Dr Shruti Wasnik: 13 year old boy regains vision after corneal transplantation surgery

    Diwali, festival of lights will fill your life with glow of happiness and sparkle of joy. But this was not the case with Aditya, a 13 year old boy who lost his precious vision in his left eye On that unfortunate day, like a usual 13 year old, Aditya was bursting fire crackers when accidentally a cracker exploded very close to his face which resulted in his left eyeball being completely ruptured.

    He was immediately taken to an eye care centre where emergency eye surgery was performed to maintain the integrity of eyeball. After a month, a cataract extraction was done.

    Inspite of multiple surgeries, Aditya’s vision in his left eye was very low (recognising hand movement very close to face) because of dense corneal scar post trauma. Aditya with his mother visited Kokilaben Dhirubhai Ambani Hospital, Andheri with a hope of recovery.

    At KDAH, after extensive examination it was found that there was a good chance for visual recovery after corneal transplantation with IOL implantation.

    Dr Shruti Lanjewar Wasnik, Cornea surgeon, performed penetrating keratoplasy, removing the scarred cornea and replacing it with donor cornea of excellent grade and quality. She meticulously implanted IRIS CLAW IOL as regular PCIOL was not an option for the patient.

    Dr Shruti has kept a very close follow up with Aditya to note the corneal graft status and document his improvement in vision at every follow up.

    Aditya with rigorous treatment as well as his determination has shown significant improvement in vision from hand movements to 6/18 p. He still has to complete his entire course of treatment of 6 to 8 months.