Dr. Suchitra Pandit: Quintuplets delivered without any treatment

    This is a case report of spontaneously conceived Quintuplets ( 5 Babies ) without any treatment.
    Patient was carrying 5 babies. As leaking started, means water bag of one fetus ruptured... So at 28 weeks  ie at 7 month patient was referred to our hospital for further management. Multidisciplinary involvement of Obstetrician, Neonatologist, Anesthetist and nursing staff made this miracle to happen.

    Unbelievable, Yet True….Spontaneous Quintuplets!
    Published in The Journal of Obstetrics and Gynecology of India: Volume 65, Issue 4 (2015), Page 271-272

    Read the article at: https://kdahweb-static.kokilabenhospital.com/pdf/UnbelievableYetTrueSpontaneousQuintuplets.pdf