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Dr. Bibhas Kar

Consultant, Genetics


  • GENDER: Male
  • LANGUAGES SPOKEN: English, Hindi, Bengali, Oriya, Tamil
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Dr.Bibhas Kar is currently working as the Consultant in Lab Medicine and heading the Department of Genetics at Kokilaben Dhirubhai Ambani Hospitals, Mumbai. He has an exemplary research and professional experience of more than 25 years in the field of human genetics. He has been honored with several prestigious international and national fellowships and awards. He has authored over 70 original research and review articles in peer-reviewed journals and chapters in books. He has made more than 100 oral and poster presentations in various national and International Conferences. He has served on the editorial boards of several journals. He is a life member in several scientific societies and has been serving as the Executive Committee Member of ISPAT, MPAI and ISHG. He has organized several conferences, symposia and workshops as Organizing Secretary, Convener and Course Director. He is serving as a member of the Scientific Advisory Board of Pentagrit Zebrafish CRO and GeneAura Pvt Ltd. A fitness conscious following a balance of traditional and modern methods. Balanced life of food habits and actions. Deep in to the Bengali culture and way of life.

My Mantra

Two word that can change life “I can”


Clinical and Molecular Cytogenetics, Molecular Genetics, Genetic Counselling


Karyotyping, High Resolution Banding (HRB) Technique, Fluorescence in-situ Hybridization (FISH), Chromosome Stress/Breakage Test, Chromosomal Microarray (CMA), Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR), Multiplex Ligation-Dependent Probe Amplification (MLPA), Next Generation Sequencing, Sanger Sequencing, Genetic counselling


    • Ph.D. Life Science (Genetics), Utkal University, Bhubaneswar
    • UGC-DSA Junior Research Fellowship, Mysore University, Mysore
    • ICMR Junior Research Fellowship, Gujarat University, Ahmedabad
    • CSIR Senior Research Fellowship, Gujarat University, Ahmedabad


    • Stevens - Shapiro Memorial Fellowship by the board of International Association for the Scientific Study of Mental Deficiency (IASSMD), England, U.K.
    • IUBMB - Young Scientist Fellowship from International Union of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology (IUBMB), USA.
  • ISCA - Young Scientist Award in the section of Medical Sciences from Indian Science Congress Association (ISCA), Calcutta, India.
  • AMP International Membership Grant Award from the Association of Molecular Pathology, USA.
  • Examiner of B.Tech. Biotechnology, M.Sc. Human Genetics, M.S degree (By Research), M.Phil, Ph. D in Genetics of various universities viz. University of Madras, Sri Ramachandra University, Satyabhama University, VIT University and SRM University
  • Expert Member of Research Committee, Department of Genetics, Madras University for evaluating the UGC sponsored research project.
  • Member of the Syllabus Committee to finalize the draft regulation and the syllabus for off campus programme (P.G. Diploma in Cytogenetics)of Bharathidasan University, Tiruchirapalli.
  • Member Board of Studies in Genetics by the Syndicate of Madras University, Chennai.
  • Member in Ethics Committee of Drug Review Committee, Apollo Hospitals, Chennai.
  • Research Advisory Committee Member to supervise a part time Ph.D. candidate as a Co-guide of Sri Ramachandra University, Chennai.
  • Expert Member of the Doctoral Committee of SRM University, Department of Genetic Engineering, School of Bioengineering and Satyabhama University, Faculty of Science and Humanities (Life Sciences) Chennai.
  • Principal Investigator of DBT funded ‘Fellowship on Genetic Diagnostics’ for in-service clinicians from Govt hospitals under UMMID initiative fromDepartment of Biotechnology(DBT), Ministry of Science and Technology, Govt. of India

Dr. Bibhas Kar has worked earlier in different positions like Genetic Scientist; Senior Scientist; Junior Consultant; Consultant and Head at premier hospitals in India which includes Sankara Nethralaya Departmet of Genetics & Molecular Biology; Apollo Hospitals Department of Medical Genetics and The Madras Medical Mission Center for Genetic Studies & Research.

Dr. Bibhas Kar is the Consultant in Lab Medicine heading the Department of Genetics since 14.04.2021


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  • Murthy SK, Bibhas Kar, Prabhakara K, Krishnamurthy DS. (1992) Trisomy 18q: 46,XX,-10,+der (10), t(10;18) (p15;q12) pat: a case report. Ann Genet. (Paris), 35: 174-177.
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  • Bibhas Kar (2014) Prenatal diagnosis of partial trisomy 21 associated with maternal balanced translocation 46,XX,der(21)t(21;22) with pericentric inversion of chromosome 9. J Postgrad Med. 60(4): 413. https://doi.org/10.4103/0022-3859.143978
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  • Bibhas Kar, Sivamani S, Kundavi S, Varma TR (2017) The importance of cytogenetics and associated molecular techniques in the management of patients carrying Robertsonian translocation and their pregnancy outcome by intracytoplasmic sperm injection. J Obstet Gynaecol India. DOI: 10.1007/s13224-017-0999-y
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  • Indian Society of Cell Biology (ISCB)
  • Environmental Mutagen Society of India (EMSI)
  • Indian Society of Human Genetics (ISHG)
  • Indian Science Congress Association (ISCA)
  • Association for the Promotion of DNA Fingerprinting & DNA Technologies (ADNAT)
  • Indian Society of Hematology & Transfusion Medicine (ISHTM)
  • Indian Society of Prenatal Diagnosis and Therapy (ISPAT)
  • Molecular Pathology Association of India (MPAI)
  • Indian Association of Biomedical Scientists (IABMS)
  • Associate Member, European Cytogeneticists Association (ECA)
  • Member, The Association of Molecular Pathology (AMP), USA

Organizer/ Faculty of Scientific Symposia, Workshops & CME:

  • 1996-Member, Organizing Committee and Teaching Faculty – ‘CME Programme and Workshop on Human Genetics’ organized in collaboration with Institute of Genetic Studies and Eugeniks, Nagpur
  • 2006- Faculty for the workshop on ‘Application of Fluorescence in situ Hybridization (FISH) in Clinical Cytogenetics’ at Centre for Human Genetics, Bangalore during November 16-18.
  • 2011-National Faculty in the ‘11th International Conference on Current Clinical Management and Dilemmas in Sub-fertility, Obstetrics & Gynecology’ held at Institute of Reproductive Medicine & Woman Health, The Madras Medical Mission, Chennai during July 13-17.
  • 2015- Organizing Secretary in ‘CME on the Concept and Application of Genetics in Reproductive Medicine’ conducted in association with MedGenome held at The Madras Medical Mission, Chennai during November 26th
  • 2016- Organizing Secretary in 1st MMM Genetics Meeting 2016 ‘Symposium on Genetics in OBG: Diagnosis to Therapeutics’ at The Madras Medical Mission, Chennai during September 10th
  • 2017-Organizing Secretary in 2nd MMM Genetics Meeting 2017 ‘Symposium on Genetics and Genomics in Cardiovascular Diseases’ at The Madras Medical Mission, Chennai during Sep 8th& 9th
  • 2018- Convenor of ISHG 2018 Pre-Conference Satellite Workshop on ‘Application of FISH in Clinical Medicine’ at The Madras Medical Mission, Chennai during March 9th& 10th
  • 2018- Convenor in 3rd MMM Genetics Meeting 2018 ‘Symposium on Advances in Genetic Diagnosis of Neurological Disorders and Course Director for the workshop on ‘Exome Sequence Analysis and Interpretation’ at The Madras Medical Mission, Chennai during Sep 7th to 9th
  • 2019- Organizing Chairperson for theConference on ‘Recent Advances in Cardiovascular Genetics & Genomics’ organized jointly by Sri Balaji Vidyapeet and The Madras Medical Mission in association with CSIR-IGIB at Sri BalajiVidyapeet, Pondicherry during July 19- 21.
  • 2019- Convener of the 4th Annual Conference of MMM Genetics Meeting (3MGM 2019) on ‘Genetic and Genomic Medicine in Maternal and Fetal Care’ held at The Madras Medical Mission, Chennai during Sep 13.
  • Course Director of the workshop on ‘Prenatal Interphase FISH’ held at The Madras Medical Mission, Chennai during September 14-15.
  • Course Director of the workshop on ‘Exome Sequence Analysis and Interpretation’ held at The Madras Medical Mission, Chennai during Sep 14-15.

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