May 5

Interactive Session on Urinary Complaints and Incontinence

Kokilaben Dhirubhai Ambani Hospital invites you to an Interactive Session on Overactive Bladder, to raise awareness about Urinary Complaints and Incontinence with our Urology Team.

If you: 
Experience urgent urination that cannot be postponed
Drink less water because of urinary worries
Leak urine before reaching the toilet, in bed or while coughing, walking, running and jumping
Urinate frequently during the day or night
Get burning sensation or blood in urine and recurrent urinary infections

This seminar is a must attend.

When: 10:30AM, Sunday, 5th May
Where: 6th Floor, Convention Centre, Kokilaben Hospital

Entry is FREE but Registration is compulsory. To register, please call 022. 30999999.