Dr Shreyash Gajjar : Arthroscopic Knee ACL Repair for ACL tear

    Dr Shreyash Gajjar is amongst the first few to perform this new surgical technique.

    ACL ligament tear is one of the most common injury to the knee. It results from twisting injury to the knee playing sports, accident or trauma. The ACL ligament is normally attached to the thigh bone (femur) & shin bone (tibia) and provides stability to the knee. Once completely torn, the knee becomes unstable (instability). Over the years, surgical treatment involves arthroscopic reconstruction of this ligament using patient’s own hamstrings/other tendons. ACL Repair is a novel surgical technique wherein in certain type of tear pattern as determined at time of surgery, the torn ligament can be reattached (stitched back) to the femur from where it is commonly torn using strong medical sutures. The proposed benefits of this technique are to retain patient’s own torn ACL ligament rather than use another neighboring tissue as with the conventional technique.