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  • Rajkumar Mutta

    Dr. Ram Narain
    Kokilaben Dhirubhai Ambani Hospital

    Respected Sir,

    Sub: Appreciation for Excellent Treatment & Care
    I am very happy to take discharge of my wife Hasumati Mutta from hospital after a very long period of 5 months. I feel very lucky that my wife was admitted to your hospital on 23-11-2009 after a fatal car accident. Each and every visitor has appreciated management of the hospital. During the period of 5 months I have many memories about hospital ,doctors, nurses and other staff members.

    Some memories which touched the heart are mentioned below:
    1 . Accident & Emergency Department:
    Very first day I had experienced the noble way in which your emergency department worked. It should be the duty of all Doctors to start the treatment first and then complete the admission process. Your hospital did the same and made true the wordings written outside the hospital in bold letters "ACCIDENT & EMERGENCY". Initial time is very precious in all cases of accidents & emergencies.

    2. Dr. Anandh Balasubramaniam:
    After admission to ICU Dr. Anandh Balasubramaniam called me inside and explained in detail the present condition of my wife and Mure action plan. In addition to the treatment he gave me the assurance that he will do his best. A word of assurance in an emergency helps a lot. During the whole period of 5 months whenever I had asked him regarding treatment, he explained the line of treatment very patiently.

    3. Dr. Charudatta Choudhari:
    He is a very good surgeon. He had done a super and major operation on the face having multiple fractures with lot of stitches. I must appreciate the way he had done the surgery that her original face is intact without much deep marks.

    4.Dr. Abhishek Srivastava:
    He is a complete book of knowledge. He had always answered my question within a fraction of seconds.

    5. Dr. Priya Chari:
    Even after such a long period in hospital I do not know where her cabin is. I have always seen her moving very fast. I have seen her writing and typing on computer keyboard using two fingers with amazing speed. She co-ordinate very nicely between Doctors & relatives of Patient. She explains in detail all the points raised from patient side.

    6. Nursing & HCA Staff:
    They are always ready to help with smile at any point of time. They are polite, prompt and energetic.

    A lot of thanks to Hospital Doctors and Staff for excellent treatment and care. Wishing from the deep core of my heart a bright future ,social service and prosperity to Kokilaben Dhirubhai Ambani Hospital & Medical Research Institute

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