Double Switch Surgery- Performed Successfully For The First Time in Mumbai | Cardiovascular Surgery Paediatric

    The Pediatric Cardiac team at Kokilaben Dhirubhai Ambani Hospital led by Dr Suresh Rao has written a new chapter in the history of Pediatric Heart Surgery in Mumbai.

    The team performed the 10-hour surgery on the 12-month-old child without any complications.In what could be another first in Mumbai city as far as  Complex Congenital Heart Surgery is concerned -- a  "Double Switch Operation with VSD closure"  with L- Transposition of great arteries and a large VSD ( Hole in the heart) weighing 5.5 kgs.

    Explaining the case, Dr Suresh Rao, Head - Division of Congenital Heart Disease, said: This condition involves wrong connections at two levels in the heart, between the pumping chambers and the large blood vessels exiting the heart, associated with a large hole between the ventricles since birth, leading to ill health and stunted growth for the child.

    What make this surgery unique and extremely complex, is that three major procedures inside and outside the heart needed to be carried out, each step being an operation by itself, namely – atrial switch (Senning Operation), Arterial Switch and Closure of VSD.

    The marathon surgery took ten hours to perform with the heart being stopped for more than three hours for the corrective surgery took place.

    The issues involved to make this procedure a success, other than skilful surgical technical expertise, are management of the heart lung machine during such a long operation in a small baby, the intensive care to be delivered in aiding an uncomplicated recovery and the fact that the child did not need a pacemaker which is usually required after this form of surgery.

    The child celebrated his first birth day at the hospital and can now look forward to a normal growth and life hereafter.

    Other key members of the team contributing to the success of the surgery were, Dr Snehal Kulkarni and Dr Swati Garekar(Pediatric Cardiologists) - Dr S R Mohanty and Dr Bipin Radhakrishnan(Pediatric Cardiac Surgeons) -  Dr A Ranganathan and Dr Jeril,  (Pediatric Cardiac Anesthesiologists & Intensivists) – Mr Manoj ( Pediatric & Neonatal perfusionist) and the team of Pediatric Cardiac Operation Room and ICU nurses.

    With this surgery and expertise becoming available to residents of this city and its environs at a reasonable cost, patients would now not need to go outside for treatment as has been the norm till recently, when they had to go to Bangalore, Delhi, Chennai or Kochi, involving great hardship and dislocation to the affected children and families.