Dr. Shreyash Gajjar: All-Arthroscopic Ankle Ligament Reconstruction (ArthroBostrom procedure) for Chronic Ankle Instability

    On 22nd Nov 2014, Dr Shreyash Gajjar was the 1st in India to perform this procedure.

    Ankle ligament injury occurs due to sporting activities. The Lateral Ankle ligament - Anterior Talofibular ligament (ATFL) is most commonly torn. A majority of Acute ligament tears heal with Rest, Medications and good Physiotherapy. However, a small percentage, especially Complete ligament tears may fail to heal and cause persistent pain, swelling, giving way and inability to return to sports. In these cases, Surgical Reconstruction of the ATFL ligament is the preferred treatment.

    Open surgical approach to reconstruct the torn ligament was the only available method until recently when an All-Arthroscopic technique has been developed. The advantages offered by an All- Arthroscopic procedure are less pain, less tissue dissection and quicker recovery with excellent functional results.