Dr Shreyash Gajjar : Latarjet procedure for Shoulder Instability using Cerclage fixation

    On 2nd September 2020, Dr Shreyash Gajjar was globally the first outside Spain (Europe) to perform this new surgical technique.  

    Shoulder instability is one of the most common problems of the shoulder. It results from dislocation/subluxation of the shoulder following sports injury, accident or trauma both in the young or old. The instability results from detachment of the ligament (labrum) that is located between the glenoid (shoulder socket) and upper arm (humerus). This detachment most commonly occurs at the labrum-glenoid bone interface. Persistent instability or significant force at the time of initial injury can lead to glenoid bone resoption (bone loss) or fracture. Whilst isolated ligament tear is treated surgically by repair (reattachment to glenoid), a bony procedure is advocated for significant bone loss. One such technique to restore glenoid bone loss is fixation of the neighboring coracoid bone to the glenoid defect (Latarjet procedure). Various fixation options have been used over time i.e. metal/dissolvable screws, suture buttons etc with certain limitations. Fixation using a strong medical suture (Cerclage suturetape) is a recently introduced innovative technique aimed to overcome limitations of the earlier fixation options thereby optimizing outcome.