Dr. Vikas Basa: An Unresolved Osteotomy

    Master Abdullah Mansuri, a 10 year old boy was detected with developmental dysplasia of the right hip at the age of 7 years. He had already undergone surgery elsewhere. The hip dislocation was corrected but he soon started developing deformity in his upper thigh and has difficulty in walking. He had undergone another surgery after one year at the same hospital, however, there was no improvement. His walking pattern had not improved and subsequently developed limb length inequality thus continued to have limping with a deformity (outward bony bump) in his upper thigh.

    Finally in March 2019, father brought him to Kokilaben Hospital, for paediatric orthopaedic evaluation to seek Dr. Vikas Basa's help for his growing child.

    Dr. Basa examined the child, recorded his walking pattern, studied his previous surgery details done outside. He found that the osteotomy done in the proximal femur did not remodel to its original status but went on to develop a deformity. It very unusual to come across such finding in a growing bone where there is a good potential to bone remodelling for the child's age.

    This was explained to the father and a corrective osteotomy to resolve this problem was suggested. Master Abdulla underwent surgery one month later in April 2019 in KDAH by Dr.Vikas Basa. The previous implant was removed, deformity was corrected and an extra bone coverage was given to the hip joint to prevent future hip dislocation. After 6 weeks of bed rest, he underwent rehabilitation programme for strengthening of his hip muscles and walking training. Post surgery not only his deformity got corrected but also regained his leg length  and improved walking.

    “Doctor, now my son walks normal like before.” This was the father’s first comment on follow-up visit.

    Deformity  corrections are one of the most rewarding surgical procedures in terms of patient satisfaction. Story doesn’t end there, Dr. Basa continues to observe the child till his skeletal maturity.