Dr. Manish Pruthi: Total Femur Replacement for Osteosarcoma Femur

    In September 2015, a middle aged man (44 years old) reported that he could not walk or stand for a day. He complained of on and off pain and swelling in his right thigh for 4 months. He was diagnosed with a femur fracture. After being diagnosed with femur fracture, he underwent an operation in the UAE, where he was employed at that time. He returned to India after the surgery.

    The pain returned in a few weeks, hence he approached another hospital in India. There he was evaluated and diagnosed with a benign bone tumour. Benign tumour doesn’t spread so he didn’t have to worry much. Regular follow-ups and medication should have relieved him from pain but the problem persisted despite of undergoing suggested treatment.

    Losing hope in the present treatment method, he approached Kokilaben Hospital in December 2015. Here, he was further evaluated and diagnosed with a high grade sarcoma of bone (Osteosarcoma), a type of malignant tumor with chances of spread.

    Staging investigations were carried out. He received Neo adjuvant chemotherapy. He underwent Total Femur Excision in view of previous surgery and local disease contamination. The reconstruction was done with a Total Femur Prosthesis replacing both his hip and knee joints. His final pathology report showed complete excision of tumor with a good response to chemotherapy.

    From the 2nd post-operative day, patient could walk carrying his complete body weight. His wound has healed, and he currently uses a stick for walking.