Dr Anshumala Shukla-Kulkarni - Finally God has done it!

    An International Patient came to Dr. Anshumala Shukla last year for repeated pregnancy losses, total no 4, at 4 months and 5 months. She had PCOD (Polycystic Ovarian Disease) and Dr. Shukla  diagnosed her as having an incompetent cervical os and proceeded to do a laparoscopic cervical interval cerclage.
    Cervical cerclage is more commonly done during pregnancy when there is evidence of incompetent os, however it has its own risks and often we are unable to get  a good stitch due to insufficient length of cervix.

    She did a laparoscopic cerclage by placing a tape at the isthmus through abdominal approach, placing tape correctly is crucial so it does not compromise the uterine blood supply around is tight enough to hold the os closed. Patients are then advised Caesarean section at term.

    We are very pleased to annonce that the patient gave birth to a baby girl - Emmanuelle, the outcome of a relatively complex procedure but a simple solution to an incompetent os