Dr. Seema Behl: Eye Injury due to tire burst

    Mr Gautam Kamble - came to us with injury in right eye due to tire burst. His eye was painful, red and he could not see anything from that eye except some hand movements. He was extremely scared and sure that he will not be able to see from that eye.

    ON examination, his iris (the internal membrane which is seen as black color) was detached in 2/3 rd portion from its root. His Natural lens was displaced more than half and was having cataract. His Eye pressure was very high and no amount to drops or intravenous drugs could control his eye pressure.

    After thorough check up (Luckily the Retina looked normal in B scan), major surgery comprising of iridodialysis repair, cataract surgery and Glaucoma filtration surgery was planned. Intra operative and postoperative course was satisfactory.

    Till last follow up (3 months post op), patient had a quite eye, eye pressure controlled with one medication. His vision improved to 6/9 ( for distance) , N/8( near) which is almost normal.

    Patient could go back to his job and extremely happy.