of-art titled – 'Confessions'. He says that ignoring the signs was his biggest mistake, "The moment I got the stroke I should have gone to the Hospital. This mistake cost me the use of my right arm and leg." He wants to spread the message of awareness and has donated his canvases for raising awareness through the Support group.

Today there are 940 active-members from across Mumbai who meet every month and discuss matters from: How do I know I'm depressed, to, are these the side effects of my pills?  The group has an expert panel of specialist; which includes Neuro-Radiologist as well as Neurosurgeons, who can answer all their questions, comprehensively.
Every patient can bring a relative to the support group and when they go back they can help the patient recover easier and faster.

"This is just one support group; our need is for over 5000 support groups in this country!" - states Dr Hastak.

The support group is a natural extension of the 4-part-comprehensive Stroke Plan at Kokilaben Hospital.  The other 3 parts are the Acute Stroke Plan, The Chronic Stroke Plan and the Rehabilitation Stroke Plan. It is the only Hospital in Mumbai with a team of 11 Full-Time-Stroke Specialist that are available 24X7: Dr Hastak (Stroke Specialist and Neurologist), Dr Sanjay Mehta (Emergency Physician), Dr Vimal Someshwar (Interventional Radiologist), Dr Darshana Sanghvi and Dr Mihir Munshi (Neuro Radiologist), Dr Vatsal Kothari (Intensivist), Dr Abhaya Kumar (Neuro Surgeon), Dr Riza Ibrahim (Vascular Surgeon), Dr Abhishek Shrivastava (Rehab Specialist), Dr Manish Shrivastava (Interventional Neuro Radiologist) and Sister Sheryl Soams (Stroke Nurse).

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