Dr. Puja Dewan: Third Party Reproduction

    Case 1 - Third Party Reproduction

    This case involved three parties Рeggs from a voluntary egg donor; sperms from the commissioning male [potential father] and womb of the commissioning female [potential mother Рdonor egg recipient]. The donor eggs and self sperms were fertilized using advanced assisted reproduction technology {ART} [Intracytoloplasmic Sperm Injection РICSI] and embryos formed. The embryos were transferred in the womb of the recipient female and pregnancy resulted. This was the couple’s first attempt using ART and they conceived in the first treatment cycle offered at CREF after over 10 years of infertility.

    Case 2 – Caesarean Scar Ectopic Pregnancy

    An abnormal site life threatening pregnancy was successfully managed using minimal ultrasound intervention by foetal reduction and sac obliteration. This helped salvage a uterine rupture and an impending uterus removal.

    Case 3 – Laser-Assisted hatching of embryos

    Exceptionally thickened walled embryos [tiny babies] were hatched using advanced laser. A couple with previous multiple IVF implantation failure conceived in first attempt at CREF using this technique.