Dr. Mihir Bapat | Orthopaedics

    A 30yr old man came to Kokilaben Hospital with severe pain in the right leg and a stiff back. He said that he was unable to do any activity due to pain. He had consulted several doctors and had received varying opinions.

    At the Kokilaben hospital he was impressed by the congenial approach of the entire staff and that was the time he decided to get operated by Dr. Mihir Bapat (Consultant spine surgeon). As explained a microscopic discectomy was performed through a 2.5cm incision.This was rather surprising as Danny's weight was more than 100kgs. He amazingly started walking normally without any pain in the leg and was extremely happy.Danny is one of the many cases successfully treated by Dr. Bapat at the Kokilaben Hospital . On asked he said the ultra-modern equipment makes these procedures easy in selected cases