Dr. Jaydeep Palep: Mal-Absorptive Bariatric Procedure Causing Keshan’s Disease

    A 51-year-old female came with excessive weight loss and cardiomyopathy one year after undergoing laparoscopic mini gastric bypass at another hospital. She had no comorbidities before the surgery. Post surgery, she developed excessive weight loss and congestive cardiac failure. On further investigations, she was found to have severe nutritional deficiencies including that of selenium, leading to Keshan’s disease. After optimization, a reversal of the mini gastric bypass was planned. Post surgery, patient was discharged on Post Operative Day seven. Six months after the surgery her weight increased by 25 kg, and she is nutritionally well maintained with normal cardiac function.

    Read the entire case here: https://medcraveonline.com/AOWMC/AOWMC-06-00141.pdf